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    How to Get Rid of Netflix Pop-Ups on Mac

    Pop-ups are a big turn off. Let’s face it. We are constantly bombarded with pop-ups which we need to manually close again and again… and again. Even Netflix has them! Keeping in mind that everybody has a pinch of laziness in them, we don’t adore manually closing down every pop-up whenever it...
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    How to Change Order of Notifications on the MacBook Pro

    Notifications are an endless hassle to deal with for any Mac user. If you have bought a Mac, be prepared to receive the most unwanted notification right at the top of the screen making sure that your concentration on a project is disrupted. However, this situation can be averted. There is an...
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    MacBook a1342 mid 2010 dead

    Hi guys, i have a problem with my macbook. I "dusted" my old macbook for the university, and upgrade the amount of ram and change the HD with an ssd, and the mac works so good for my chores. Yesterday i try to clean under the keys (the mac was pretty clean but the under of the keyboard are...
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    Solved! could my mac run VR?

    Hi, I was just wondering if my 2014 mac could run VR with an oculus or something like that if I used an eGPU (any suggestions which or which card?) and a program to run windows like parallels. My mac has: i5 4690 CPU AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB GPU 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM Feel free to...
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    Need help from your genius minds

    Hi everyone, my 14 year old has been playing Minecraft for years on my Mac Air 13 (2103) as she has a Chromebook for her computer. I gave her an Acer Aspire5 A515-52G for her birthday last week so she could have her own computer to game with. I got a good Cyber Monday deal and the salesguy said...
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    How to Set Up the New Macbook Pro 2018

    That glistening new Macbook that you’ve been dreaming of is finally sitting on your desk. Now that you’ve spent the money, let’s move on to how you’re going to start using the new Macbook Pro 2018. Here’s How to Set Up the Macbook Pro 2018? Step 1. Connect 'Power Cable' Take the machine out...
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    Solved! Does it make sense to buy e-GPU for Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/DC?

    I am planning to buy mac without dgpu, either new mini, or 13" pro. My work is mostly simple photoshop, a little bit complex AI and Adobe reader in such complexity that it does not run smoothly. Does it make sense to buy RX 580 e-GPU (with 600USD price incl. box)? Will it make any noticable...
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    Windows 10 on a mac good or bad?

    I am planning to get a macbook pro before i got to college and i want to put windows 10 on it. I am used to windows already but i really like the build and trackpad of a mac. Any information on performance for web browsing, videos, and notes? I will not be playing games on it, I already have a...
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    Is it worth buying a water damaged Macbook and repairing it?

    Hello everyone, recently my old mac died and it thought it would be a good idea to buy a new one, the problem is I am short on money. After some searching on eBay I found a MacBook Pro for a reasonable price, but here's the catch: it was water damaged. My question is would it be worth buying it...
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    Solved! mackbook pro apps install

    Hi I bought a new mackbook pro 13 2015 running on seirra ox, but I cannot install apps, it asks me administrator name and password, I HV already made a apple ID and tried using it but doesn't work. Also I HV the password which we use when the mac boots up,. I HV also seen the name of previous...
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    Solved! typing random letters

    my apple mac keyboard keeps typing random letters when i press certain keys what can i do
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    My MacBook Air 2017 My won't turn on if not plugged in. It turns off second after unplugging.

    My MacBook Air 2017 model suddenly started facing this issue. My Mac won't turn on if not plugged in. The Mac shuts down automatically seconds after I unplug the Adapter. My Mac is 1 year 1 month and hence out of the service warranty. I want to fix this issue myself. I tried resetting SMC and...
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    Error connecting to Apple ID server

    Why doesn’t my Mac book let me log into my ICloud or iMessages. And keeps telling me it has issues connecting to Apple ID server
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    Solved! Is avast good as an antivirus and/or anti malware for Apple Mac computers?

