Question Intermittent signal loss in powered speaker

Mar 3, 2020

I'm having an issue with one of my powered speakers (Adam A7 studio monitor). I have 2 powered speakers hooked up to a stereo output from my PC audio interface.

I'm having intermittent issues where very little or no signal comes through one of the speakers. This only happens sometimes (sometimes it works fine, with full output and clear signal). Some facts:
  • The output is fine coming from the audio interface (I've checked other speakers, or switched the L/R outputs).
  • It's not a cable issue.
  • SOMETIMES if I turn the audio interface off and back on again, it fixes the problem (the signal comes back).
  • Sometimes things will work fine at first and then after a while I will realize that one speaker has lower level or no signal.
To me (with very little technical knowledge), it seems like there may be a problem with a loose connection of some sort in the bad speaker that can somehow get "fixed" by turning the signal on and off. Does that even make any sense? I will try to open it up with the help of a more tech-savvy friend, but does anyone have any clue of what we might be looking for?

Thanks in advance,