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    Question Light and portable laptop for law researcher

    I'm looking for a laptop for my wife. Below some details related to budget, size etc. My main focus now is Asus Zenbook 14. However offers in Portugal are limited. I heard that AMD is better in multitasking (not sure if my wife needs that) or if Intel will be enough. Could you help wich non...
  2. C

    Question Looking for a new laptop

    Hi, Im going to university in September to study computer science and dont currently own a laptop. Ive done lots of research and may have a couple ideas but wanted to ask on here in case anybody has any insight. Im trying to find a laptop that will have a dedicated GPU (I mostly play esports...
  3. alette2

    Solved! ASUS notebook no boot but power light is on and fans spins

    Hello everybody, I have this ASUS x54c that wasn't working, so i bought a new motherboard from AliExpress and tried to revive it... but: when I press the power button only power LED lights up, then after 20-30 seconds the fans start spinning. The screen is black, same results connecting to an...
  4. M

    Solved! AR Glasses for depressive people

    Hi, Is there something like AR glasses for depressed people? In bad weather the area projected with sunshine? There was an app (Junaio) that could turn the sky into blue skies in the rain. Unfortunately, these are no longer available. But with an AR glasses and the appropriate software that...
  5. Avalon11

    Question Low light, high video ISO phones with night vision capability?

    Can somebody recommend which phones are best for not just low light photography but also to display bright view in viewfinder mode and allow to shoot videos at high ISO? New smartphones became so advanced that they can compete in good lighting conditions even with more serious camera’s but truth...
  6. C

    Solved! Detecting Flickering lights in prep before shooting

    Does anyone find light flickering tedious to fix on set? It's often checked using an in-camera test during a shoot which can slow down production. Is there any reliable & convenient way to detect light flickering given a target fps & shutter during prep instead? I've heard bad stories about the...
  7. A

    My hitchi 42 want change channel stuck on the blue light

    Want turn channels
  8. K

    I have a 55 inch lg flat screen I turn it on and it just flashes and turns off but the red light stays on how can I fix this?

    I have a 55 inch lg flat screen I turn it on and it just flashes and turns off but the red light stays on how can I fix this?
  9. S

    My phone turns on but screen is black (i know its cliche)

    So everyhing was normal. I did not dropped my phone or anything but when tried to open it i saw black screen. I restarted the phone but it didnt work out. I see lights but no screen. I dont know what happened but maybe i broke it when i was sleeping? Help me please?
  10. A

    Solved! Pls help! My HP Pavilion screen is blank (not displaying), but fans working fine, and keyboard lights seems OK

    Since yesterday, I can't power my laptop. I've tried different methods, but none worked yet. Here is the problem: After pressing the power button, the keyboard lights on; The CAPS lock and NUMBER lock lights starts to blink; But the screen will not display anything; Moreover, the system won't...
  11. C

    Solved! zte model N-9136

    the red light comes on when trying to charge and stays on for a few seconds then goes out the phone is not taking a charge to power on
  12. R

    Solved! hp pavilion entertainment notebook has not been used for while. i tried to turn on but it wont turn on. power light and charge

    Laptop wont turn on even when plugged in. no lights showing on front of laptop saying its charging or power on. do I need new battery and charger
  13. R

    Solved! my lenovo 100s dont have a button to turn it on , so what do i don now

    plug it in the plug light was orange now its green, but leaving it on and still want start, there is no on off button on my computer 100s lenovo, so what can i do
  14. S

    Solved! Help looking for point and shoot under £300 for great night time shots!

    I am looking to get a new camera, ideally under £300 which takes good low light photos. I used to have a lumix which is now about 6 years old so pictures are rather fuzzy! I also like the idea of tiltable screen. Not worried about zoom too much. Thoughts?!
  15. B

    Solved! Blinking Lights on my Lenovo Laptop

    Hello I have a Lenovo ideal pad 100-15ibd and I recently had the power Jack replaced cause the old ones prong broke off well since it's been replaced it hasnt been wanting to turn on when I plug the charger into it it does charge it but now the power white light is blinking every 7 seconds same...
  16. S

    Solved! Need help with headphones, has 3 cables

    Hi! I'm going to get a headphone with 3 cables. One for LED light, another for mic and the last for audio. For singing, is it possible to plug in the mic and still hear the music in order to sing, or do I need the other cable for audio to be able to do that? Do I need 2 other cable slots on...
  17. Y

    Help with Toshiba 55" flat screen. Blinking light, shuts off.

