Jun 22, 2013
Diagram of issue:

Current set up:
Three audio sources - Mac, PC and Gamecube - are attached to a Audio Source Selector - Basically, an audio switch - via RCA (the Mac and PC both use 3.5mm to RCA cables, with the Gamecube using it's default RCA audio cables).

The Audio Source Selector is connected to a Speaker/Headphone/Microphone switch, via an RCA to 3.5mm cable. This switch allows me to turn on and off my Microphone, as well as switch between my speakers and headphones.


  • ■ When using headphones on the PC or Gamecube, the audio is incredibly low - on the Mac, however, the audio is perfectly fine
    ■ When using speakers, audio is fine over all platforms - as far as I can tell, however my speakers are set on maximum volume

Attempts to correct the issues:

  • ■ Connecting my headphones directly to my Gamecube or PC removes the low volume issue
    ■ I have used the same cable my Mac is connected to on my PC, the PC still outputs low volume audio when using the same cable in the same slot as the Mac on the Audio Source Selector
    ■ I have removed all cables other than the Output and Input (for PC) on the Audio Source Selector, no improvement

Can anyone think of a way to fix this issue? It feels like I've tried everything - I'm really stomped. What confuses me most is that my Mac is fine, the other two sources aren't. Could it be an issue with software? Perhaps the configuration of the speakers on Windows 7?

Any help is much appreciated!