Sony KDL46z4100 picture


Aug 10, 2013
Hello all!

Last night I was watching a movie on my Sony KDL46z4100 and midway through the movie the picture coloring went 'dark'.

- Didn't touch any settings
- Was watching the movie through the XBOX, but the problem persists even with other inputs / when the XBOX is turned off
- Yellow looks orange, Orange looks red, people look orange / red, whites look more gray / dark, blues look purple... etc...
- Tried to play with the settings to turn up all brightness settings. Even at max everything looks very dark
- Didn't hear any 'popping' noises when the picture failed
- I had a similar problem with an 'old school' computer monitor a couple of years ago and it was because one of the tubes was bad. However, I don't know anything about the guts of an LCD TV, but my assumption is that they don't use tubes

Anyone have any idea on what part might have gone bad, and what that part might cost? I am willing to get this repaired if it is economical, but if it's going to cost $1000, then I'll just get a new TV!!!

Thanks for you help!!!