    I have a Toshiba 55" model 55L621U TV. It's always has restarted itself intermitantly while watching it. But the other day while it was on, it shut off and wouldn't turn back on. I unplugged it, and plugged it back in several times. Each time, the splash screen comes up, the red light blinks...
  18. T

    The battery light don’t turn on

    When I turn on my computer the battery light does not come on and the computer starts but stops and turns off
  19. D

    Acer Aspire ES 11 won't start

    Power won't turn on, yet the battery is not drained. It just blinks blue everytime I push the power button. I charged it for an hour and got the charging light blinking too. I unplugged it and surprisingly, it worked. After some hours, it happened again. The unit can't be turned on, the power...
  20. G

    Firestick Light Keep Flashing yellow light

    I have not used my firestick for awhile. When I turn it on, the light is flashing yellow. What do I need to do?
  21. S

    Solved! asus power issues

    Hi I have an old first asus rog laptop g2p and I love it playing the old games on , but all of a sudden it wont boot the battery light flashes orange intermittently and the fan also goes on and off the same as the light . I also noticed with the light off in the room , that the backlight on the...
  22. R

    My zte z max pro won't come on.

    My zte z max pro won't come on it was running slow at first and I factory reset it and now the bottom lights are staying on but phone won't come on.
  23. T

    Solved! Laptop for School and Light/Medium Gaming

    I have been looking for laptops recently to replace my current laptop for school. I have found some laptops which would suit my requirements but I was wondering if anyone could find better deals. Games played would be like Insurgency, CSGO and Subnautica. My budget would be around $900 - $1300...
  24. M

    Solved! Head phone works fine, when screenlight is on that time ph rings with ring tone but other time it's not rang with its ring ton

    Head phone works fine.When screen light is on that time ph rings with ring tone but other time it not rang with its ring tone. It goes to in silent mode without changes it's mode.
  25. G

    How to replace the battery

    laptop want charge keeps showing red light even though it's been on charge 24hrs it will come on for a second then it shows battery not charged
  26. B

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad flex 4-1470 won’t turn on

    Hi! I have a pretty new laptop and without any notice it won’t turn on. The light of the the power lights up but nothing more. No sound nor screen. What can I do to solve it?
  27. T

    Solved! IRULU laptop not starting

    hello i have a cheap IRULU spiritbook SL1 laptop that i purchased on amazon 2 years ago. when the power is plugged in there is a red light visible where the connector inserts into the side of the laptop, when i press the power button the green power indicator light blinks intermittently but the...
  28. C

    Acer Aspire 5740 not showing blue light when switched on.

    My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5740 and is about eight years old. When plugged in at the mains the blue power light doesn’t appear. The power cord and adaptor both ok and work on another laptop. I’m not happy to scrap it as contains important data and photos. Can you help please?
  29. E

    Low budget fix

    Sharp TV model LC60LE460U flashing light. 1quick and 1 long. Trying to get to the factory reset and/or check out LED lights. Any suggestions or ideas appreciated. Thanks
  30. A

    Solved! My laptop suddenly died

    Hello everyone, im sorry i really need help with my laptop issue... When i uninstalling some app then my laptop suddenly died But when i try to turn it on again, it wont turn on but only the battery indicator lights up. Then i try to charge and my laptop, and my laptop then turns on but does...
  31. R

    Solved! My Asus A500C doesn't turn on not even the lights.

    I had it seated for months now it doesn't charge I am not even getting the lights to come on.
  32. C

    HP Pavilion x360 screen too blue/light

    I got a new laptop, HP Pavillion x360, however something about it has been bothering me. The colors are too blue/light. I noticed this by comparing different devices of the same image that my new laptop makes everything more blue/light. I know of the calibration options for windows, but doesn't...
  33. T

    power light doesnt go out

    After recent Win 10 updates my laptop will not go to sleep regardless of power management. The laptop has to be turned off to preserve energy.
  34. C

    Solved! looking for help

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G50-30 laptop that currently shows a bright white light on the power led and a blinking orange light on
  35. M

    Solved! Acer laptop not switching ON; even No charging light

    Hi, My Acer Aspire V-5-473P-5639 is not turning on. Even when connected thru power supply, there is no charging indicator light ( blue light showing connect to power socket). Last time it was working normally, when I closed it. Best regards Yar
  36. R

    Wireless headphones stuck on blue light

    Ok my IHip Clarity Wireless headphone has a blue light I can hold the off button for about a minute and nothing happens I left it for a couple hours still on a blue light. I’ve made sure it isn’t connected to anything and I had bought them from England and I live in Scotland. What do I do ??
  37. N

