Solved! Please help me fix my Siberia v2

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Jun 14, 2013
My Siberia v2 broke like 6 months ago but today I decided I want to repair them.

I've read some threads and most of them pointed to the little volume box where probably some wire was failing.

I've opened it but can't see any problem at all [worth to note that I've 0,01% idea about cables so maybe I'm wrong and that's why I'm asking here]

The problem started when I accidentaly pull the cable too hard as it was tangled around my leg and I didn't notice. From that moment the left headphone doesn't work although if I move the volume wheel up and down it works depending on the position of the wheel. The thing is it starts working but the whole sound is crappy, like if I was really deep underwater even with max volume.

I'm guessing someone over here has more experience with cables than me and may be able to help me fixing this.

[Opening the images on a new tab will allow further zoom for more detailed view]




tl;dr: headphone's sound is really crappy, like listening underwater. moving the volume wheel alternates between no sound from left ear to sound from both ears but still bad quality. I've opened the volume box but can't find any problem at all, help please?
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