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    SOLVED: MS Edge now allowing cookie screen (pop-up enabled)

    I am using Windows 10 Edge Version 117.0.2045.43 (Official build) (64-bit). Certain websites do not function because Edge is blocking the cookie acceptance screen. I have disabled my pop-up blocker, and I have white listed the website for pop-ups and cookies. And the screen does not pop up, and...
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    Question Vertical line appears on the right corner or left corner randomly

    Hi, I've bought a Samsung UE32EH5000W which the seller told me to be new. The TV seems to work fine, but every time that the TV is on for 5-10 minutes a yellow/orange vertical line appears on the right edge of the TV, if I try to turn it off and turn it on again sometimes the line remains...
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    Solved! videos on the internet having half of it with a border

    on some videos, online have half of my screen with a black border. this problem persists threw other browsers as I have tried watching videos on both chrome and edge. the problem is also not limited to one platform as I have seen it on both youtube and daily motion.
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    I am using Samsung s7 edge device when I want to check balance it's show only USSD code running.

    Hi I am using Samsung s7 edge device when I want to check balance it's show only USSD code running.
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    S& Edge Verizon to ATT (Firstnet)

    I recently switched from Verizon to Att and took my S& Edge with. I updated the Access Point Names. Internet is fine, I can call out, and SMS is fine. I am having trouble receiving MMS and some incoming calls. i can have good coverage, receive calls from some but not others. I dont know if...
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    Solved! My Samsung S7 Edge keeps pausing while I am playing a game while I am watching YouTube pretty much while I am watching anythin

    My Samsung S7 Edge is randomly pausing every couple of minutes while I am playing a game or watching a video on YouTube but the sound continues please help
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    where can I buy a battery for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530

    where can I buy a battery for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530 if this wedsite right: https://www.3cparts.co.uk/original-62wh-lenovo-thinkpad-edge-e530-serie-battery-p-98420.html
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    Solved! Lenovo ThinkPad edge 13 don't Start

    Hello, I have a broken Lenovo ThinkPad edge 13. It does not want to start anymore when I press the power head. There is no fan running or anything else. However, the red LED of the logo lights up. I have already checked the battery and power supply. Also the fuse from the motherboard. Also, I...
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    Solved! please help to find my SAMSUNG S7 EDGE IMEI Number *

    stole last november 02, 2018 around 7:00-7:30pm imei removed by helpstar
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    Solved! Lost 2 Samsung Phones (galaxy S7 EDGE & S8 )

    Lost 2 phones Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32gb(BLACK) SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 64gb how to find my lost / stolen phones? *Moderator edit for personal info*
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    Solved! Roving cursor - Dell Latitude D630

    Uncontrollable. Cursor. Roams horizontally, on the left edge, at the "close" 'X'. Frustrating, no touch pad control often. Hibernating, restarting, running anti-virus don't work. Looking for your hints, experiences, ideas - this makes any. use very slow. Using Chrome most of the time...
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    Solved! Lenovo Thinkpad Edge turns on, but screen stays black

    So my laptop screen has died, the laptop turns on but the screen stays black. I already did a hard reboot, tried turning it on with only the AC and the Battery, tried connecting it to another monitor but with no luck. What can I do to fix it?
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    Shortcuts activated by random keys.

    Pressing keys activates certain a shortcuts in Word, Chrome, and Edge. How do I fix this? hitting any key could open any number of things, like "page source" "find on page" "save" "fullscreen" "scroll down/up" it's taken me like 10 minutes to type this it's so bad. the e key in particular...
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    Solved! Trustworthy source for new phone battery?

    Been thinking about replacing the battery in my s6 edge plus since its gotten pretty weak. Anyone know of any trustworthy source to get a new battery for it? I've currently been looking into Digital Supply USA...
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    Solved! S7 edge screen freeze

    S7 edge screen freeze and then start after few minutes by pressing power+volume button . From few days my phone hangs and screen off. Can anyone helps me how to overcome this issue. I also try wipe cache partition and also factort reset. Please tell me how to overcome this issue.
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    storage problem s7 edge

    I have a problem that i moved my apps from internal storage to SD card but the system still saying i dont have enough storage and for example in apps area it says i have 10 GB used while i moved at least 6 GB but still no way i can manage this problem i need enough storage but i cant do anything...
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    Transfer entire Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Oreo to SD storage????

