Can a Smart Light Switch + Smart Bulb interoperate?


Mar 13, 2006

Can I purchase a smart bulb, and a wall mounted smart light switch (for traditional dumb bulbs) and then configure them together in a single scene to be controlled via Alexa?

Having done some looking around, I dont see a single manufacturer who sell both smart bulbs and smart switches for controlling traditional dumb bulbs - can anyone suggest how to achieve this?

EDIT:: I belive Amazon allows me to group devices together from different manufacturers, so that I can turn them all on at the same time, but what I also want to be able to do is to dim those lights together also.

Given that I want to keep my existing (dumb) Edison lightbulbs, I need a smart switch to control that, so I want to be able to say "dim the lights" and have the smart switch dim the Edison bulbs and also dim a smart bulb in a standard lamp at the same time.

Is that possible?
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