    I need a good anti-virus and a good anti-malware protection for my Apple Mac computer. Is Avast good for either or both of these?
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    Solved! Repairing a Mac Book Pro

    Okay so this was handed down to me by my aunties friend. Was a bit light so opened it up and saw this. Most things were out of it but managed to put things in like the ram and cd reader. I think all I need is a new hdd and a battery. Can someone please confirm ...
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    How to Prepare Your Mac for a MacBook Pro Upgrade

    Upgrading to a new MacBook Pro can seem intimidating at first, especially when you have a huge stack of files saved on your previous Mac. But it is simple to migrate to a MacBook Pro; you only need to back up the data and erase the disk on your old Mac. Follow these steps to learn how. How to...
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    How to Use Touch ID on Your MacBook Pro

    The Touch ID is a fantastic addition to the new MacBook Pro. It allows you to log into your Mac without having to type in passwords. It detects your fingerprint to give you device access. Setting up and using the Touch ID in your MacBook Pro is not a difficult task. You need only follow these...
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    How to Use Touch ID on Your MacBook Pro

    The Touch ID is a fantastic addition to the new MacBook Pro. It allows you to log into your Mac without having to type in passwords. It detects your fingerprint to give you device access. Setting up and using the Touch ID in your MacBook Pro is not a difficult task. You need only follow these...
  19. K

    3-Way audio setup

    Hello! I have a 2017 macbook, that will be hooked up to a monitor with 3.5 mm minijack output (its a hub), i have a PS4 that just has USB, and i have a Windows computer. I'd like all of these to be connected to 1 headphone,1 pair of speakers and 1 microphone I know I need a mixer, but not...
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    iMac 21 4K

    Hello What upgrade should I get for iMac 21 4K? There is several options: - 3.0 GHz quad-core i5 (7th generation) versus 3.4 GHz quad-core i5 (7th generation) versus 3.6 GHz quad-core i7 (7th generation) - 8 GB RAM versus 16 GB RAM - 1 TB Fusion Drive versus 512 GB SSD I'm thinking of getting...
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    How to Transfer Data From Your Old MacBook to the New MacBook Pro

    Upgrading to a new Mac book can be a great experience. If you just purchased the new Mac Book Pro and want to transfer data from your old Mac to the new Mac, the following steps will help you with the process. But first, let’s deal with some prerequisites: ■ Ensure your old and new Macs are...
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    How to Use Windows on Your MacBook Pro

    If you want to install Windows on your MacBook Pro you can either use Mac Boot Camp or you can use a third party virtualization program. However, Boot Camp is user friendly easy to update, and puts less strain on your computer's memory and processing power. The following steps will show you how...
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    How to Transfer Data From Your Old MacBook to the New MacBook Pro

    Upgrading to a new Mac book can be a great experience. If you just purchased the new Mac Book Pro and want to transfer data from your old Mac to the new Mac, the following steps will help you with the process. But first, let’s deal with some prerequisites: - Ensure your old and new Macs are...
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    How to Increase Storage in Your MacBook Pro

    No matter how much space your Mac comes with, you’re probably going to want more. Be it pictures, movies, songs, documents or games, you can’t just delete them all. But how do you keep them without upgrading your entire system into a more expensive one? Don’t worry. You can get more space on the...
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    Can't Reinstall macOS Sierra

    Hello all, I just purchased a 2016 12" MacBook 1.2Ghz. This is the first Mac I've every owned and have very little experience with them. I purchased it from someone with all of their files still on the hard drive so I held command+r to enter the utilities menu. I tried reinstalling Sierra using...
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    Gaming on a Mac with Windows?

    I’m buying a the new MacBook Pro 13” with the touchbar soon. I know macs aren’t preferred for gaming. Is it worth it to download Windows through BootCamp to play games? Thanks
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    Solved! Mac Pro or Mac Air

    Which is best Mac Pro or Mac Air?
  28. M

    i need help with laptops

    I need to get a new laptop but I cant decide which one to get mac or windows....
  29. T

    mac/pc malware antivirus

    I have a mac with parallels hosting windows 10. Is there a malware &/or anti virus the can cover both?
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    Windows-to-Mac personal debate

    I have never had good luck with Windows laptops. I always regret the purchase and I settled on a more reliable desktop years ago. However, my needs have changed and my desktop is aging so I’ve been researching laptops as to not make another costly mistake. Needless to say I’m torn due to the...
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    Macbook Pro vs XPS 13, which should I buy?

