Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 100-15ibd battery light blinking, not charging

Nov 12, 2018
I disconnected (in the middle of October 2018) my Ideapad 100-15ibd laptop (purchased in Nov 2016) and ac adapter / charger as I was traveling. After 10 - 12 days, upon return from my journey, I plugged the ac adapter / charger, the laptop turns on (at all times) but the laptop will not charge and the battery light is blinking amber / orange in a rhythm - 6 fast blinking followed by 16 slow blinking. The laptop says it's 0% and charging, but does not charge. If remove the ac adapter / charger, the laptop shuts down. While plugged-in the battery light is blinking the same way. Couple of weeks ago before traveling, I had the laptop fan replaced, all was well all that time. I tried to find solution for this issue online, but I did not find any online, hence, this post. Can someone please guide / help me on this on this issue? If you need additional info, please let me know. Thanks for reading my issue. OS installed: Windows Home 64 bit. Thank you so much!
Try charging it while the laptop is off. Will the battery charge then? If yes, then the charger is the likely problem and is going to need replacing. If, however, it won't charge even when the laptop is turned off, then either the battery is in need of replacing (which is not shocking considering how long you have had the device) or it got jarred loose and is not sitting correctly inside the laptop. Try carefully opening it up, removing the battery and then putting it back in. Try charging it then. If it still doesn't work, I would look into replacing the battery.
Nov 12, 2018

Hello Webworkings, thank you so much for your guidance. I tried all as you said, the battery light blinks the same way at all times - 6 fast blinks, 16 slow blinks, no change. I opened the laptop, removed the battery (black flat pin, next to the keyboard ribbon cable) followed your instructions, connect the battery - still no change. I will get a new charger and battery to see how it works (will order on Ebay, will arrive in a couple of days). Once again I appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you.
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