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  1. W

    Solved! I have a 40 inch flat screen it lights up and you can hear sound but no picture

    I have a 40 inch flatscreen it lights up and u can hear the sound put cant see nothing
  2. E

    Looking my acer laptop to come back it normal position

    Please when I turn on my acer laptop it can't but when I press power button blue light appear and I removed my hands from the power button then the blue light switch off sometimes when I press power button the processor fan move some seconds then it stop please help
  3. P

    LenovoT460Laptoop shut down-no restart or pwr lite. Tried lots of recos.

    Died while idle on a website. Tried all bat disconnects, pinhole and start key presses. No power light with plugin. Two yr old, lightly used T460. Grrr
  4. R

    Solved! Getting tv to power on

    I have a 50 inch sharp tv and just a black screen.When I plug it in the red light flashes 7 times then a blue light comes and
  5. T

    Solved! No power pop up

    My lenoovo g40-70 won't power up nor come on nor show light and I be tried to power boot the lapto its not still functioning please help
  6. S

    Old laptop boots up, power light is on and the fan is on, but the screen is black

    hey there everybody, so this is my first post on this site, and the post is that I am having a bit of a problem with a old model of a Fujitsu Simens laptop that I haven't used in a long time, so, today, I charged it in the morning, and I tried to boot it up after it has been charged for a bit, I...
  7. P

    Solved! New Compact Camera

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a new digital compact camera to replace my old Lumix TZ7. I am looking for something similar but much better in low light ( TZ7 is bad in low light) and also has good macro. I have been looking at various cameras but am just getting bogged down with all the...
  8. L

    Solved! acer aspire sw5012 will not turn on and without charger, no lights, when charger plugged in to laptop,it shows a red light and

    issue with Acer aspire SW5012 will not turn on and without charger, no lights, with charger, two lights comes on and one is red, the other one blue. nothing works, Mary
  9. B

    Solved! Keyboard number light stays on

    Hello all.I have a toshiba satellite P755 running Windows 7 with a keyboard problem.One morning when I turned it on the number lock light was on ,and in the password box it was just repeating some number or letter,as if a button was stuck down. So I bought a new keyboard,same problem again! But...
  10. I

    Solved! My Lenovo ideapad 100-15 when you press power button goes straight to sleeping mode

    Don't switch on, goes straight to sleeping mode (Power light is blinking and making beep sound when light is on) sometimes without rule switch on, windows is booting on then screen start to behave crazy and computer shuts in sleeping mode.
  11. L

    Solved! HP Envy 13 Poor Battery Life

    Hello, I purchased this laptop a few days ago and I have been disappointed with it's battery life. It is advertised as "up to 14 hours", I didn't expect that, but I expected at least 6 hours of light use. Looking at reviews, people are getting at least 6 hours of light-medium use. I've been...
  12. J

    Solved! looking for a laptop

    1. up to 1200 us dollars 2. minimum 13.3, no larger then 15.6 3. minimum 1080p 4. a thin and light <3lbs 5. all day battery life, no power outlet needed. 6. maybe CS:GO. occasionally 7. other then school, regular day to day tasks, and light gaming, no other special tasks. 8. minimum 256gb ssd 9...
  13. C

    Solved! My max duo turns on and the home button slowly flashes slowly however the screen won’t light up

    My max duo comes on but the screen won’t light up. Not so much as a crack in it. What can I do to fix this problem
  14. B

    Rca tv won't turn on

    My rca 50in tv red light is on but it wont turn on it flicks a line down the middle and then shuts off wht do i do
  15. S

    Solved! Can a Smart Light Switch + Smart Bulb interoperate?

    Hi, Can I purchase a smart bulb, and a wall mounted smart light switch (for traditional dumb bulbs) and then configure them together in a single scene to be controlled via Alexa? Having done some looking around, I dont see a single manufacturer who sell both smart bulbs and smart switches for...
  16. J

    Solved! HP blinking lights

    I plug in my laptop HP g62 white light then orange light no post
  17. M

    Solved! Soundbar Volume Display

    Are there any reasonably priced/quality soundbars ($300 or less) that show you the volume on the soundbar itself (e.g. multiple lights corresponding to how loud it is, a digital display).
  18. Tribalworm

    Solved! Lenovo 520 won't turn on

    Bought my wife a Yoga 520 3 months ago for some light work. The other night she left it in sleep mode and never plugged it in tonight I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't. I charged it for a while and still nothing, I hit the rest button for 10 seconds and still nothing. Any suggestions on...
  19. Y

