Lenovo laptop orange charging light blinking even without the charger


Feb 25, 2014
So I have a Lenovo S400 which I have been using for more than 3 years. It's been taken care of well. No damages whatsoever. A few months back I fixed my desktop pc and eversince then I've been more reliant on the desktop. And a few days ago, I try turning on my laptop but it doesnt. Realizing it has no charge, I plug in the charger and try turning it on, it doesnt turn on. The orange light lit up bright without any blinking. I kept trying a few solutions of draining the charge from the laptop with the battery off and all, nothing worked. So I left it alone for a day and later on I tried charging again, and now the orange light blinks whenever I plug in the charger. Even when I take the charger out, it continues blinking. It has been blinking ever since last night and only stops when I manually take out the battery.

Could someone please provide me a quick solution? I'm desperately in need for help.
This can mean there is a problem with the actual charger cord. Try the following and see if you can get it working...

1. Take out the battery and disconnect the charger cord.

2. Press and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds (yes with the battery and charger detached).

3. Re connect the charger cord (no battery just yet) and turn the laptop on.

4. Once the laptop is fully on and running, reinstert the battery and see if it will charge normally.

5. If the laptop turns off as soon as you reinsert the battery, pull the power cord and then reconnect the power cord and see if the battery will charge while the device is off.

6. If none of the above works with your charger cord, try using a different one and run through 1-5 again.

A. If you can't get the laptop to run with the charger cord only, battery or no battery, then the charger cord probably needs replacing.

B. If it will run when the battery is out, but not when it is in, the charger cord probably needs replacing.

C. If it will charge the battery when the laptop is off, but not when the laptop is on, the charger cord probably needs replacing.

D. If neither A, B or C applies, and the device will turn on with the battery and cord in now, but won't run without the cord. The battery is going to need replacing.
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