Question Put a Smart Switch in automatic Routine

Sep 2, 2023
I use Smart Life app for my smart plugs/lights.

Now I want to automate one of the plugs with the implementation of schedule.

This is what I want
  1. The schedule will start everyday at 8am
  2. The switch will be on at 8am and keep on for 15 minutes.
  3. After 15 minutes, it will be off.
  4. Then again 9pm it will turn on.
  5. And after running for 15 minutes, it will be off.
  6. Again it will turn on at 10 am and keep on for 15 minutes.
  7. This schedule will be continued till 10pm.
Can anyone please suggest how I can do this in the app?
Aug 5, 2023
In order to accomplish your desired action in smart life app for your smart plug, go through the following steps:
First, make sure that your smart plug is properly added to the app along with making sure that it's connected to wifi.
Tap on the schedule app and create a new schedule, give it a name and set it to a daily or everyday routine. After that, add the first schedule event by setting the time to 8 AM, choosing the action to be turn on and the duration to be for 15 minutes. Add another event, set it to 8:15 AM and this time the action must be considered as a turn off. In the next step, set the time to 9 PM and choose the action as a turn on and set the duration to 15 minutes. Continue to add this events for your chosen time frame until 10 PM.