mac makes a brief rattle(?) or clicking(?) noise at random times. NO CD ROM! virus??

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Apr 10, 2018
About two weeks ago my mac laptop started to mack a low brief rattle (?) noise at random times. It might be associated to the internet and not the laptop interior itself though I could be wrong. It lasts about 5 sec and i can only describe the sound as being a rattle(?) or clicking(?) or dice being thrown(?). The more I think about it, the more I feel like Ive heard the sound before in real life.

Oh I know! ...... It sounds the exact same as putting coins into a coin slot at a vending machine, or arcade. Exactly! There is also very low echo at the same time.

Is this a virus or something? I don't have a virus scanner and I downloaded some junk called OPENFILE which was ads and mumble jumble, nothing like the program said it was. I also got stuck with some search engine called anysearch and Ive signed up to a ton of bogus casino sites. Perhaps it is simply an internal problem? My mac DOES NOT COME WITH a CD ROM drive.

Thank you for your time and I'll be waiting patiently for advice!

A bit spooked!



Dec 17, 2012

How old is this macbook? If it has an hdd and it is starting to rattle loudly as it never has done before then it is nearing the end of it's life and the hdd will need to be replaced. A backup should be taken of everything as soon as possible.
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