Macbook Pro vs XPS 13, which should I buy?

Feb 25, 2018
I bought a mid 2017 Macbook Pro (my first Mac). A year on I've been highly satisfied with the purchase. My friend is seeking advice for laptops, either mac or windows will be fine, for around the £1000-£1300 range. They were looking to buy a Macbook pro as well, and although I'm very satisfied with mine, I'm a bit reluctant to suggest it as Apple have just released their new range with 8th gen quad core processors. The issue is, the only Macbook's that have been upgraded are the ones with touchbar, which brings the price to about £1500 (student pricing), whereas the non-touchbar models only have dual core 7th gen processors, which is why I'm struggling to suggest it at this time. On the windows side, I have been looking at Razer and Dell. The Razer blade stealth is a bit expensive though, so I thought Dell XPS 13 would be perfect at a lower price range of around £1000 for students. I have concerns with this however, as looking at actual user reviews of the XPS, I've found that there was a general consensus that the quality control was awful and that it's not uncommon to have a defective unit that needs to be fixed or replaced. This is starting to make me rethink if it is worth it, as it's not as simple as Apple where you can take it to a store for it to be replaced.
Has anyone else experienced issues with there Dell XPS?

For non-tech users who can't do any troubleshooting on their own and can't follow instructions except plain English, Mac is the way to go, u get to be hand-hold at Apple stores, can't do that with Windoze, plus Mac users complain about the most minuscule "imperfections" they are entitled, they usually pay the premium. IMO, nothing wrong buying last year's technology.