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    I have external speakers with the booster 6 prong plug green red orange blue black Anna black mixed wire trying to find wire f

    Da. External speakers with bass and vol. Controls. Need to find out what color wire is power
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    Asus won't charge when its on

    My Asus computer wont charge when its on. When I plug in my charger the orange light comes in as usual but when I turn it on the orange light flashes and my computer turns off. Also it won't hold a charge. Can someone help?
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    Acer Aspire V5 473 flashing orange light even when turned off

    Hello! My Acer aspire laptop is 5 years old so its really old it has a lot of problems but one of them seems to be the orange light thing even if i turned it off it still flashes I tried doing hard reset for battery thing it didnt work Any solutions? Thanks in advance
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    Toshiba Laptop blinking orange

    While charging my Toshiba Satellite L730-A191 laptop, power and battery indicators were blinking orange and battery level was decreasing instead of increasing. What might be the cause of this?
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    I have an acer laptop. Recently the orange charger light has been blinking. So now my laptop can't charge and I can't take it

    I have an acer laptop. Recently the orange charger light has been blinking. So now my laptop can't charge and I can't take it out without it shutting down. What can I do? Thanks!
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    Dell laptop battery blinking orange and white steadily. the charger i use came with the laptop so it shouldn't be unsupported

    hey okay so about a week ago i got this Dell Latitude E6230 and the battery symbol is blinking orange and white continuously... what does this mean??
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    when i charge my laptop it is blinking orange and white not charging

    When I am charging my laptop that time my laptop isn't charging. At battery sign is blinking red and white. How should I charge my laptop?
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    Logitech z506 Which cords go where?

    There are 3 cords grean (G), Black (B), and Orange (O). I have them arranged in: G B O Which cord controls which speakers? Its driving me crazy because my board supports up to 7.1 but the manual and the help online do not specify which inputs go to which speakes so I have no idea where to...
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    Dell Inspiron repeats 2 orange 5 white blinks

    Del Inspiron 15 5000 series base don TTYFJA00 DP/N Power cable was exposed white and blue leads appears OK but the bare earth seems to be exposed. The Battery has been removed and a new charger applied. The results are no screen activation - no backlight either. With or without battery/charger...
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    triple stereo line in audio cable

    anyone know where I can get an orange, lime green, and black cable? Can't seem to find one online.
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    Orange blinking lights

    ..laptop goes off when ac adapter plugged in with 2 orange lights..tried that 30 sec holding power method.not working....please helpp
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    00001111 blink code means? for toshiba portege laptop. wont start

    toshiba laptop wont start. just flashes orange light . code is 00001111. which means what. is this a secret code ?
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    Blinking orange led

    My charging LED on my asus notebook X551CA keeps blinking orange when it its charging and when its not Please help
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    Need help with Photoshop CS6

    I have an old color photo (from early 80's) which has a very strong orange tint (bad room lighting and wrong flash timing resulted in this) and I can't get rid of it with Photoshop CS6 and restore the original colors. I've tried many tutorials but none of them could help me fix the photo. I've...
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    Toshiba Dynabook Kira won't turn on with blinking orange and white power light

    So I was opening my Toshiba Dynabook Kira PC, trying to clean the cpu fan. I accidently dropped one of the screws onto the motherboard, and lit a small spark; when I tried to turn it back on, the PC didn't respond at all. After a few minutes, the PC started to respond (the CPU fans started up)...
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    HP 1040 G3 battery LED flashed orange

    Hello everyone, I own a HP ELITEBOOK 1040 G3 and whenever my laptop is on, its battery LED keeps flashing orange lights, i thought it was because of the level of the battery (although it was almost charged), so i plugged in my charger, but then nothing happens, my battery is not charging and...
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    Lenovo laptop orange charging light blinking even without the charger

    So I have a Lenovo S400 which I have been using for more than 3 years. It's been taken care of well. No damages whatsoever. A few months back I fixed my desktop pc and eversince then I've been more reliant on the desktop. And a few days ago, I try turning on my laptop but it doesnt. Realizing it...
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    looking help on my laptop acer aspire e1 510

    acer aspire e1 510 i turn on computer and power indicator turn blue after some second startin blinking orange
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    toshiba tecra z50-AO445 power led orange/red led flashes 5 times the fan run rapidily

    I HAVE A FAMILIAR challenge, my toshiba tecra z50-AO445, when power on, it with blinking orange led (on power icon) 5 times and restart immediately and then the fan start spinning vigorously and rapidily( meanwhile the battery is non-removable) pls, help me out, i will glad to get any idea I...
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    HP laptop won't turn on, orange light by power port is off

