Question Vertical line appears on the right corner or left corner randomly

Feb 21, 2023
Hi, I've bought a Samsung UE32EH5000W which the seller told me to be new. The TV seems to work fine, but every time that the TV is on for 5-10 minutes a yellow/orange vertical line appears on the right edge of the TV, if I try to turn it off and turn it on again sometimes the line remains, sometimes it goes off but appears a blue vertical line on the left edge. Sometimes the lines are on both side (blue on the left and yellow on the right) but are way thiner. If I turn off the TV and let it "rest" for a while, when I turn it on the lines disappear but appear again after 5-10 minutes. I've never heard of someone with my problem, I heard that vertical lines are often a hardware problem but this sounds very strange. Does someone have any idea what is happening? Thanks.