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    Question Vertical line appears on the right corner or left corner randomly

    Hi, I've bought a Samsung UE32EH5000W which the seller told me to be new. The TV seems to work fine, but every time that the TV is on for 5-10 minutes a yellow/orange vertical line appears on the right edge of the TV, if I try to turn it off and turn it on again sometimes the line remains...
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    Solved! my lenovo 100s dont have a button to turn it on , so what do i don now

    plug it in the plug light was orange now its green, but leaving it on and still want start, there is no on off button on my computer 100s lenovo, so what can i do
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    Solved! My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone ple

    My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone please help me
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    Solved! HP blinking lights

    I plug in my laptop HP g62 white light then orange light no post
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    Solved! toshiba satellite 755, no power / fan, 2 white lights, orange light charged then turns white, blk screen

    Simply no power or fan + black screen - when on charge 1 white light 1 orange, then after charging orange goes to white, no flashing lights tho', i've done the battery out and press start button 30 sec's routine, but alas still no power, I would be most grateful for any idea's as to the...
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    Solved! Hp Pavilion dv7 nr

    I have a Hp Pavilion dv7 nr. Out of town in hotel. Yesturday, wifi worked perfectly. Today, the wifi light is orange. Have tried everything to turn it on. The wifi is on a touch pad on top, with other touch controls such as volume, ff, rw. Help!
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    Solved! My toshiba dynabook wont turn on orange light keep blinking

    My toshiba dynabook wont turn on orange light keep blinking what is the problem pls help...thanks
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    Solved! I just got a new a.c. adaptor for my acer laptop but the blue light just blinks while the orange light stays steady

    The laptop screen is not coming on and I cant remove the battery to try that solution and can't reseat the ram... I just am leaving it to charge but it's still doing the same thing... what do I do
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    dell inspiron 15 3537 screen wont turn on, light is flashing orange and white steadily, Help

    When I press the power button the screen doesnt do anything, but one of the lights goes orange white orange white, it starts making noise like it wants to start but then goes quiet. Hellllpppppp
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    My lenovo G458 wont turn on please help

    I didn't use my laptop for almost 2years and I try to plug it in then the Led lights(orange) blinking then I turn the power on it worked but after the windows bar loads it automatically shutdown then the blinking orange led lights is gone and my laptop wont turn On.. please help guys
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    I have a hp labtop computer. It does not want to come on anymore instead of orange light it comes up white light and wont tur

    I have a go labtop computer and instead of a orange light when push power button it a white light and wont come on plz help
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    ASUS laptop charged, battery light orange

    I keep my laptop plugged everyday since I got it and never had problems with it. Now it's 2 years since and for the last days the battery light keeps changing from white to orange. The battery says 94% plugged in, charging. The problem is that if I take the charger out of the laptop, he dies...
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    headphones are orange but my setup is white and blue

    I have a white and blue setup, but the only headphones that fit all my criteria (from logitech, comfortable, budget, from target {got a giftcard for that place} good audio qaulity, etc.). Only problem is they are black and orange. It's kinda silly but should I attempt to paint them, buy from...
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    No power up

    My toshiba L775 turns on, 2 white lights stay on, one orange lights up then off, battery light flashes orange. Ive done the reset a hundred times and no change. Plz help
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    Rest my pavilion HP laptop not working but turn on button blinks when I put the charger in

    My laptop isn't turning on only when I plug my charger in flashes the white light not orange
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    dell laptop is not turning on. Blinking 1 time white and 2 time orange.

    My dell laptop is not turning on. Blinking 1 time white and 2 time orange. Done doing hard reset, put off battery and ac adaptor, pressed power for 30sec, and so on, still not opening after putting everything back. Please help!
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    how can I hook up an orange rca output plug to a toslink plug input

    How do I hook up Magnavox digital audio output ( orange plug ) , to a toslink input jack ?
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    Dell XPS 15 9550 4 orange blinks and 1 white blink

    Hi there, Yesterday, my computer (had the computer for 1.5yrs) started acting quite strange. After the fan began to pick up even for a little bit, the laptop automatically shuts down (ie playing overwatch for 10 min). Then this pattern of blinking lights occurs (4 orange, 1 white), and the...
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    Acer Aspire ES 14 power light orange instead of blue

    Hi, My Acer aspire ES 14 laptop right now is currently going through a problem where a few days ago the power light when your power the laptop on changed into orange instead of blue and switches back and forth in between those colors and stays in blue after the whole time the laptop is on and...
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    Pavilion g7 charger light is orange, power is on but screen is black

    I have a pavilion g7 laptop. It turns on but has a black screen. The charger also goes from white to orange quickly. What advice can you give me. My computer is only used for putting pictures on and used for word documents. Never used internet.Had battery checked, it is good. Bought new power...
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    Laptop charging for a second then the orange light up and disappears and can't turn on.

