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    Vizio Brand new out of the box 65-inch uhd screen garbled

    Hello everyone and I hope this is the place to post this but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this. I've seen videos of ghosting but in my case the image is completely compressed together and the menu options are shoved off to the left of the screen. I just purchased this TV and brought...
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    how can i play a movie disc if we dont have a password this is brandnew and never used please help

    we have a sylvania sltdvd9220-c brandnew out of the box it wont let us play a dvd
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    Blue Screen on New TV

    My brand new out of the box 50” Samsung Smart TV has a blue screen when I turn on the TV for set up. I can’t get it to do anything and it’s only connected to my wall outlet.
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    Solved! Logitech 3 speaker kit with sub for PC to use sub only with old avr

    I was given a Sherwood Newcastle avr and some speakers for my room. The subwoofer input on the box is a purple coaxial (which I have). I also own a Logitech 2 speaker /w sub for PC. I want to use the sub ONLY on the avr. The only input on the sub is a 3.5mm for the two speaker's. Coming out of...
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    Solved! What kind of cord does fios use

    I want to attach a splitter to a cord in another room and bring the box and tv into bedroom. What kind of cable cord does fios use? I want to attach a splitter to it and bring it into another room with the cable box.
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    When the box only flashing a red light

    I plugged the box in with a new power cord an now it only flashes a red light
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    Solved! What do r-sim cards do?

    When I got my andriod phone, it had a sim card in it. But in the box was two R sims cards. Can somebody please tell me what they are used for?
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    Solved! Garmin disa code doesn't work

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    No Sound HELP

    I've already had the connection I needed to play sound from my home theater to my android box. I unplugged the box to take into the bedroom to work on it. I come back and plug everything exactly as it was and now I get no sound via home theater while playing a movie on the box? How could that...
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    Choosing the right amp?

    I have a 2017 Tacoma and I have two subwoofers (kicker compR 10 43CWR104) And i need help choosing the right amplifier. The box is sealed. My last amp (Kicker ZX750.1 ) burned with these two subs .
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    Solved! My tablet will on turn on at all, no matter what i do.

    I do not know how the frick this happened. But i was playing LBP2 and was gonna listen to music while i play on my tablet. But then i realized it wouldn't turn on. So i figured i connected the charger. that didn't work. Take out the box and put in in a different port. That didn't work either...
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    My Sony Blue-Ray Player isn't going to my TV - have rebooted moden and router, reset the factory settings on the box - nothing

    I watch a lot of movies and series on my Netflix account on my TV, but the other night, all I got when I turned the box on, was a weird page with none of my apps on it. What gives???? I have a SONY blue-ray player. Wired internet, but ATT said my internet was fine.
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    Tablet is Permanently locked

    I bought a RCA Voyager3 tablet from a guy on the street. It didn't have the box or any activation code or disa number. So just trying numbers it permanently locked the tablet. Am I screwed? Or can I do anything to be able use my tablet?
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    how to hook up android box(mxq pro) to panasonic (sa-he100)

    I want to hook up my android box to a Panasonic receiver to receive surround sound.The box has a usb outlet.
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    Do Active pens need bluetooth in order to work ?

    just wondering...I am looking at a Dell active pen, and on the box it says Bluetooth...Do I need bluetooth ?
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    Epik highq activation code

    Need to find activation code for epik highq learning tab reciept got thrown away with no knowledge of needing a activation code that would be on itand not in the box where it should be
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    Brand new out of the box doesn’t turn on

    Sceptre brand new 39” tv out of the box won’t turn on
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    MXQ 4K downloading issue

    Hi My MXQ 4 K box opens up fine, but can’t get anything to download off the internet onto the box Showbox and terrarium tv links work and were easy to install on my other boxes, but can’t seem to get it on this box? Must I update firmware? Any advise welcomed Thank you
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    Sound occasionally drops in one side on my brand new Sennheiser GSP 600s

    So i literally just got my brand new Sennheiser GSP 600s and straight out of the box i notice an issue. Whenever i change volume using the volume wheel on the headset the right headphone stops working. This is fixed by applying a bit of preassure onto the volume wheel. So its not a giant...
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    How to connect kamron ka-a10 which do not have cables in the box

    I have bought Kamron audio ka-10, but there is no power supply cable and wires in the box. Again there is no amplifier. Please, how do I connect it go LG LED satelliteTV ? What cables do I need? Thanks
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    Razer kraken 7.1 v2

    Ive just bought the RAZER KRAKEN 7.1 V2 MERCURY • DIGITAL USB GAMING HEADSET and haven't noticed it says on the box pc/mac is there any way i can use this on xbox one???
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    I bought a Garmin GPS at a flea market new in the box when I called to activate it they said it was stolen and to call another

    I bought a Garmin GPS at a flea market and when I called to activate it they said it was stolen and to call another number it's new In the box I didn't steal it and don't know what to do
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    Is it necessary to verify all backed up data after every incremental backup?