    Solved! asus zenbook display won't turn on

    My asus zenbook will only turn on when plugged into an external device using HDMI. The light on the power button is on and all the lights can be turned on but the screen doesn't turn on. I have fully charged it but nothing works. What shall I do?
  20. M

    Solved! What is power recycling mean

    Mt Hitachi sound bar light comes on but no sound
  21. M

    Solved! Toshiba laptop indicator lights

    The 3 lights on the front of my laptop stay amber white amber. They never change to green. It doesn't boot right. I unplug it at night and it takes 3 attempts to get it going in the morning. Any ideas?
  22. S

    Solved! My Alcatel Fierce 4 won't turn on battery died light blinking up in the left corner and Battery cannot be removed what do I do

    My Alcatel Fierce 4 won't charge battery died and now whenever I put it on the charger that indicator light just blinks at me it's a non-removable battery what do I do???
  23. C

    Solved! ZTE Z835 won't turn on

    My ZTE Z835 won't turn on after charging on my car charger for a few hours. The red light blinks and the phone vibrates but it will not turn on. Can someone help me?
  24. M

    Solved! Asus laptop won’t turn on

    It has only the amber light on Tried holding down power button with and without charging cable in to no avail I used it a couple of days ago with no problem
  25. C

    Solved! Pp21L laptop computer

    Trying to find repacement light
  26. G

    solution no boot

    acer e15 won't boot up. No lights.
  27. T

    Solved! My acer nitro 5 wont turn on. Even i plug the charger theres no blue light for charging

    My acer nitro 5 wont turn on. Even i plug the charger theres no blue light for charging . Even long press the power button dosent turn on
  28. M

    When the box only flashing a red light

    I plugged the box in with a new power cord an now it only flashes a red light
  29. B

    Solved! Definitive Super cube III subwoofer doesn't seem to play anymore

    My Super cube III doesn't output any sound anymore. The red light is on, I checked the fuse and it looks ok, but I just don't get any bass sounds anymore. In the past ,during a movie or football game, I would get startled by a loud bass sound...not anymore. Any ideas?
  30. B

    Solved! Lenovo yoga 720 not turning on but charging

    It had been a while since I charged my computer so I assumed it was dead. I plugged it in and the charging light is on. However pushing the power button does nothing. Holding the power button for like 10 seconds causes the caps lock light to flick on and off and then the charging light turns off...
  31. C

    Solved! Black screen laptop

    When i turned on my laptop, it just goes blackscreen with the LED light on
  32. G

    Sionyx Aurora, Amazing!

    This really is an amazing camera, just looking through the viewfinder beats my genIII+ night vision and taking a photo/video looks even better. It detects IR light and visual at the same time, you can see IR illuminators and laser beams, and can even see plants and the Earth radiating all the IR...
  33. B

    Samsung Notebook turns on, but HD light not active, Nothing on screen

    I have a 2013 series 5 Samsung notebook. It has 4 lights as in this photo: When I try to turn it on, only 2 lights keep showing: the 4th one / most right one (power), and battery (3rd one). The 1st light just flashes for...
  34. W

    Solved! where's your power button on the 60 inch rear projection TV. I have it plugged up but don't see the light coming on in the fr

    Someone gave me a 60 inch Mitsubishi rear projection television I plugged it in nothing comes on where it says power light and I don't see what the actual button is to turn the power on. Please help
  35. M

    Panasonic hdtv 1080i screen is dark as if no light. Showing what seems like shadows

    Panasonic hdtv 1080i screen is dark. Was told that a bulb needs to be replaced. Do you know which bulb?
  36. J

    Flickering from light to dark ank again?

    Tv is flickering from light to dark don’t know what you do???0
  37. L

    Solved! My S8 is stuck on the logo screen with the green charging light still on, what do I do?

    Woke up to find my s8 was stuck on the screen with the s8 and android logo on there. I don’t know what to do since it won’t turn off.
  38. D

    Solved! Sony Vaio not showing display and has a flashing hardrive light

    I have a Sony vaio laptop with a hardrive problem (I think). When I turn on the computer it will often not show a display and there will be a ticking inside the laptop which corresponds with the flashing of the hardrive light. Any solutions to the problem would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  39. G

    Solved! Acer Aspire 5

    Acer Aspire 5 2018 wont turn on or charge. There are no lights on the side.
  40. C

    toshiba A205 powers on for 20 seconds and then off again, has it bit the dust

    It wont stay powered on for more than 20 seconds. The screen lights up white briefly and off again
  41. J