    How can I transfer all images in Gallery on S7 Edge to the external SD card? The images in Gallery include downloaded images??
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    Youtube Fullscreen Stuttering Problem

    Hi, I have this problem on Microsoft Edge too and for Youtube only. When I press fullscreen button first taskbar goes and after seconds video becomes fullscreen. And when I want to turn normal mode first taskbar comes and after seconds video becomes windowed. I added a video to explain this...
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    how do i send my s7 edge downloads directly to my internal micro sd card?

    how do i make my micro sd card as the default download location
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    S7 edge android system battery drain

    On my at&t s7 edge recently updated to oreo my SOT is only 2 hours and android system is causing massive battery drain any suggestions?
  21. S

    How to track my lost phone Samsung 6 edge plus usong imei number

    I lost my Samsung s6 edge plus
  22. O

    Typing a streamer's (BradWOTO) name in a browser crashes it.

    Whenever I type "BradWOTO" in the address bar in my browser, it crashes. I tried it with Chrome and Edge and both crashed. It's very annoying because I can't watch the Twitch stream of BradWOTO or click a tweet he made on twitter. Doing so crashes my browser. I just want to know what may cause...
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    S6 Edge Plus taking forever in 'wiping cache partition'.

    Attempted to wipe cache partition in recovery mode, but my S6 has been displaying "Wiping cache" for several hours now. Should it ever take this long ? The cache has not been wiped before during the entire life of the device's operation - over 2 and a half years. Would like to know what to do...
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    Microsoft edge keeps opening up on my laptop screen, what might be the problem

    I don't have any specific description. Any answer would do for me........... I would appreciate the responses given to me by the readers and anyone who could know where the problem is.
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    Word for Android will not share with my other apps on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Word for Android will not share with my other apps on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I cannot get Word for Android to share with the other apps on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. For example, if I want to Select All or part of a Word document, then copy it to another Android app on my cell phone, it...
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    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Edge

    Edge is the alternative browser that is meant to replace Internet Explorer. Because of the engine it was built on, Edge is very good at handling media. When Netflix tosses you an unexpected error, use one of these three popular fixes. Refresh The Browser There are multiple ways to refresh the...
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    chrome mozilla edge lags windows 10

    i am using hp 255 G5 ram 4 gb 3.46 usable and chrome
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    How do I cast from Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge to Magnavox Smart TV

    What app to I need to install on my phone?
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    How to unlock sumsang s7 edge to work on any network

    How to unlock a verizon samsung s7 edge to work with kenyan sim card My phone keeps saying insert sim card
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    how to track my stolen phone samsung s7 edge using imei no

    how to track my phone by imei no
  31. M

    When I press power to wipe cache partition on a galaxy s7 edge should it give any feedback?

    I followed instructions and pressed the power button but nothing seemed to happen but the phone won't take any more input.
  32. J

    i have google chrome and when opening files it defaults to edge which i uninstalled already

    man oh man .one day edge stopped working. I switched to chrome and now anytime I bring a file or attachment it comes up in edge which wont work
  33. C

    How do I stop the cmnd prompts this is what opens the malware

    enclosely.info opens from marukog.info and suggedin.info opens from cmnd prompt in any chrome, edge, or firefox. just prompts the internet
  34. M

    Mine is samsung galaxy s6 edge but when i removed it from charger it turns off...what could be the problem ans its battery is

    Mine is samsung galaxy s6 edge but when i rwmovw it from charger it turns off..what could be the problem and its battery is inbuilt
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    Sd card says readwrite error how do I fix

    I have a new s9 edge. After a week the sd card kpt saying readwrite error . If continues re format my card. It has stopped me being able to take any pictures. Pls help. All photos are backed up and have storage space still available.
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    phone stuck on galaxy screen

    my phone stuck on the galaxy screen its a s7 edge i have do the factory reset but it didn't work help plz
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    Can I play Fortnite on my samsung s7 edge?

