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    tried taking the I've tried taking the battery out I've tried the 20 seconds thing and still get just a back light flash twic

    I don't know why it's not charging it's a Galaxy Tab 1 and I've did the 20 seconds button thing I've done that take the battery out put it back in thing and nothing's working what do I do oh yeah that's been sitting for almost a year now without being used
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    Solved! turning on but shutting down immediately screen stay black ...when plug in charge turn it in only. . without plug in it dont e

    turning on but shutting down immediately screen stay black ...when plug in charge only. . without plug in it dont even turn on....charger connection indicator light stay off but when remove battery and plug it without it the indictor is on
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    Solved! My Sharp Aquos Model LC-48LE653U power light is on but no images and can’t turn off

    Power light is on but no images and none of the functions work. I can’t even power it off from the keys or the remote. No logo display just a black or blue screen
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    Solved! Dell wont turn on

    My e6430 wont turn on no fan no nothing i unplug everything plug it back in the power light and battery light turn on for 2 sec just lights no fan no beeping no nothing then shuts off again tried thr external moniter thing and still nothing....HELP ME!!!
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    my lenovo Y520 laptop shuts down and when i on it again, the lights on the keyboard keeps flashing

    i just left my desk for less than 3 minutes and when i came back my laptop was off, and when i tried to turn back on, the screen was still black but the keyboard light was flashing red
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    Solved! Onkyo sr707 won't turn on and stay stay on light flashes on standby but comes on for about 3 seconds and then shuts off on

    Onkyo sr705 won't turn on and stay stay on light flashes on standby but comes on for about 3 seconds and then shuts off on
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    Asus battery light

    Asus q524uq notebook has charging issues. I recently had my screen replaced on my laptop. It has sat unplugged for awhile before the repair and after won’t work unplugged. Solid orange light that started blinking after being plugged in over night. I unplugged and replugged and it is solid again...
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    Will a Phillips hue A19 bulb work in a exterior light fixture with light & motion sensor

    Hi, I have a set of light fixtures next to my front door that I installed several years ago. Each fixture has a built in light & motion sensors such that the lights only come on when daylight is diminished (before it really gets dark) and when the lights are on, if motion is detected, they get...
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    Solved! Mx 150 or i7 Laptop for editing?

    I want to buy a super light and thin laptop, that can hopefully do at least a bit of editing. In Ireland there are not many options for laptops, so im stuck with not too many. The main difference between them is that some have an i7 and some have an i5 and a GeForce MX150 2 GB, and I am...
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    K53u not charging show and charging light blinking

    K53u show not charging plz help me bro
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    Solved! Looking for a fix for my smart TV

    Looking for how to fix my 48"Hisense smart TV.The screen has no picture unless you shine a light on the screen how do I fix this issue?
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    LG G6 producing faint red light near receiver

    Truly for the first time, I was bored and looking at my phone in the dark and I noticed my phone has a small red light so dim that it's barely visible. I can't find any information on whether or not this is some IR, or perhaps just a SIM indicator that I'm connected to the network. Truth be...
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    Solved! My laptop won't turn on

    My laptop when I turn on. The screen start up going on off one thing I notes the if I click any icon from the bottom for example to network to connected to internet when I click nothing happen but the screen continue going on and off so I turn of pressing power button so now I try to turn back...
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    Light fitting bulb

    Hi. This may sound like a silly question by I am new at this. Can I buy Phillips hue bulb for my ceiling light fitting. The light fitting takes 60w classic es Edison eco halogen bulbs. Thanks for helping a newbie.
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    Philips Hue White ambiance vs Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm (waking up with light)

    Hello, So I want to start waking up with a light clock instead of a traditional alarm clock. Where as it gradually starts getting light till the correct time. So I'm wondering, what is the difference between theses two Philips wake up light. Does one have more color options? Is it more...
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    Solved! tv screen black

    I have a Sharp Aquos 70" TV model LC-70LE660U. It went out during a storm and power outage and may even possibly got wet a little. Now whenever i turn the set on all i get is the stanby light on and a black screen and the back lights flashes every 1 minute.
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    About laptop problem

    House lights and electricity off when I'm plugging my laptop battery don't work I removed it and I'm going to buy new one.yesterday i plugged my laptop but house light automatically off in main electric it can danger?I tried it 3 times but not worked.what should I...
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    My battery light keeps blinking, and it says that happens when your battery is getting old, but my phone is only 4 months old.

