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  1. bbeennyy1000

    Solved! how do i record two diffrent mics into one stereo audio file?

    hi! i have 2 blue snowballs and was wondering if there was a way to set one as the left chanel and one as the right while recording or have them record simultaneously on one piece of software but on separate tracks or separate audio files so i can mix them to left or right later. i just want a...
  2. N

    Solved! Blue Snowball Not Working

    ***Solved*** So, i just got this blue snowball and tested it out but for some reason my computer wont register it picking up sound. on my brothers computer it works fine, and earlier in the month i was using my brothers blue snowball and it worked fine on my computer. not sure whats changed and...
  3. A

    Battery not Charging, New Laptop Asus r556l?!?!

    Okay so this is a new laptop I got from Amazon the seller sent me a long letter about the laptop and how there were no problems with it. I had this laptop for like 3 months now, when I first got it I used steam and installed and uninstalled many free games. I usually use my laptop in the car...
  4. ForeverMore

    Acer Chromebook 15 Purples are Blue

    Hello, I just got an Acer Chromebook 15 from Amazon and discovered that the purples on the laptop's display are more blue than purple. Is this normal for that laptop or did I get a bad one?
  5. G

    Pioneer Plasma TV power light flashing red and blue. Won't turn on

    Hi, this is my roommates' parents TV and this is the first time using this TV here. The horizontal light under the circle at the bottom left corner of the TV is flashing red and blue. The power button does nothing. This TV worked when it was at her house just a few days ago. Please help, thanks!
  6. P

    Which hard disk hd to choose? 5400 rpm Blue WD vs 7200

    Hello, Could you please give me some advice on choosing my new hard drive? I'm choosing WD for it's reputation as a reliable hard drive manufacturer with a low doa and other failures rate. But in the last months the company merged the Blue and Green series into just one. The thing is that now...
  7. S

    Shimmering pixels on TV?

    Please help me troubleshoot my led TV. When I play a bluray or 1080p video tight clusters of blue and less obviously yellow pixels appear to "shimmer" on the TV display. The blue shimmering pixels are very obvious when playing a film and both the blue and yellow pixels are even more obvious on...
  8. M

    Which MIC to buy

    at2020 blue yeti at2020+ the thing I'm afraid from is that the yeti pick Up Much background and my grandMa is like elephant sound however i manged to muffle sound and will do it more but it will still be audible. the thing im afraid from the at2020 that the mic don't sound good as blue...
  9. J

    Blue Yeti vs MXL 990

    I'm currently using a standard USB Blue Yeti microphone, and I'm contemplating getting an MXL 990 because the Yeti seems to be picking up quite a bit of EMI waves from my computer, and I've tried almost everything to try and fix it. The Yeti has proved to be quite sensitive, as I do a lot of...
  10. J

    Blue Yeti High Pitched Noise

    I'm not sure how to explain it. When recording with my Blue Yeti in any recording program (I primarily use Audition CC), there is this very high pitched and very annoying white noise, it's very obvious in the audio file I'll link below. Although you might have to turn up your volume in order to...
  11. D

    Blue Snowball Compatibility!?

    I really need to find out if I can use a female USB to 3.5mm male jack and connect it to a Blue Snowball so I can use the 3.5mm jack instead of USB when I don't have a computer at hand and still record.