Solved! Blinking Lights on my Lenovo Laptop

Jan 28, 2019
Hello I have a Lenovo ideal pad 100-15ibd and I recently had the power Jack replaced cause the old ones prong broke off well since it's been replaced it hasnt been wanting to turn on when I plug the charger into it it does charge it but now the power white light is blinking every 7 seconds same with white light near the front facing camera but the one near the camera goes off within 3 sec
The fan also comes on for about 7 seconds then stops and then starts again
The charger light is blinking orange every 3 to 4 secs
The CD disk also flashs green when the fan starts up but lasts about 2 sec
I also noticed clicking coming from the power light as well as when the fan starts up . The power light clicks everytime it flashs again .
It sounds like my laptop is trying to start but I'm assuming its failing so its turning off and on? But nothing shows on the display it stays black. I have done looked alllll over the internet on how to fix it or what it could be I've tried the whole take battery out hold for 30 to 60 sec nothings working
I'm praying it's not the motherboard but everywhere I looked said if nothing works then it's probably that
Does anyone have an idea what it could be is it really my motherboard ?
Depends. If the replaced part was not put in correctly, or it is a faulty part (it happens) then that could be the cause. Loose wire, etc. Or whoever did the work damaged something else while they were in there. If not extremely careful that can happen.

If you had the manufacturer, or a local tech, do the repair, I would take it back to whoever did it and make them fix anything that is either faulty, installed incorrectly, or damaged when the did the repair.

Now if that isn't the case, and you did the work, or someone you know did it for you, then you need to have a tech look at it to seem what is damaged. And yes, it does sound like the motherboard is a distinct possibility.
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