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  1. A

    Question Vertical line appears on the right corner or left corner randomly

    Hi, I've bought a Samsung UE32EH5000W which the seller told me to be new. The TV seems to work fine, but every time that the TV is on for 5-10 minutes a yellow/orange vertical line appears on the right edge of the TV, if I try to turn it off and turn it on again sometimes the line remains...
  2. P

    Sennheiser HD 518 only playing through left ear?

    Hi, so for a mystery reason my sennheiser hd 518 headphones are only playing out of one ear, the left one. It started when i slid the right ear cup in all the way so I was only wearing the left one and the right was on top of my head. But when I pulled the right cup out it wasn't producing any...
  3. Ghost2609

    Headset have opposite stereo . Left is right Right is left on PC in the front jack.

    So my Sades SA-708 got opposite stereo Left is right and Right is left only on my PC but only in the front audio jack. I have speakers plugged into the rear jack and I have a program that I can switch between Speakers and Headphones with F9 and F10. In the rear jack the headset is working like...
  4. M

    One speaker plays before the other when turning up volume from 0

    The speakers are in synch but as I turn the volume up from 0, one of the speakers plays (at around 0.5 volume) sound before the other (at around 1 volume). It also seems that at volume 2+ the vol1 speaker is quieter. The system is made up of two stereo speakers with a tweeter and woofer each...