Question Light and portable laptop for law researcher

Dec 6, 2022
I'm looking for a laptop for my wife. Below some details related to budget, size etc.

My main focus now is Asus Zenbook 14. However offers in Portugal are limited. I heard that AMD is better in multitasking (not sure if my wife needs that) or if Intel will be enough.
Could you help wich non OLED Asus Zenbook 14 version from 2022 (2021 and 2020 if it make sense) is worth to consider from TOP performance to less? I need to add that weight is very important in my consideration but also feel/quality of keyboard because my wife will write a lot.

  • What is your budget?
    <1600 EUR Ideally: 1200-1400 EUR

  • What size laptop are you considering?
    14-15 inches

  • What screen resolution do you want?
    >= FHD

  • Do you need a portable laptop or a laptop to replace a desktop PC?
    laptop will be the only computer used by my wife

  • What battery life do you need?
    My wife is used to use laptop everywhere so it would be good if it could manage movies/browsing/text writing for minimum 5-6 hours

  • Do you want to play games on your laptop?
    My wife do not play games. Main usage: writing, browsing (research), movies.

  • What other tasks do you want to do with your laptop? (Photo/video editing, etc.). photo processing and work
    1. SSD min 512GB, ideally 1TB (photos, backups)
    2. Websites to buy: (Portugal :( - small market ->,,, etc.)
  • How long do you want to store your laptop?
    2-3 years.It's something for now to replace her old HDD samsung laptop for something light (because of her arm problems)

  • Please tell us about the brands you prefer to buy from them and the brands you don't like and give us your reasons.
    I was thinking that perhaps it's not wise to choose Chinese laptops due possible logistic issues in the future etc. Although I guess it's not dealbreaker. I thought about Asus Zenbook (keyboard seems decent), LG GRAM (only because of lightness but screen and keyboard seems not nice), Lenovo iYoga older/newer versions?

  • What country do you live in?

  • Please let us know any additional information if necessary.
    • It would be good if keyboard felt nice like Asus Zenbook or Lenovo Yoga 7i 14lt
    • must be light because of issues with arm of my wife (< 1.45kg)
    • must be good for writing
    • no OLED - don't want to risk headache/eye strain
    • 14 inches seems nice screen
    • ideally not noisy/heating
    • fast, responsive for opening many tabs, some youtube, movies, etc.
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