    I use AOMEI to back up my computers. I normally do an incremental backup, which is usually very quick, but I also tick the box to verify the data afterwards because I would rather be safe than sorry, and that verification takes ages. It takes so long that it is a disincentive to doing regular...
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    Sony tv x900e

    new tv wont power up out of the box
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    Cursor gets captured! (Toshiba Satellite)

    This is pretty odd... but from time to time my cursor gets 'captured' in a small box on the lower left of the screen. Sometimes the box releases back to normal, sometimes it just stays in the box. Only solution is to reboot. Not sure what to do to fix this. It does not happen 100% of the...
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    How to get HD viewing without running HDMI from the box in another room

    We have dish network with a dual receiver that split two rooms. The TV in our bedroom is attached by a cable and was told the only way to get HD on that tv without getting a separate box is to run an HDMI from the box in the other room. Is there a HDMI converter or splitter that I can use that...
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    Just open the box

    I had got my tv for a gift last month but I just open the box and the tv is crack how can I get a new one
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    it is a new ideapad i purchased 2 years ago and i never used it i left it i the box in the room

    it is a new ideapad i never used it so what could be wrong with it,would it be the lack of use or something else,some one said guy a new one and so it is new touch screen ideapad.:??:
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    Solved! Cox cable box shows 2d display

    When I turn on the cable box power it shows 2d on the box display
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    Find puk No#

    Its in the box your phone came in the manual says notjng of this
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    How do i get the activation code for this rca voyager 3 i have box and all the numbers for it.

    I have a brand new RCA Voyager 3 i got from someone i have the box w all the numbers and the s/n reg # but i have no activatiotn code. How do i obtain it or where i do get it or who do i get it thru?? Any info will b helpful.
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    Solved! Lg oled worth

    Selling my OLED55c6p it’s in excellent shape I even have the box and everything that it came with . I bought in feb 2017 I can’t seem to find to many places selling them used so was wondering what would a decent price ?
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    Android TV Box can't add any add-ons

    Android box is connected to my internet but when I try to add any add-ons it gives me error"Unable to connect, Couldn't retrieve directori information. This could be due to network not being connected". I have made sure there are no spaces in the links, I have uninstalled kodi and reinstalled, I...
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    RCA RCT6773W42 not turning on

    I have a Brand new, kept in box for about 10 months, RCA tablet, once out of the box turned on for about 30 minutes only for set up then turned of and I can not get it to turn on, Can anyone help please? The screen stayus black not even the Android emblem shows up or anything. I have tried...
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    Longer 3.5mm audio plug?

    I purchased an android box with great specs. I got it and everything works great except for the av audio. I hook up to my tv with hdmi for everyday use and use the av audio for connecting to Mt Turtle Beach X32's for...
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    Asus Vivobook E403SA ADP Warranty suggested on packaging but not honored by Asus

    Asus Vivobook E403SA ADP Label is affixed to the box but when you contact Asus support, they do not honor any claims that Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) should logically cover. At point of sale, Canada Computer salesmen point to the ADP label as proof of warranty coverage for fire, water etc...
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    ROG Gaming Center "will not be installed because it might be unsafe" on my ROG GL502VS laptop?

    First of all, I did do something stupid: out of the box, the Gaming Center would crash at launch so I decided to delete the folder containing its files instead of doing a proper unintall procedure. Now, after re-downloading the Gaming Center suite and attempting to install it, the system tells...
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    Cable box won't turn on

    Had to reboot the box because the screen was black on everything except dvr'd shows. It took over 30 minutes for the clock to come back on and then it was operating at 480i and could only get channels in the single digits. Now the box won't come on at all.
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    Asus UX501vw recond, screen trouble right out the box (with video) Hardware or software?

