Not sure if the problem is the charger or the Laptop


Feb 19, 2015
My Laptop (HP) charger light (on the laptop) is solid orange. The orginal charger broke a few months ago and I replaced it with a universal charger. That worked well until two days ago when my laptop shut down. The light is solid orange and there was no annoying "the laptop is dying dear god plug me in" sound. Because my laptop is usually plugged in. The light on the charger is blue and working, or so I assume. I tried to remove the batery and press the power button, like it was suggested else where on the internet but that didn't work. Is there anything else I can try? or is my laptop going to stay a paperweight?


Don't know if you removed the battery and tried powering on the laptop without it, if not, try that. I have run across several laptops that would not turn on, once you remove the battery, and use the wall power only to turn it on, it reset something and worked fine after that.

I would also find a real HP charger and try that.

Without the laptop turning on you'd have a bit of an issue running hwmonitor on it :)