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  1. W

    acer aspire 5472 power problems

    i have a acer aspire 5472 while plugged in it quit charging the orange light was not on and the battery got low and powered off. my daughter having the exact same laptop I used her power cord and it worked light came on and it charged to 100%. when I unplugged it it quit working so I plugged in...
  2. L

    Hi my asus notebook laptop doesn't turn on on the start button but when it charges the Orange light is on

    Hi my asus notebook laptop doesn't turn on on the start button but when it charges the Orange light is on I need help on this please and thank you
  3. R

    z506 cables issue

    I recently purchased the z506 speakers for my pc, they arrived today and when setting them up everything was fine until i noticed that the speakers come with a black and orange audio jack along with a green audio jack cable, the motherboard im using doesnt appear to have black and orange ports...
  4. T

    Steelseries Siberia V2 right side does not always quite work.

    So I got a new Steelseries Siberia V2 orange this Christmas and about a month ago the right side dropped out, after a while I figured out that flicking my finger against the mute/sound box halfways the cable would fix the problem for some time. If the box touches my arm or something again I can...
  5. H

    What happens when you can't take the battery out and the toshiba laptop won't turn on and a orange light flashes

    My laptop stopped working and now it won't turn on because it is a school laptop I can't take the battery out and a orange light keeps on flashing HELP
  6. J

    For the MSI GS60 Ghost 2PC, can you change the color of the power button?

    For the MSI GS60 Ghost 2PC, can you change the color of the power button so that the Orange is the integrated graphics and the blue is the Nvidia graphics? The way it is now is the blue is integrated intel graphics and the orange is Nvidia. The blue light gets a bit irritating to my eyes when I...
  7. K

    My laptop has warm orange tint. Help?

    I bought this laptop 4 days ago and ive been pulling my hair out figuring it out why it's screen has orange/light warm tint to it. I tried editing the colors manually vie the integrated graphics card options but whatever i do, it doesn't look natural or right. This is my laptop...
  8. K

    my wifi drivers are installed but wifi is not switching on?.. gateway ne56r

    the orange light is not switching on although the drivers are installed correctly
  9. A

    Acer Aspire Laptop blinks orange on the charger button

    Hello there my laptop Acer Aspire M5 serious model number Z09 will not charge, when i plug in my charger my keyboard will blink white which is normal except for the blinking and my charger will blink an orange dot every 4 to 6 minutes meaning i cannot charge. Any ideas been 4 weeks now. I had to...
  10. C

    Not sure if the problem is the charger or the Laptop

    My Laptop (HP) charger light (on the laptop) is solid orange. The orginal charger broke a few months ago and I replaced it with a universal charger. That worked well until two days ago when my laptop shut down. The light is solid orange and there was no annoying "the laptop is dying dear god...
  11. A

    Razer Kraken Chroma vs SteelSeries Heat Orange Gaming Bundle

    Hi I am in the look for a new headset and I have come down to two possible options, the Razer Kraken Chroma and the SteelSeries Heat Orange Gaming Gear Bundle. Kraken -...
  12. M

    i have a toshiba l750satelite

    it comes up with a orange screen and i can not goany were on it
  13. A

    Hp pavilion dv6 black screen on startup, caps lock light on,F12 orange light on

    Hp pavilion dv6 black screen on startup, caps lock light on,F12 orange light on
  14. T

    Two flashing orange light in my toshiba laptop

    hi im using Satellite L755..Recently my battery and the power adapter spoiled..It showed blinking orange light at this time..I then bought a new adapter and always use my laptop without any battery..My laptop was working fine with the new adapter. But this week, my laptop off-ed several time...
  15. C

    college student needs laptop fixed

    My wifi button stays orange even when i press it on and off. Its suppose to turn white when wifi is on. How do I fix it?
  16. M

    Steel Series Siberia V2 Heat Orange On PS4

    Does anyone know if this headset is currently working on the ps4?
  17. J

    Why is the 2nd light on the front flashing orange on my MSI A6200 laptop?

    Why is the 2nd light on the front of my MSI A6200 flashing orange? The other 2 lights are solid blue?
  18. M

    Toshiba Satellite laptop doesn't turn on and has blinking orange light

    I was doing a hard drive scan with AVG and my laptop screen went black. Now it won't turn on and it flashes and orange light. Help! Laptop isn't even 6 months old!
  19. K

    Acer 5738 battery orange light blinking

    The battery is 100% charged and the power light is blue. but the battery indicator is orange and blinking. Please help. Thanks1
  20. C

    I have a hp pavillion touchsmart 14 sleek book. The wifi button is orange instead on blue when I press it, it says air plane m

    My wifi button is orange and not blue how can I connect to the wifi
  21. J

    I got a new battery for my laptop and the orange light blinks, and the laptop will not turn on. is the battery overcharged?