    I have an HP envy laptop that won't turn on. I tried changing the battery with a charged one and still nothing. But I noticed that the orange led indicator next to the charging port is off when plugged in. Does anybody know if it's the charging port is bad, or is there a workaround to get this...
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    Two in one

    I have a acer aspire switch 10 there are 2 flashing lights orange and blue and it's not powering on at all
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    Acer lightbulb beeps when flashing

    Hi, when I close my Acer laptop, the tiny lightbulb LED starts flashing orange. That wouldn't be a problem but it also makes a very quiet beeping sound whenever it is on, and it's driving me mad when I'm trying to fall asleep. Do you know what the reason could be?
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    My laptop turn off after few minutes

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop the model is l505-13n. Yesterday I open it to clean the fan it wasn't the first time. Sadly this time I must damaged something cause tha laptop turn of after few minutes sometime after few seconds. I think is something whith the charging when is in the...
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    Toshiba Qosmio f750 power led flashes twice white then twice orange with black screen

    Toshiba qosmio f750 black screen power led flashes 2 white 2 orange with fan on max speed. Tried discharging power,ram,hard drive and booting without keyboard and still nothing please help thx!!!!!
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    Battery Light Problem

    The battery indicator light on the side of my new ASUS laptop does not function as described in the manual. According to the manual: -Solid green = plugged in and fully charged -Solid orange = plugged in and charging -Blinking orange = unplugged and battery is below 10% -No lights =...
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    Battery charging light

    While plugged in and with 100%charge the charging battery will be rapidly flashing orange. What does this mean?
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    BAT Script to look for the file content in an another file and to delete if any same content exists in both files

    Say, I am having two text files File1 and File2. File1 content : Apple Banana Grapes File2 content : Orange Apple Pineapple Watermelon Banana I am in need of deleting the matching ones in the File1. Could anyone send me the BATCH script for the above instance..
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    My Asus laptop won't turn on just shows orange screen with a buffering circle

    My Asus laptop turn on but just shows orange screen with buffering circle, please help!
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    Acer Aspire Switch 10

    I plug my aspire switch 10 in and the led light goes from blue to orange, and wont turn on..please help
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    Help! My audio software vanished on Win 10 & sound is terrible! Looking for name of it - orange speaker.

    As you can tell I am indeed a total novice when it comes to software so apologies for what must seem like a truly stupid question! I always have my headphones on when working & use my youtube playlists for music. There was preinstalled program on this laptop when we bought it & I played with a...
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    How do i fix vertical lines on my dell laptop without taking it apart?

    I have a thin orange line running vertical on my Dell screen. It's not new, they have been there before, but now this one line isn't going away. I've tried putting pressure on it and only more show up but those go away. I can really take my computer apart and I dont want to mess it up any more...
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    My asus d550m suddenly started going to flashing orange light, and says 'plugged in, not charging'.

    My battery is now at 0% and its not removable, so I can't take it out and replace it. when I turn off the laptop, it seems to lose track of the battery, saying battery not detected when I restart it. I have to remove and reinstall the battery driver in device manager to get the "plugged in not...
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    Dell Inspiron 5559 core i7 laptop won't start (white and orange lights)

    When I push the power button, my laptop doesn't start. But the battery light flashes. White light flashes 7 times and orange light flashes 2 times.. ant this goes on and on..after like 2 minutes it beeps(only once) My laptop is only 6 month old. Help!!!:??:
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    battery not charging

    0% available plugged in not charging is what the battery icon says. a blinking orange battery light is on all the time and if i unplug the power chord the laptop shuts off. what does all this mean and what do i do to fix it.
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    picture library windows 7 Only showing icons with orange flower all of them ...not showing actual picture?

    Only showing icons with orange flower all of them ...not showing actual picture?
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    Laptop works fine but will occasionally start flashing orange and discharge

    Have had ,my Toshiba laptop since early 2012. In the last year or so (and only intermittently) the laptop, usually after charging just fine for a period of time, will begin having the charge light flashing orange. The laptop will still work fine, but the battery will begin discharging, and...
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    My Acer laptop V5 won't turn on, help!

    My Acer laptop V5 wont turn on but there is a beeping sound when I plug it in and the blue and orange lights turn but the screen still stays black. Also, there is no sound of it turning on or anything, like the vent thing at the bottom. Just the beeping and the lights. When I unplug the charge...
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    Dell XPS 13 2015 blinking orange light?

    1) My 6-week old laptop refuses to boot up. The LED under the mousepad is blinking 2 orange lights, 1 white. The screen is black. When I tried a hard power down, the power button goes dark for a nanosecond and comes back on. (The LED on the caps key stays off.) 2) I called tech support at...
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    toshiba a205-5825 blinks orange twice then blue once

    will not power up, gives repeating sequence orange orange blue, orange orange blue.
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    Okay so I have a weird situation.

