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  1. A

    I'm really confused

    Hey guys So I recently listed my pc specs asking if they were compatible. 2 people said yes and 1 said no. The guy who said no said that my mobo didn't support my cpu(something about out of the box)(mobo:m5a78l-m lx3) (cpu:fx6300) But I looked on the box and to my suprise it said am3+...
  2. R

    Please help me find my kids h gigaset table

    I need help trying to find my kids gigaset table 8" qv830 someone stoled it but I have the box to it????? How can I find it by the the Barre code numbers please help me
  3. M

    MXV android box

    While watching a show using a MXV MX5 android box, my TV keeps turning itself off and then back on, every 10 to 15 minutes. Have you heard of this before. I am trying to find the answer from GooBang Goo, the supplier of the box, but do not expect much.
  4. N

    How to adjust the lenses on your Oculus Rift

    When you take your Oculus Rift out of the box it's normal to not fit perfectly. You can have same problems with several things but it's not difficult to adjust them. This steps will help you in solving the possible problems you can have with the lenses of your headset. The process is very...
  5. S

    new laptop screen bad ??? Black with green red flashing lined

    my laptop bran new out the box, screen is black with flashing colored lines like the picture is trying to work but want, exter
  6. R

    Once I've completed the out of the box reset.

    Is it imperative that I run every single update for example the .net framework or could I simply update only the most recent? Are there any risks of corruption by skipping past updates? I am referring to all repetitive updates not just the .net framework, that is just an example and the most...
  7. P

    Technics sa 500 fm not working

    everything was working perfectly when i put it in the box 7 years ago. i set it up today and all functions work except on fm there is no signal , no sound, not evena buzz at full volume when set at mono, just dead.
  8. R

    please help me choose a speaker replacement

    good day everyone, i wanna ask a couple of question regarding my speaker so my current speaker is Harman Kardon's Soundstick III ( i believe, since i lost the box. i googled it up and it looks identical to my current speaker ). I bought this speaker somewhere between 2005-2006. And this...
  9. B

    65" Samsung 4K HDTV

    My husband and I purchased a 65" Samsung 4K Tv from Best Buy. The box wouldn't fit in the car so they sent us home without the box. Long story short they didn't give us the screws to mount the tv and it fell over weeks after we bought it. The sound still works but the picture is pure black. Best...
  10. K

    What is this IPTV box? Remote control help

    Hey I just found this IPTV box in my basement and I would like to get it working. It was alone with the power brick and the box itself. I have an S4 with an ir blaster that might be able to replace the remote but i have no idea how to do this. When i google this box nothing shows up. Any help is...
  11. R

    ROG Cerberus "Exclusive Promotion model,not for sale"

    So I Recently buy a ROG headset cerberus but. in the box it says Exclusive Promotion model,not for sale and im getting a little worried because the sound is so low even though its a 6cm neodyium driver am i in trouble i spend 38$ which is not alot for much folk but a bit expensive for me
  12. TheMazi

    Solved! Please help me fix my Siberia v2

    My Siberia v2 broke like 6 months ago but today I decided I want to repair them. I've read some threads and most of them pointed to the little volume box where probably some wire was failing. I've opened it but can't see any problem at all [worth to note that I've 0,01% idea about cables so...
  13. J

    My sd card

    my sd card shows they are still photos on my sd card but the box that says I need to scan pops up and wont let me see my pictures and I am afraid if I scan I will lose my pics. Can anyone advise me?
  14. S

    Can i get a cd of windows in the box of lenovo g4045 to change os?

    I want to buy lenovo G4045 but the only thing that stops me to buy it is DOS OS ..can i get a cd IN THE BOX to change the OS to WINDOWS?PLEASE give suggestions
  15. H

    windows 7 won't start

    I was using the disk cleaner on my gateway NV55C laptop and checked the box stating "windows startup files" (not paying attention) which was deleted. Now windows will not startup at start up.
  16. A

    Samsung Galaxy tab 4 7 SM-T235 is slow out of the box

    Hello I just purchased a new Galaxy tab 4 7 and man I am regretting it. How can Samsung put a product on the shelf with this performance. It is so so slow. Can I fix this our should I get rid of this piece of crap? Ali
  17. N

    Subwoofer not recognized?