    Dell latitude 3380 won't turn on

    I have a Dell latitude 3380, and I can't get the screen to turn on. The light on the power button is on but nothing else responds. If I move the mouse or press the button or hold down the button I can't get the screen to turn on. And the battery isn't low because the little orange light hasn't...
  42. B

    I have a led light speaker and the lights aren’t turning on anymore how do I fix is

    You would touch the top of the square and the light turns on but it won’t and I don’t know why please help thanks
  43. I

    how do u know when the tablet is fully charged

    i do not see any light to tell me it is charged
  44. C

    Solved! toshiba satellite 755, no power / fan, 2 white lights, orange light charged then turns white, blk screen

    Simply no power or fan + black screen - when on charge 1 white light 1 orange, then after charging orange goes to white, no flashing lights tho', i've done the battery out and press start button 30 sec's routine, but alas still no power, I would be most grateful for any idea's as to the...
  45. G

    HP Compaq 6715s - Green flashing light when charger plugged in

    I am setting up multiple HP Compaq 6715s at the same time. One of the laptops I tried a charger and it worked fine and the light went orange to say it was charging. I then tried multiple chargers and they were fine apart from one. This charger causes the orange charging light to instead blink...
  46. D

    Solved! Keyboard Light Problem

    Acer Aspire E5 576G laptop was dropped a small distance,I ,no visivble damage,now backlight for keyboard doesn't work, Fn + F9 won't work, and adustment for brightness in Ease of Mobility is gone?Can I get some help?Thanks.
  47. P

    Solved! Will not start

    The battery light comes on but the laptop will not start
  48. V

    Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 100-15ibd battery light blinking, not charging

    I disconnected (in the middle of October 2018) my Ideapad 100-15ibd laptop (purchased in Nov 2016) and ac adapter / charger as I was traveling. After 10 - 12 days, upon return from my journey, I plugged the ac adapter / charger, the laptop turns on (at all times) but the laptop will not charge...
  49. W

    Solved! Possible Reset problems

    My Acer laptop is refusing to start at all, there is a blue light showing in the light bar and that is all, if I push the power up button nothing happens at all, not sound what so ever. This leaves me in a place of nowhere. If I use that little hole in the back of the Acer aspire ES-15 laptop to...
  50. D

    Solved! Hp Pavilion dv7 nr

    I have a Hp Pavilion dv7 nr. Out of town in hotel. Yesturday, wifi worked perfectly. Today, the wifi light is orange. Have tried everything to turn it on. The wifi is on a touch pad on top, with other touch controls such as volume, ff, rw. Help!
  51. M

    Solved! How to reopen the zenbook UX390U after it shutdown but the light is bright still

    Hi , could someone help me for this problem of my zenbook mode UX390U. It shut down for adter 30 minutes I didn’t touch it, but the lightis still burnt. I can not open it again
  52. M

    Solved! looking for help about hp elitebook 840 g1's keyboard

    I have purchased HP elitebook l840 g1. and i am using windows 10. but its keyboard light is not working, In dark i can not see any what to do????
  53. T

    Solved! Just purchased AT2020, XLR to USB is not working? Microphone won't light up

    Just bought the Audio Technica AT2020 microphone with a XLR to USB from xConnect to power it, upon plugging into the PC the USB will light up, Windows will detect the microphone, but the Microphone will not light up to prove that it's on and it's not picking up any audio. What is my issue? Did...
  54. T

    Solved! My laptop won't turn on.

    My Everis "E2004" model laptop won't turn on. The power light is on and the charger light works too. There is just no sound or display.
  55. K

    Solved! Lenovo laptop not turning on power light is blinking

    my lenovo ideapad z710 wont turn on when i connect charger power led keeps flashing. But when i disconnect charger i cant start it.
  56. J

    Solved! sony DVD home theatre doesnt power on. light on at the bottom of the deck?

    sony DVD home theatre doesnt power on. light on at the bottom of the deck?
  57. B

    Solved! My toshiba dynabook wont turn on orange light keep blinking

    My toshiba dynabook wont turn on orange light keep blinking what is the problem pls help...thanks
  58. C

    Solved! Shutdown fell no red light

    I dropped my computer on the floor, and it wouldn't turn back on. The red light isn't on, and when the charger goes in, it blocks three times and goes blank again. Can I fix this? If so, how?
  59. S

    Solved! Why is my Asus laptop not coming on the battery light keeps blinking and the power light is on

    My Asus laptop not coming on the battery light keeps blinking and the power light is on