    I have a toshiba satellite, its new charger stopped working a while ago so i bought a manhattan power adapter kit, put it together like directed and plugged it into my dead pc, orange light started blinking, unlike the old constant orange light it was supposed to have. Turned it on and the...
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    Msi Ge60 not booting up

    I habe an msi ge60 and today i start it up normally and 1 minute later an orange screen appeared and the laptop crashed. I restart it and when it "turns on" the fans start spinning at 100% and it wont show anything but a black screen. The temperature was under 45. Can you help me?
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    My Acer Aspire One's orange charger light won't light up/won't charge

    So this month I fixed my laptop screen and I got it back. So then my younger sibling used it until it died. Soon after, it wouldn't charge. So I left it for 2 months. Then, I tried to charge it. I plugged it in, and the orange light blinked once and did not light up again. My laptop is not...
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    Laptop charger suddenly stopped working

    My laptop charger suddenly stopped working. When I plug it in an orange chargeing light comes on, it's able to give enough power to turn it on for a couple of seconds, but then it turns off. Before the battery was completely de-charged it was able to reach the login screen where the icon...
  44. S

    tablet wont turn on

    i got my ares 8 tablet in november 2015 and now it wont turn on never dropped it loved it until last night when i turned it off woke up this morning and now nothing orange light shows its charged.
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    Curious about Windows 10 threat after Orange experience

    I've been running Windows 10 Pro on my gaming desktop and Windows 10 Home on my laptop for quite a while now, shortly after they introduced the free upgrade program. I have no complaints and I think it's a great operating system but I've been skeptical about running only Windows Defender, Max...
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    Internet-Wireless, working, no problem there, however the light does not turn blue/come on

    I have an HP-dv4-2142nr Entertainment notebook and the OS is windows 7 64 bit. I know the little icon (top right corner) you push it and it turns orange for off and blue for on. I know it is working because I am on the internet however when I push the button I can see that it is orange when it...
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    My Sony VAIO Laptop won't switch on the battery light flashes constantly orange

    Can someone help My Sony VAIO Laptop won't switch on the battery light flashes constantly orange. Thanks Sandra
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    Dell battery light flashing orange

    Good afternoon, Been working on a Dell Latitude E5410 which is bringing me problem after problem. I now seem to have all my previous issues sorted but still one major issue remains - the battery will not charge. The battery light is constantly flashing orange. The laptop is recognizing there...
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    i have notice that the battery indicator blink, then the battery icon has red x, does that mean my battery died?

    Orange blinking batt indicator, unrecognized battery icon
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    Can't start my Acer aspire e15, orange light flashing but won't turn on

    I just cannot switch it on. It doesn't have a removeable battery and have tried holding down the power switch for 45 secs but absolutely nothing, is there anyway I can reset it. It's not very old and hasn't been used much, just completely stuck ! Thanks.
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    My Asus laptop won't charge?

    it's not the charger's fault this time. Its the laptop itself. So I was just charging, but I was unaware that it suddenly stopped charging so my laptop died. I tried plugging it out then in again, but all that happened was this: I waited for ten seconds then the orange light appeared, which...
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    Acer aspire laptop black screen orange light flashing when trying to turn on?

    Acer laptop v5 touch screen pressing turn on button black screen but orange power button is flashing? Help ASAP plz
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    my orange light is flashing on my laptop Asus what do it mean

    my laptop Asus is on the charger the yellow light is on and the orange one keeps flashing what does that mean
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    Connecting TV to older surround sound system

    I am trying to connect my tv to the surround sound. The tv only has an orange coaxial output and the surround sound only has the red and white inputs. What would I need to make this work?
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    Dell Inspiron Laptop Power Light Flashing White then Orange

    I plug in my laptop to its AC adapter. I press the power button, and the power light flashes white, then orange, and then nothing happens. At first I thought it needed to charge, so I left it for about 10 minutes or so. Came back, same thing. When I unplug the AC adapter from the wall, then plug...
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    Why does my computer have an Orange light and doesn't charge but the motherboard is fine so what's the problem?

    I got a new battery about 9 months ago and it didn't charge because because I had the wrong charger and it said chargie in but not charging but motherboard is fine and now I got a new charger for it and now it shows a Amber light and it doesn't turn on
  57. C

    Orange charging light keeps flashing.if I remove the charging cable it turns the laptop off

    Orange charging light keeps flashing.if I unplug the charger when it's been on charge for quite a while it turns the laptop off.
  58. B

    My Asus model x550c will not power up after replacing power adaptar.

    Hi, My parrot chomped my power cord so I had to replace it. When I plug the new adapter in, there is no power,even the orange light that comes on to show its charging is not on. Any idea what the cause could be and how do I fix it.. Thanks in advance. Asus Model X550C