    I bought a mid 2017 Macbook Pro (my first Mac). A year on I've been highly satisfied with the purchase. My friend is seeking advice for laptops, either mac or windows will be fine, for around the £1000-£1300 range. They were looking to buy a Macbook pro as well, and although I'm very satisfied...
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    Solved! Apeman M4 ....getting no signal

    I bought Apeman M4... working with MAC laptop but shows no signal when connected to iPhone or Ipad...I am using HDMI cable for phone..
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    Help me move away from Mac?

    I’ve been thinking about moving away from Mac - but need some assistance with software replacements. I currently have a MacBook Air, iPhone X, and a i5 7600/GTX1080/16GB/X34 PC, which runs both windows and a hackintosh (on a separate hard drive). My dilemma is, I really love: the photos app...
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    Solved! Transfer photos from VZMedia to Mac

    I recently upgraded to an I-Phone 7+ from a Galaxy S5. I forgot to save photos from a text to my photo gallery. I since have saved the photos to the phone's vz media. Now I need to know how do I transfer the photos, stored in vz media, from a deactivated Galaxy S5 to my Mac? There is no internet...
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    Win or MAC

    I am a photography student and I need a laptop to edit my assignments So wondering which OS would be better to edit. Il be just editing photos and little bit of video editing on Premiere Pro CC 2018 Windows or MAC for Photoshop and Lightroom? Can anyone please recommend me a laptop ( Win and...
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    How can I retrieve the data of my old HTC device backup on my Mac, to get all my contacts back?

    The backup was created through HTC Sync Manager back then ; my HTC mobile was stolen and therefore I have no access to it, just a backup on my Mac of its content.
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    Selenium in MacBook Air 2017

    Hi Guys, Can someone please tell me if Selenium Automation tool works as expected on MacBook Air 2017? I'm not sure as I'm new to both Mac as well as Selenium. Should I go ahead with Mac or stick to Windows for Selenium? Thanks in advance!
  38. M

    Help with laptop decision!

    My school gave me a macbook air in 2015 and I'm graduating in the summer of 2018. I'm torn between buying it for 430 pounds or returning it and buying a new one for anything between 400 and 600 pounds. Only catch is I want to play league of legends, right now I am playing it on my mac which has...
  39. C

    mac makes a brief rattle(?) or clicking(?) noise at random times. NO CD ROM! virus??

    About two weeks ago my mac laptop started to mack a low brief rattle (?) noise at random times. It might be associated to the internet and not the laptop interior itself though I could be wrong. It lasts about 5 sec and i can only describe the sound as being a rattle(?) or clicking(?) or dice...
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    How To Back Up or Restore Your Mac With Time Machine

    It can be very costly to lose a file from a computer with no backup to restore it. Luckily, it is common for most devices to offer solutions to avoid this sort of problem. Mac computers provide ways for users to back up their data efficiently and without needing much tech know-how. The Time...
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    How to Unlock Your MacBook Pro

    Although you can easily reset your account’s password after you’ve successfully logged in to your MacBook Pro, the password can’t be reset if you are not able to log in at all. In such a case, you can reset your password from the Recovery Mode. Here’s how: ■Get to Recovery Mode Power on your...
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    How to Connect a MacBook Pro to another Mac

    Below are the few pre-requisites that must be met before you can connect your MacBook Pro to another Mac computer. ■Both Mac computers must be on the same Wi-Fi or wired network ■Both Mac computers must have unique computer name ■Person using the source Mac computer (MacBook Pro here) must have...
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    How to Transfer Files from Old Mac to a New MacBook Pro

    Your documents and other data can be easily transferred from your old Mac to a new MacBook Pro using Migration Assistant, a built-in utility in Mac operating systems (macOS High Sierra at the time of this writing). However, before you begin migrating your data, make sure that the following...
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    How to Re-Install Mac

    You may have a couple of reasons to consider re-installing Mac, namely your currently installed instance became unstable, the system files of your Mac got corrupted and aren’t repairable anymore, Disk Utility failed to repair the hard drive errors from within the operating system, etc...
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    How to Disable macOS High Sierra Upgrade Notifications