    Can I play Fortnite on my samsung s7 edge?
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    Samsung Edge 7 stopped sending and receiving emails

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge 7. I use gmail to access my email. Everything was fine, and then yesterday, my phone stopped being able to send and receive emails. I use gmail to access my mail but both gmail AND the phones default email app are not able to receive/send email. I am able to...
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    microsft edge in aquadock

    how to put Microsoft edge in aquadock? any alternative is also appreciated!
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    How do I retrieve my contacts

    Someone help me please I recently broke my phone my Galaxy S7 Edge Edge I had backed it up to my Samsung Mobile account about a week ago.The phone that my chip is in now temporarily is an Android but not a Samsung how dont I retrieve my contacts and at stuff from my Samsung account I need my...
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    Computer unresponsive while videos play

    Hi. My computer is about 4 years old and just recently started doing this. When I go to youtube, the computer is completely unresponsive while a video plays. The mouse doesn't work, keyboard doesn't work, etc. Once the video stops, the computer returns to normal. I usually use Edge, but the...
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    Can't connect Lenovo T470s to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hotspot

    I'm unable connect my Lenovo T470s Think Pad to my my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hotspot. Other laptops and phones have no problem connecting to particular hotspot, and Think Pad has no problem connecting to other mobile phones hotspots (both Android and IOS), but when connecting the two "Windows...
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    Turn off overlay

    My s6 edge cannt turn off apps overlay.could you please help me.?
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    How I can find my samsung DU edge mobile using IMEI number

    How I can find my samsung Galax s 7 Edge phone using IMEI number.
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    Solved! lenovo edge black screen

    i was watching videos on my laptop when it suddenly switched off with blue screen of death it also showed up with weird colours after a couple of reboots like this : https://superuser.com/questions/569751/computer-suddenly-dies-screen-displays-weird-flickering-lines-then-restarts now it comes...
  46. M

    Forgot screen pin to my ZTE edge

    I forgot my screen pin on my ZTE
  47. A

    set up sd card on galaxy s7 edge

    how to set sd csrd to default storarage aon galaxy s7 edge
  48. D

    Solved! Show my name and number when I call a contact

    Just got a new Samsung A5 after copying all my contacts from galaxy s6 edge to the A5 my contact details don't show when I call a friend . just show caller not identified ????????? Help please
  49. D

    How to unlock a locked phone

    How do I unlock a lockedns7 edge
  50. T

    Phone setting issues

    My Samsung S7 edge has different settings for everything the screen is different and even the search engine is different. There haven't been any recent updates. I want to get my phone back to how it was before, Please help.
  51. A

    How to open a video through your defult video player

    Ive had an s7 edge for about 6 months and before whenever i tried to play a video on the browser there was a prompt to open the video using the video player installed on my fone or the defult video player on the browser. Does anyone know how i can get that prompt or pop up back again
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    Sprint Samsung S7 Edge is locked and can't get it unlocked to work on AT&T network

    I have spent a week trying to unlock a sprint Samsung S7 Edge that I purchased from a sprint customer. I would never recommend a provider such as sprint who places such a lock on a phone that has the ability to be used on any network. I would expect this to hurt their future business. Why would...
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    Hi.ru hijacker on my browser, but I had a clean install

    I got a new cpu and mobo so just to avoid future problems with windows, I did a clean install with the windows media creation tool. (Windows 10) Everything went fine. After windows was installed, it asked me to set up the basic things and login to my Microsoft account. So I logged in and I...
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    how to fix a triple vertical line on a toshiba looktop

    the screen is divided in three different section, separated by three 1/4 inches yellow vertical lines, one is closed to the left edge,
  55. T

    Android 7.0, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, change default installation folder to external

    My Files Settings does not give me the option to change the default installation folder.
  56. R

    At&t galaxy s7 edge need to unlock it

    At&t galaxy s7 edge can't get at&t to help and Verizon said buy a Verizon one can anyone help I'm having enough trouble truing to root my note 3 model n-900v which is ridiculous
  57. U

    I have s6 edge.celular data not working access point name everything settled 4g sign appearing but net browzing not working p

    Apn settings setelled acording to my country network settings 4g sign appearing in my s6 edge but net browsing not working pls fix it
  58. N

    looking for my lost samsung

    i lost my samsung galaxy s7 edge..i have its serial number...i dont have a samsung account,and i dont remember the google account in it..please help
  59. M

    Videos keep on pausing every few seconds.. please get me solution..

    For the last two days, I have had a problem with my S6 Edge playing any kind of video. It keeps on pausing every few seconds.. The problem applies to all YouTube videos, Netflix videos and for even downloaded videos Please help!
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    why does bbc iplayer not work on google chrome

    Suddenly I find that BBC's Iplayer and all the BBC channels are not available through Google Chrome. They work as normal with Edge so it must be a Chrome issue.