    Hi guys, just got a great deal on a ux501vw, but right out of the box I ran in to trouble, there is crazy screen "tearing" and odd artifacts when I access the start menu. see video below. There was also the "snow" problem that Ive been unable to recreat...
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    Surround Sound Receiver - TV connectivity

    Hello, me and my wife recently purchased a home that had surround sound speakers built into the ceiling, but the previous owners took the previous receiver. I decided to purchase a receiver and get our surround sound up and running.. Upon hooking the speakers up to the box, when the box was on...
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    Solved! Toshiba Recovery Wizard fails

    Choosing out of the box factory reset. Keep receiving error codes: 10-FC12-0570, 0003, etc. How do you know when it's time to purchase new OS?
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    I lost my Samsung j 7 prime and it is like 2 months old. I have all d bills and box with me. How can I track it and get back m

    Hey I lost my Samsung j7 is just that a guy came back from my size and it got snatch from my hand. I have all the box and Bill. How can I track it and get my phone . It is like 1 months old MOD *Do not give out personal details*
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    Solved! Help with connecting MyGica android box to samsung home theatre

    How do I connect my MyGica Android box(Quad Core ATCv585) to my Samsung home theatre system(hts)? I tried using HDMI cables from the box to the hts and from the hts to the TV. No sound. Just connecting the box to the TV (checked the TV volume) - also no sound. Checked that the sound was on, on...
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    hooking up convertor box and antenna to my hdtv

    I have a 3 year old Toshiba hdtv and I am trying to hook the box up to my tv but cant get it to work can you help? I have an indoor hdtv antenna hook both up but it does'nt show any channels or it is not reconizing channels. Can you help me?
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    Fujitsu LifeBook U772 Ultrabook for 300€ NEW ?

    is it worth it? i5 3317m 4gb ram 128gb ssd ?New in the box
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    I have power to my kodi and power to my tv but nothing on my if the box isn't even connected to the tv

    I have power to the kodi and power to the tv but nothing on the screen as if the box isn't connected to the tv
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    I have a pair of beats solo headphones that ive had for a long time, and the cord was chewed up by my dog, which messed up the

    The buttons on the cord are now just down to the wires within, and the actual headphones are intact, but i lost the box it came in which has the manual, and i believe im screwed if none of you are able to help.
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    My headset doesnt pick up my voice

    when i tick the box that says listen to this device it makes a high pitched squeling noise, Ive been looking online about how to fix this for hours now but i just cant fix it.
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    Help with getting more channels using old cable wire

    I gave back the box in the guest room so tried to connect TV to the old cable wire but only get a few channels. I still have cable with box in other rooms. What can I do to get more channels? Do I have to get antenna? Is multidirectional antenna enough?
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    I always see the wrong questions asked on this subject

    Laptops are ALWAYS slow, even right out of the box new. THAT is the question I want to see answered, why are ALL laptops slow?!
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    I have bought a toslink converter to coaxial but I'm getting no sound from my sound bar ?

    How to convert coaxial to optical I've got the box but no sound
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    Direct Tv Keeps cutting out.

    We have Direct tv and recently it started messing up like a storm was coming. We thought it was the box and Direct Tv sent us a new box. We also have a box and tv in the bedroom and it does not mess up. It expecially cuts out on our local channels. How can we fix this without paying them to come...
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    Sell GPU or not?

    I have a 750ti, but the thing is I have no clue where the box is and I cant SLI with it so i dont know what to do with it cause I bought a 1060 6gb and it works great. I just think the fact I have no box ruins it
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    Hi i have a brand new out the box ideapad 310. Im getting a 0% plugged in charging

    It is not actually charging. IVe tried powering it down restarting. Removing the battery drivers. Disabled then re enabled them. When i do power it on it looks like it start to charge for about `10 seconds ( according to the icon) then stops. What can it be. I finally decided to upgrade my...
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    2 TV's / IR cords and equipment needed?

    Hello. I have a Comcast high definition DVR box and two HD TV's. I am sharing the box in between the two TVs via HDMI cable and I'm wondering how to change the box from the other room with the IR port. Is there wire that I can plug in in the back of the box, and brought it into the room where...
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    Asus Zenbook UX305UA will not turn on

    Hello! I just received my new laptop about a week ago. Straight out of the box it would not turn on, so I put it on the charger for about 3 hours like the manual said. After I let it charge for those hours, I turned it on (still plugged in) and it turned on perfectly fine. I went through all of...
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    My brand new Acer Predator 17

    Right out of the box and all I get is a restart screen. Stuck in some kind of a loop. I've tried to restart it a number of times and that's all I get. I'm not a happy customer right now.