Command Prompt opening and closing at random times + browser and games started to delete or close themselves

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Jun 2, 2018
It started happening around 1 or 2 weeks ago, I was trying to download a cracked game from a website I found, I downloaded it and installed it. But I realized something, the website wasn't a trusted cracked game site type (You know white background, a big download button, a metric ton of ads) so I stopped the installment but I was a bit too late to do it. The game didn't install and I got around 5 applications that came with it.

I thought the smart thing to do was too uninstall them one by one. I succeeded eventually, but now Command Prompt started to open and close at random times (While I was playing games or just browsing and sometimes when I was idle) It opens up with the title "Hewwutbr" and a following that says "Hewwutbr" was not found and it was deleted. So I scanned with my antivirus (Smadav) but didn't catch anything.

I tried using Malwarebytes, but it says I don't have the authorization to use it, but I remember correctly that I once had this problem and I used Malwarebytes, didn't have a problem opening at all.

I tried finding the specific files but like I said it was already deleted. As time goes on, my software started deleting by itself (sometimes when I'm using it) Even my Antivirus got deleted!

I tried using Task Scheduler, I found some very suspicious things so I disabled them. But alas it was all in vain. It still pops up while I'm typing this.

Thank you in advance.
Not open for further replies.