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  1. W

    this is for the Nintendo wii

    So i was wondering if you had to have a wii remote or could you have a old gamecube controller to play the wii or do you have to have at least 1 wii controller to play with those gamecube ones
  2. G

    Where to Buy Nintendo's Switch GameCube Controller and Adapter

    Nintendo's got a new Gamecube controller and adapter. Where to Buy Nintendo's Switch GameCube Controller and Adapter : Read more
  3. T

    Connected GameCube to receiver but no video?

    Hey guys, so I connected my GameCube to my receivers A/V outlet however I get no video. I’m getting audio clear as day but again just simply no video. Any possible fixes to this? Home theater Info: Optoma HD142X Yamaha RX -V377 Reciever
  4. M

    Solved! Samsung LED 5003 composite black and white

    I have connected my EU GameCube to the NA tv via a composite cable, the tv shares it's composite and component slots. How do I tell the tv that this is a composite device as it doesn't seem to be in the settings? I can access the image on the source selection menu under "AV" but it is black...
  5. V

    Very light gaming Laptop with backlit keyboard under $500<400 and lower

    I’m planning on playing ps2/GameCube emulators and just browsing the web/using discord Needs to have a backlit keyboard I won’t be doing any gaming really, if I could, that’d be great White is my color of preference, multiple results would be appreciated
  6. C

    Looking for 10 inch Windows Tablet for PS2 and Gamecube Emulation

    Hello. I am trying to find a Windows tablet that is 10 inches or less in horizontal length that can handle PS2 and Gamecube emulation. As long as it can handle a majority of great games one those emulators the tablet should be serviceable. I do own the Surface Pro 2, but it is too long...
  7. gantzypants

    Can I Connect my GameCube to my TV this way?

    Hi, I am trying to connect my GameCube to my modern tv. I can't find any av to hdmi adapters, so I was wondering if getting a av to vga adapter, then a vga to hdmi adapter would work. Would this be a good way of doing it, or is there a better method? Thanks!
  8. D

    No red white or yellow plugs

    I have this old tv and I want to use my gamecube but I dont have any red white or yellow plugs what can I do?
  9. C

    What PS2 and Gamecube Emulator Games Can Microsoft Surface 3 (4 GB RAM Version) run?

    I have searched for months for the best tablet that is under 10.6 inches in length and I finally decided the best one I could find was the Microsoft Surface 3. I just want to know what games I can run on on PCSX2 and Dolphin emulators. Also, what PC games can I run? Can I run PS2 RPGs like Final...
  10. C

    Looking for a 10.6 inch or less Windows Tablet for Emulating PS2 and Gamecube games

    Hello, I am looking for a Windows Tablet with at least 4GB of RAM that can run PCSX2 emulator and Dolphin emulator. It has to have a product length of under 10.6 inches because I am using a 4-10.6 inch extendable controller that holds the tablet in place. Laptop/Tablet Hybrids are an option too...
  11. V

    I accidentally installed a Gamecube Controller driver to my headset USB.

    I accidentally installed a Gamecube Controller driver to my headset USB, now i can't hear sound on my headset anymore. Any suggestions on how to fix this (my headset is a HyperX Cloud ll 7.1 if that helps)
  12. gantzypants

    Connected a three-prong composite to a 5-prong component?

    Hi! I have a GameCube which has the three prong composite cable (y,w,r) and a monitor that has a component input (blue, green, red, red, white). Is there anyway to connect the two? Thanks!
  13. H

    CRT TV Scrolling chunk of lines.

    I bought a Sony Trinitron to play my N64, Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. The PS2 and the Xbox are hooked up Component to a switch, along with the Gamecube and N64 Hooked up with S-video. The audio and video of the PS and Xbox work fine, but on the N64 and Gamecube there are these scrolling lines...
  14. K

    Looking for a movie player notebook

    I'm hoping that the forums can help me with this idea I have. I want to have a small notebook designed specifically for watching HD videos by connecting to a TV. 1. What is your budget? -I'm planning for the future so I'm not sure of my budget as yet but ideally less than $500. The cheaper the...
  15. S

    help grandson loves to visit but...

    How do I hook up a gamecube to my sharp LC-37hv4u
  16. R

    good performance laptop that can play most emulators like gamecube

    i'M looking for a laptop that is under 600 dollers. so far I came up with Acer's V5 series ultra-thin and The Aspire V5-552G-X412 Ultra-Thin Windows 8, 64-bit AMD A10-575M quad core, 2.5 GHz(4 MB L2 cache) 8 GB DDR3 500GB hard drive 15.6" HD widescreen CineCrystal™ AMD Radeon™ HD 8750M with 2GB...
  17. Jesermay

    Audio Switch Volume Issues

    Diagram of issue: Current set up: Three audio sources - Mac, PC and Gamecube - are attached to a Audio Source Selector - Basically, an audio switch - via RCA (the Mac and PC both use 3.5mm to RCA cables, with the Gamecube using it's default RCA audio cables). The Audio Source Selector is...
  18. exfileme

    Nintendo Blames 3DS Price Drop on Gamecube

    Nintendo doesn't want to make the same mistake twice according to CEO Satoru Iwata. Nintendo Blames 3DS Price Drop on Gamecube : Read more
  19. Marcus Yam

    New Nintendo DS May Have GameCube-like Power

    New DS to have screens closer together, acceleromator and the power of a GameCube... maybe. New Nintendo DS May Have GameCube-like Power : Read more
  20. Marcus Yam

    Check Out the Homemade Portable GameCube

    Full GameCube stuffed into modded design. Check Out the Homemade Portable GameCube : Read more
  21. Marcus Yam

    Patent Threatens Wii Controllers

    A court ruling earlier this week could ban the sale of certain Nintendo Wii and GameCube videogame controllers. Patent Threatens Wii Controllers : Read more