    Solved! Ma1151 MacBook specs

    Does this model have keyboard lights , I know it’s very old model but was curious
  38. R

    on my rca pro 10 the battery icon lights up but dont charge

    on my rca pro 10 the battery icon lights up but dont charge
  39. 4

    Solved! I have a Asus x555l and it won't turn on the charge lights won't turn on pleas help

    It is a x555l and won't boot or turn on neither will the charge lights pleas help:(
  40. M

    Acer laptop battery light flashing red

    The red battery light is continuously flashing, what could the probkem be?
  41. G

    Solved! LG 50” tv has sound but no picture

    Black screen with standby red light flashing and sound. We did a hard start and got the tv to work for two days and then same black screen, red flashing standby light and sound. Any suggestions? Tv is only 3 yrs old
  42. K

    my computer died yesterday so i went to charge the next day its black and does not show the power light please i need help

    my computer died yesterday so i went to charge the next day its black and does not show the power light please i need help /
  43. Z

    Solved! Are 2 dead pixels and a small light leak enough for a replacement

    Basically what the title says! Here are some images:
  44. E

    Solved! My HP laptop won't turn on while charging light turn white without power plugged in

    My HP laptop won't turn on while charging light turn white without power plugged in . when I removed battery that light gets off.when I insert battery again it do the same . white light turn on while charging power not plugged in.
  45. S

    Solved! Dead Dell 7000

    My Dell won't power up. No lights. I tried with a brand new charger. Still no power. I'm not a tech expert. Thank you.
  46. W

    Toshiba Satellite L655D won't boot

    With battery in and power supply plugged in I see power light and battery charge lights on. When I hit the power button the Numlock and Capslock lights blink once and the power on light lights up. Nothing comes up on the screen. Same response when hooked up to an external monitor. Breaking...
  47. N

    Solved! I turn on my gateway laptop but nothing comes up is totally blank but the power light is on as well as the charging light

    As soon as I press the on/off key the on light is on but the screen is black. It's a gateway laptop
  48. R

    Xbox Controller and USB Lights Disconnect PC Audio

    Xbox controller and led lights disconnect audio Okay, so I had to do my annual (custom)PC cleaning, and I decided to move around some of the cords to make my PC setup seem wireless, but as soon as I plug in my controller and press certain buttons, my audio cuts out and freaks out. I haven't...
  49. H

    Solved! Why doesn't my sound bar work on my curved TV? But worked with other flat screen tvs?

    I plug in the optical cable to the tv and the red light comes on, hook it to the ilive speaker and it blinks a orange light. Hook it up to bluetooth and you have to pair it each time you watch tv. If wifi is connected to the tv and then bluetooth will you not have to pair it each time? Oh and...
  50. J

    My charging light keeps blinking.

    I recently got a laptop on christmas and the charging light keeps just blinking insted of staying the colour and charging the colour and charging the battery. (I can't remove the battery itself.) Please help.
  51. R

    Three Way Switch

    I have manual three way switches controlling my stair lights. The one at the top is on the wrong wall, and it is impossible to move it. I want to replace one of the switches with a remote controlled one, such as the one Moes makes. My problem is, I don't want to talk to my switch, or control it...
  52. W

    Solved! hp laptop when i turn it on just loads and can not do anything with it

    i plug in my hp laptop and it turns on but that is it screen says hp symbol and the circle keeps goin an the airplain mode light stays red
  53. J

    Solved! Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on!!!!!

    My Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on. I’ve left it to to charge for 2 days and still nothing happens. When plugged in, the battery lights only blinks orange then it stops and switches to a white light. And I’ve read other post saying take out the battery, but I really don’t want to unscrew...
  54. R

    Solved! Lap top does not take power

    I did not operate my lap top for 2-3 month. Now on pressing the power switch the lap top does not start. Even the power button light does not come. Further when you connect the charger the power light also does not come. Need solution.
  55. L

    Solved! hi im renting to buy a 50 inch smart was ok this morning and no i have sound but no picture and there is a light on i

    i turned the power off then on again and i checked all cables but still have no picture
  56. J

    my samsung 550xta will nut turn on. the lblue light is on but it will not come on. i was told if you hold the volume button an

    my Samsung 550XTA notebook will not turn on. i was told if you would hold the volume button and the on/off switch at the same time that this would work, but i am having no luck. its not because the unit is old i'd only purchase it last month.
  57. P

    Solved! My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone ple

    My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone please help me
  58. D

    Solved! lc32le267m blinking red light

    lc32le267m blinking red light
  59. P

    Solved! Laptop for light gaming

    Hi - Is this laptop sufficient for light gaming...Minecraft, Roblox....streaming Netflix. or this one