    Can anyone help me. My ASUS laptop couldn't turn on. It was happened when I drained the battery and not charging it for 2-3 days. Then on another day, I start turning on and still no power. Then I tried to charge it. For 1 sec the orange light indicator lightens up then it disappears. Can...
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    My Acer Aspire E 14 battery is not charging, it only blinks orange light

    My Acer Aspire E 14 laptop E5-473G-34F0 battery is not charging even if it's plugged on my AC Adapter. It just blinks orange light, although the blue light is on. Once I unplug the adapter, it shuts down. Does it have anything to do with the laptop unused for about 5 months? I really need help...
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    My acer laptop charge light blinks orange 3 times and stops

    My Acer laptop charging light blinks 3 times and stops wtf? Help I knew I should've bought a dell but money was tight
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    Want turn on

    My sony vaio laptop orange battery keep flashing want charge and want turn on even plug in I took out battery hold down power 30 sec while the battery out and plug in so I unplug put put batter back in and the same thing want turn on
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    Where do I place the GREEN, BLUE, orange cables under the Dynex ere

    I have a 32 inch Dynex that stopped showing a picture a few days ago. I see the three ROKU cables to the tv. I unplugged a green, blue and orange three-some cable from somewhere. There a conglomeration of Ifinity box, DVD, stereo system cords. Please help!
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    Solved! Acer laptop dilemma

    My Acer es15 has been charging perfectly. But it won’t turn on at all. Has an orange light on. But nothing else works. The orange light only goes on when I charge the laptop. Nothing will come on the screen. Please help it’s pretty new
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    in my acer aspire e 15 orange light is blinking after charging

    after charging my acer aspire e 15 there is a continuous blinking of orange light when i opened it. what does this mean. *I plugged it after it was fully charged
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    Acer aspire E 14

    hi, friends My PC Acer aspire e14 won't turn on. but still the orange light charging after battery full still see blue light Please help me what can do it?
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E7470 blinks orange and white with A/C Adaptor Plugged or not.

    One of our Dell Latitude E7470 Laptop in the office is not able to power on, It was working fine the previous day. When not plugged in and on battery power only, when I push the power button the battery indicator blinks orange and white. This also happens when the A/C adapter is plugged in.
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    my toshiba laptop light keeps blinking orange continuously even after reseting and changing charger

    Toshiba laptop Orange light blinking continuously
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    Black screen or orange light

    My pc is showing black screen or orange light and he is not able to start.
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    Dell 5559 flashing lights

    I replaced the power jack and now i get 2 times orange 7 times white flashing lights and it wont start. What happenend!?
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    How to wire aux 3 wire , yellow orange and red to 4 wire USB red white green black

    Making charge cable for portable charger . Want direction wiring 4 wire USB cord to 3 wire headphone cord
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    On my Acer 5532 one power light is orange and one is blue. My screen will not turn On?

    Acer 5532 power lights, one orange, one blue. Screen black, power fan blowing.
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    Solved! My ASUS laptop is charged, but the orange light is blinking.

    When I used my laptop last night it was not plugged in so it wasn't continuously charging. When I was finished I plugged it back in to charge. The second light goes from green to orange continuously. Why? The battery says 96% available (plugged in, not charging).
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    I spilled beer on my laptop. it doesnt switch on, when I charge it, there's an orange light flashing

    I spilled beer on my laptop. it doesnt switch on, when I charge it, there's an orange light flashing
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    Hp laptop charging issues

    I have an Hp laptop. It charges fine. When I plug in the charger, an orange led indicator turns on to indicate that the laptop is charging. But once the laptop is charged, instead of that led light turning white like it's supposed to, it stays orange. It turned white only a few times when I...
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    Flashing orange battery solution Sony VAIO

    Tried solution but when laptop booted needed to run startup repair. When this failed it was recommended to run restore from previous backup. This has been running for hours and no sign of finishing. Tried to cancel but can't now cancel this process. Appears the only option available is to switch...
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    Acer Aspire ES 15 orange light on but black screen. Can’t remove battery what do I do?