    I have an Alcatel phone that's 4 months old and the battery light keeps blinking. The phone works, but when I make a call it makes a stuttering sound until the person answers.
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    Solved! is it possible to record fire stick programs on my xtreamer express light recorder ? which has both HDMI in and HDMI out

    is it possible to record fire stick programs on my xtreamer express light recorder ? which has both HDMI in and HDMI out
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    MY SCREEN ON LAPTOP IS BLANK AND caps lock light flashing also the F12 light is on

    My laptop screen is blank and the caps lock is flashing also the F12 light is on
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    Solved! Sasmung Galaxy Tab S2 does not turn on but the "return" and "multiwindow" buttons light up

    For some reason Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 doesnt turn on anymore (SM-T813) I tried all the power button, volume combination to get it reset but the screen stays black. Obviously I also tried charging it with 100% working chargers but it still doesnt go on. The only thing that happens when I plug...
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    Solved! my laptop is Compaq hp 420. when I pressured power btton ,light on power button on for a second then off and laptop is not on.

    Compaq 420 laptop .when I pressured power button light on power button on for second then off and laptop is not on.when I insert charger then pressured power button ,light on power button not on.laptop is also not on.can any one help me
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    Solved! replaced led in LG I replaced led lights in LG 42LN5400 but it is still not working

    Our LG 42LN5400 42” tv had a black screen but audio was still working. I researched and found out that the back light LEDs are usually the problem so I ordered new ones and replaced them. Apparently that was not the problem because it is still a black screen with audio. I’ve tried to test the...
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    Solved! Wd -73838 green flashing light but comes on for a second

    I have a wd-73838 it comes on for like 3 seconds pops and goes off and starts flashing green
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    DELL INSPIRON 15 3521 All the lights are on but the screen and system is not turning on

    All the lights are ON , but my laptop's screen is not turning on , I tried connecting to TV with HDMI thinking it is a screen issue , but no it is not a screen issue.
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    Solved! My laptop goes off after 3 secondd

    I pressed the power button and the light came on and after 3 seconds it went off and sometimes the power button light stays on but the fan won't blow and the screen remains black (built in battery)
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    blank screen , displays nothing

    i had the same problem pls. starts happening when we tried to replace the drive and the ram storage....and my laptop has no battery...will you message me at my gmail..pls..
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    Solved! I just got a new a.c. adaptor for my acer laptop but the blue light just blinks while the orange light stays steady

    The laptop screen is not coming on and I cant remove the battery to try that solution and can't reseat the ram... I just am leaving it to charge but it's still doing the same thing... what do I do
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    LAN port not working

    does the pilot light for LAN still ON even if there's no LAN cable connected?
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    hp notebook 15-ba009dx white blinking light. wont power on.

    I have a hp notebook 15-ba009dx that’ I’ve had just over a year. Last night I went to power it on and nothing. I assumed it was dead but the little orange light wouldn’t come on when plugged in. I let it charge overnight and still nothing, but the orange light would come in here and there but...
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    I push the power and the caps lock light starts flashing then air turns on and blows out the side

    I turn the power on my computer and the cap light stars flashing then air turns on and blows out the side
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    Solved! ASUS TP300L not charging, no charging light, runs fine on battery

    My ASUS TP300L has stopped charging and the charging indicator light does not light up. The laptop works fine but is clearly running off the battery, even when plugged in (and the battery is almost dead now!) I have checked the power chord voltage and it seems to be working fine. The situation...
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    Solved! My asus x551m won’t turn on. It’s charged, the lights green, but no power up. The battery is internal, how can I get it to

    Won’t turn on! Black screen, no power up noise. Fully charged, green light comes on when pushing power button.. please help
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    Solved! My elitebook 8560p won’t turn on. Black screen.. caps lock light flashing, and the numbers light is on. Still no power

    My elitebook 8560p won’t turn on. Black screen.. caps lock light flashing, and the numbers light is on. Still won’t power on. Help please.