Question Thin Black Vertical Lie from Top to Bottom on Sony A8G OLED TV

May 31, 2021
Hello everyone,
Three days ago I noticed a thin vertical black line on the right side of my Sony OLED TV Screen. My model is a XBR55A8G Sony OLED TV. I am not sure how this thin vertical black line formed, I left my Playstation screen on for 20 minutes and then when I came back I saw this thin vertical black line form on the right side of my TV screen. I have not had any issues with this OLED TV until this thin black vertical line formed. I bought the TV back in September 2020 with no problems, and was surprised to see this happen. Sony can't help me since I bought this open-box TV from a local TV store for a good deal, and when I originally bought it there weren't any issues. I have seen people removing the back of the TV and playing with the ribbon cable and T-con board but not sure if that will help with my situation. I am not sure what to do at this point. I wanted to know how would a thin vertical black line form randomly on a Sony OLED TV and also if there are any potential fixes I could try. Please let me know, I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
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