    Started up, immediately started to update then went straight to black blank screen. Orange light is still on as if the laptop is on, but I can’t get it to do anything. The charger is plugged in & the light shows it’s charging batter isn’t dead. I’ve tried with and without it plugged in. Can’t...
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    Acer Aspire V5 battery not detected and orange light blinking

    Hi. I have this problem where my laptop doesnt detect the battery. The orange light for the battery kept on blinking when the battery is attached. When I detached it, the light stop blinking. My laptop also would not turn on if the charger is not connected. I have tried to replaced the...
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    Alcatel one touch pop c2 sim lock

    Hi dear Experts! My Alcatel one touch pop c2 is sim locked on Orange, Ivory Coast. I've been trying to unlock it but, no way! I couldn't! Please, I need your help! Below are the device details: <<Personal information removed by moderator.>> Thanks in advance!
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    flashing orange camera in viewer, No adjustments or menu access

    flashing orange camera in viewer, No adjustments or menu access
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    why isn't my acer laptop aspire R11 charging

    hi i have been charging my laptop (aspire R11) for 4 days but still no sign of what is wrong. although the charger is good and is working perfectly there is an orange light appearing from the battery button. sometimes it turns blue then back to orange again.all of my important files was in that...
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    My device keeps repeating repair, diag your PC, then err . My wifi button is orange.

    My device won't start up. It keeps repeating auto repair, diag your PC , then an err pops up and it starts over doing the same thing. Also my wifi button is orange.
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    Acer m5-583p dead battery??

    My Acer M5-583p stopped working yesterday morning. The battery had died the night before so I plugged it in and no charging light came on. Whenever I pressed the power button the orange battery light would flash five times but no fans would kick on or the screen. I was finally able to to get...
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    Acer aspire f15 orange light won't stop blinking

    My acer aspire f15 orange light wont stop blinking when its switched on Everything is normal except for this light which keeps on blinking when I turn on the power
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    Dell Inspiron 17R 7720 "Your Battery is Temporarily Disabled", Battery LED Flashing Orange

    Hello Tom's Experts, My Inspiron 17R 7720 SE laptop can't power on with battery but only AC adapter can turn it on, if i try to charge battery with power off laptop than it flashing 4 orange flashes, then white flash, then repeat, if i open laptop connected with AC adapter with battery it...
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    Laptop won't turn on but charger light is still on?

    I left my laptop plugged in over night, and the next morning it just won't turn on. The charger light is orange when it needs to be charged, and it stays orange when plugged in. And when I press the power button it turns blue and nothing else happens, no fans spinning. Nothing. Just still a...
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    why orange light flashes on my Delllap top latitude D630

    it's been blinking ever since I bought the charger
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    Theres a thingy

    Dont know what to do
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    Solved! Orange battery light and power light flashing

    Toshiba satellite power light and battery light flashing have tried removing battery and power and holding power button for 30 seconds no luck. Purchased new battery and power charger still not working
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    My ASUS K53E is flashing orange and green..

    is flashing orange and green. I can still turn it on with or without the cord. Just wondering.
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    dont have orange light after disconnecting and 30 sec on power button and then putting battery in and plug in ac cord

    toshiba laptop will not power on
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    my laptop wont turn on

    my acer aspire 4250 wont turn on and the light blinks(blue) when the power on button is pressed the it only does a single blink and then nothing happens. i notice something, when i plug it in, charging led comes on(orange) but after i press the power button. the charging led(orange) turns off...
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    My Hp Windows 10 laptop wont turn

    when i plug it in it flashes orange and white any suggestions?
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    Acer es1 511 broken

    I have an old laptop but could be usefull. It's a acer es1 511. When i plugged the charger the orange light turns on then off in 10 seconds; It won't turn on
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    orange light blinking

    So I have a Lenovo S400 which I have been using for more than 3 years. It's been taken care of well. No damages whatsoever. A few months back I fixed my desktop pc and eversince then I've been more reliant on the desktop. And a few days ago, I try turning on my laptop but it doesnt. Realizing it...
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    orange light blink for 5-6 times and then turn to blue and then white, this process repeated while to charger but laptop won't

    laptop won't boot but the charging light indicate only blinking orange light blink for 5-6 times and then turn to blue and then white, this process repeated while to charger but laptop won't boot
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    Solved! I need a solution

    My Toshiba Portege M400 is blinking orange light eight times anytime I plug charger. It is not powering on at all. Please I need urgent assistance.
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    my dell vostro laptop is blinking orange and steady white light inspite of my original charger which i have been charging for

    I charged my laptop as usually and I observed that its blinking orange and steady white light in the place which glows while charging.This started happening after I charged my laptop when it showed the low battery message. I tried shutting it down and restarting, also removed the battery and...