MacBook a1342 mid 2010 dead

Dec 22, 2018
Hi guys,
i have a problem with my macbook. I "dusted" my old macbook for the university, and upgrade the amount of ram and change the HD with an ssd, and the mac works so good for my chores.
Yesterday i try to clean under the keys (the mac was pretty clean but the under of the keyboard are horrible). I used alcool to spray under the keys, and used a cotton wool and help with pin to clean.
I try to turn on the mac but nothing is happening. I opene the back and i notice thare are some alcol on the battery and the logic board, i decide to leave open for some hours. Then i try again to turn on, the mac it turns on but the keyboard doesn't responds, and switch off again. This morning i try again, but macbook don't do any sign of life...
Someone have any suggestions? i need to change the logic board?

sry for my bad english, isn't my language, i hope is understandable.


Tough to say if the Logic Board or keyboard is damaged. First I'd open it up and reseat everything. Just to make sure you don't have a loose cable.

Given that you won't know for certain if the keyboard or logic board is damaged. It would make more sense to buy used Macbook of the same model off eBay. Move over your upgrades to the replacement. Then sell you current one (For parts or not working).
Dec 22, 2018
If i riassemble it, without connect the keybord, and it doesn't responds, i can understand if is the logicboard? And if the macbook turn on withaout keybord the problem is the keybord?
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