    I got a new battery for my Toshiba satellite, and put it in my laptop to charge. After an overnight charge, the battery light blinks and the laptop will not turn on, after I remove the battery and use the plug, the laptop works. is the battery fried?
  22. S

    My PC Satellite L745 led light does not turn off and remains orange after I have shut the lid

    Hi! I have a Toshiba Satellite L745 and I am wondering why does the orange light never go off after I have shut down and closed the lid. It comes on after 10 seconds the moment I close the lid and remains orange. Once I power up it turns white. Please advise.
  23. E

    getting 3 plug (orange green black) audio from a TV to a Logitech 5.1 z506 or a Cambridge DTT2200

    Hello all, been following this link but not sure it is what IO need... I have a new m series vizio TV, and I am trying to run the sound to a 5.1 computer speaker system without using a computer. That little box...
  24. C

    what to do if my acer laptop won't power on and the light is flashing orange

    when I try to turn on my acer laptop I get nothing but a orange light on the front that comes on and goes right back off
  25. S

    hp h2800 orange headset

    hi! i want the reviews of hp h2800 orange headset which i m planning to buy.pls help me . i want the reviews and specs. thankyou.
  26. Edrulesok

    USB Microphone Static while muted

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Steelseries Siberia V2 Heat Orange USB headphones, and from day 1 the microphone has been giving off a static noise that appears then disappears when it is on mute. I cannot hear this unless I listen to the device, but people talking to me on skype can if it is...
  27. Shiggy

    Logitech X540 5.1 surround sound not working, tried everything I can, is it impossible?

    Speaker is Logitech X540 5.1 Motherboard is ASUS Z87-A This was how I used to plug my cable to from speaker to motherboard. (Speaker - Motherboard) Green - Line Out Black - Rear Orange - Center/Sub Problem with this setup was that on the sound test on both the Playback Device and on the...
  28. W

    My olympus pen ep-3 just won't turn on!

    After I press the on button, there will be an orange light blinking beside the menu button! Help please!
  29. V

    galaxy s4 i9505 orange

    I have galaxy s4 i9505 orange spain I have update my phone to verson 4.3 But I don't like that verson I like older verson 4.2.2 but knox is not letting me do that. Plis help me any how to downgrade to older verson of gs4 i9505 I want my older verson back ...
  30. V

    Wi-fi icon appears in orange. (Nexus 7)

    I recently noticed that the wi-fi icon on my new Nexus 7 appears in orange for 2 seconds, after being connected to a network and then becomes white again. It is not a problem, since it connects without any problems, however it seems curious to me why this happens? Any idea? This happens ever...
  31. M

    Should I choose a normal Steelseries Siberia v2 headset or Heat Orange edition?

    As the Titel says which headset have best audio/bass etc. and can you feel diffrence? The Heat Orange edition is more expensive, is there a reason? Thank you!
  32. hosley276

    Iphone Only Working With One Specific Sim?

    So basically i bought an iphone 4 and it came with a sim (not brand new) and the sim works on EE but when i put my EE sim card in it gives me no serive for some reason? Thanks
  33. R

    HP 6735B notebook Orange led blink 8 times

    Hello! I have a HP 6735B notebook, its completely dead. No sounds or anything. The only thing I can see is a Orange led on the front panel blinking 8 times. I have 2 exactly same notebooks, tried to switch battery's and chargers, but nothing works on this one. Still only the orange led blinking...
  34. E

    Found a french galaxy s4 mini

    hello, One of my friends found a galaxy s3 mini here in Belgium, apparantly it's from France, cause it had the logo of the french provider Orange on the back of the phone. So, can she use that phone here in belgium? Cause i think it's provider bound.
  35. D

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L755D-S504

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L755D-S504 and the laptop randomly turns off with a click sound afterwards.. than 2 orange lights blink while I have the AC Adapter plugged in.. and when I turn it on the laptop won't start up and it goes to a start up (recommend) thing and it starts to do it's thing...
  36. T

    Toshiba A665-S6054 will not power up...

    Toshiba A665-S6054 will not power up. White and orange lights work. Did full reboot, including battery removal, disconnected adapter, 30 second reset (several times). Do you all think the problem is with the power jack, the adapter, or something else? Thanks for your time and answers.
  37. V

    IBM Thinkpad power problem

    I plug in the power cord and the orange light comes on indicating that the battery is charging, I press the power button it flashes then nothing....any thoughts please
  38. C

    Blinking orange light

    Anyone know about a blinking orange light?? This tv nothing but trouble and we never even watch it !!!
  39. S

    What do lights mean on front of laptop?first light is green and 3rd is orange and computer won't power on

    Computer will not turn on but first light on front of laptop is green and 3rd light is orange. I hold power button to turn on but nothing happens
  40. P

    how to change when the orange light changes to green for charge level plugged in

    Hi I have a win. 7 laptop. After the charge level goes from 93% to 94% the light changes to green while charging. Is there any way to change when the light turns green to 100%.
  41. B

    acer isnt charging

    i plug in the charger and the little orange dot doesnt appear on the charger it shows the green dot my computer is fully dead and idk wat to do
  42. J

    Sony KDL46z4100 picture

    Hello all! Last night I was watching a movie on my Sony KDL46z4100 and midway through the movie the picture coloring went 'dark'. - Didn't touch any settings - Was watching the movie through the XBOX, but the problem persists even with other inputs / when the XBOX is turned off - Yellow looks...
  43. A

    looking for an answer

    my samsung hgtv 1080i does not give the right color. it's always a yellow/orange. how can i fix it?