    Although Apple strongly recommends to upgrade your current OS X to its latest version (macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 at the time of this writing), you may want to hold on for some time to get users’ reviews about its performance. While waiting, you might get annoyed by the upgrade notification that...
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    How to Fix MacBook Pro That Won’t Boot

    Some of the reasons your MacBook Pro fails to boot include: • Its battery couldn’t store enough power to start • Some issue with the power management system • It couldn’t recognize the correct startup disk to boot from, etc. Since your MacBook Pro doesn’t start, there’s nothing much you can do...
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    5 Secret Lid Settings For MacBook Pro

    All Mac Book Pro computers are, by default, set to sleep mode when the lid is closed. This means that your computer is expected to automatically go to sleep as soon as you have closed the lid, provided you have not altered the default settings. But, you may want to change the lid settings to...
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    Razer kraken 7.1 v2

    Ive just bought the RAZER KRAKEN 7.1 V2 MERCURY • DIGITAL USB GAMING HEADSET and haven't noticed it says on the box pc/mac is there any way i can use this on xbox one???
  49. eddiestephenson

    Mac Book Pro 2008 - Software Update

    I have a mac book pro from 2008. I was thinking about a software update but i`m scared to do that - would you risk to do such an update or would you just keep the "oldtimer" original
  50. T

    Horizontal red lines and won’t startup

    My MacBook Pro 2011 is having an issue where when I turn it on, there will be faint red horizontal lines all over the screen. Also the mac will not startup and the progress bar will only reach about 25% then freeze. If you are aware of a solution to this issue please let me know. Thanks for...
  51. B

    What is my Ufi password

    Someone has messed with my mac book pro n now all I get is a black screen with a white padlock asking for a password I don't know
  52. M

    Upgrade my laptop or bootcamp my mac ?

    I have an hp laptop with following specs Core i5 5200U 4 gigs tam Nvidia GT 940 m and Macbook pro 2016 with i5, 8 gigs of ram and pcie ssd 256 gigs I'm an engineering student and I have to work on softwares like solidworks, catia and ANSYS. As these softwares are not available on mac, what...
  53. A

    Installing software to new Mac computer

    I have the EOS digital Solution Disk, but I can't install it in my current Mac computer (installer doesn't work). Thanks in advance for any help.
  54. L

    Cannot install MAC antivirus software on MacOS High Sierra Desktop

    Have tried to install two free versions of MAC antivirus software. The installation completes successfully, but nothing happens. Using the Finder, I found the app but when I double click on it, nothing happens.
  55. M

    How much is my old laptop worth?

    Hello, The logic board has just died on my old mac. Would anyone be able to give me a ballpark figure for it to be sold for spares/repair? The charger is hanging on by a thread! Thanks Martin Mac Book Pro Late 2011 - 15 inch - Processor: 2.4GHz i7 - Memory: 4GB - Graphics: Intel HD Graphics...
  56. G

    Microsoft Project Alternative for Mac - Need Recommendations

    Good evening, I'm working with a user that has a Mac and apparently Microsoft does not make Project for OS X. Does anyone know of a free alternative software that can view .MPP or any other project files? Thanks, David
  57. J

    how to change default location on my Mac

    How to change default location on my mac
  58. O

    MAC VLC Problem

    I can only get VLC to work on a PC using Explorer. I want to use it on my MAC but no matter what I do I can never get it to work even though I download the for MAC version. What am I doing wrong?
  59. M

    Solved! MacBook shuts down when not connected to MagSafe charger

    My sister's Early 2015 MacBook Air won't turn on with the power button on the keyboard or by opening it. It only turns on when connecting the charger. Before logging into the computer, the charger LED shows red, and when she logs in it shows green. The power bar at top says 100%. The System...
  60. 0

    um my mac book air's keyboard is not working and i need it for school work the keys that don't work are m,j,k,l,i,o,p i am now

    um my mac book air's keyboard is not working and i need it for school work the keys that don't work are m,j,k,l,i,o,p i am now using the home computer and this is really not working for me i really need it for my school tomorrow or I get a behaviour report this is so bad i need it fix quick...