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  1. B

    Question Is my left speaker working properly?

    When my volume is really low, my right speaker sounds normal but my left speaker is a lot more quiet. What is causing this?
  2. L

    Speaker is quiet and muffled

    Okay, so to begin with I'll list the issues, number one is that I can barely hear anything coming from my right speaker, however my left is crystal clear. What I can hear is muffled, almost like all foreground noise was taken out. I know the speakers work as I tested them on other devices, and I...
  3. M

    One speaker plays before the other when turning up volume from 0

    The speakers are in synch but as I turn the volume up from 0, one of the speakers plays (at around 0.5 volume) sound before the other (at around 1 volume). It also seems that at volume 2+ the vol1 speaker is quieter. The system is made up of two stereo speakers with a tweeter and woofer each...
  4. B

    Nvidia Shadow Pay's recorded game volume is too quiet.

    Whenever I record a video with nvidia shadow play, the game volume and the volume of my friends is much too quiet to be heard. I know it's shadowplay for sure becasue fraps doesn't have the same problem. I have tried turning up my system's volume and updating all my drivers but the outcome stays...
  5. Jesermay

    Audio Switch Volume Issues

    Diagram of issue: Current set up: Three audio sources - Mac, PC and Gamecube - are attached to a Audio Source Selector - Basically, an audio switch - via RCA (the Mac and PC both use 3.5mm to RCA cables, with the Gamecube using it's default RCA audio cables). The Audio Source Selector is...