    Hey I put together a custom subwoofer (not the actual speaker, just built the box for it) and got a dedicated subwoofer amp for it (for computer use). For some reason the sub isn't recognized/playing when I uncheck the box for the center speaker. When the box for the center speaker is checked...
  18. T

    Looking for a digital to analog tv converter with external IR eye input.

    I want to hide the box in a cabinet but need an external IR eye receiver that plugs into the converter box. This is for an over-the-air digital signal being picked up by an analog tv. Any suggestions where I can buy a converter box with an input for an external IR eye? Thanks.
  19. T

    restore to factory settings (like it just came out of the box) but leave Microsoft on it?

    Hi!, How do I restore my Toshiba satellite to is factory settings (out of the box ) but keep microsoft on it? It is a Toshiba satellite M505-S4940. My purpose is to get it ready to sell, as I have another laptop now.
  20. S

    I need help fixing screen gap please.

    I bought a Vizio 50" ( I opened the box and set it up and found there's a gap at the top of the screen where light escapes and I can see back into the panel. It's like the screen is detached from the bezel or back side and pushed...
  21. T

    how can i restore acer aspire 4741G back to out of box

    i need to clear everything off a acer aspire 4741g i want it to be as if it just came out of the box
  22. F

    reinstall recovery media

    i have a toshiba satellite laptop. Don' t know what really went wrong to begin, grandson mess my computer up it was acting up so i did the reset factory out of the box, it seemed to work ok but started acting up again so i tried the factory out of the box again but it would not work the...
  23. C

    Picture freezes for a few seconds how to fix

    I have a lc-50lb261u tv and the picture freezes on a few channel mostly sport channels for a few seconds and pick back up and the box swtiches from the time to channel then back
  24. C

    hidden text box or object

    Hi, I somehow moved a text (object) off of my document and I cannot see it now because I made the lines invisible and it is printing out on a different page. I have tried several suggestions and when I search for it it doesn't find any of the text in the box but yet it still prints out on a...
  25. T

    How do I keep my same full cable package without the box...I am tired of renting boxes for every room....

    I don't mind paying the subscription....I am sick of paying for 6 boxes at 15 bucks a box....I have all smart TV's....there has to be a company or a way to pay for cable without having to rent boxes.
  26. C

    Looking for cable to work on my new tv

    So I bought a new tv can't seem to get the cable to work on it though from the cable line going through the wall. But works on my old tv no problem. What is the answer?
  27. Rapidz

    is my headset running 7.1 surround sound? tritton 720+

    So the current setup for the headset to PC is optical cable in for sound from the box to motherboard, and a usb cable for power from usb port to the box again. I was plugging in speakers yesterday with my headset on at the same time listening to music and I noticed when I plugged out the...
  28. K

    ASUS X205TA Battery Life

    I just received this little guy and the battery wear is at 9% out of the box. A lot of people are having around 10%~ wear out of box also. I'm wondering how can I conserve battery life in the long run. According to this website, http:// should I discharge my laptop to 40% and charge up to 80%...
  29. B

    Connecting a DVD, cable box, and Smart TV.

    Hey guys, I've been trying to connect my DVD player, cable box, and Smart TV. The box and tv are already connected via HDMI cable, but the DVD doesn't have that output - it's an old one. My question is, how can I get these three all wired if the DVD player only has AV cables? Should it be...
  30. 5

    Spelling and Grammar prevents me from typing

    I have Word for Mac 2011 14.4.4. When I type, the Spelling and Grammar box pops up and won't let me finish the word I'm writing. I cannot type anything past that word. If I close the box it pops back up when I try to start typing.
  31. My Life Is Tech

    Can You Use a Smartphone Out-of-the-Box without a SIM and Internet?

    Here's my question. So if I were to buy a brand-new smartphone from a site like Ebay, would I be able to turn it out and use it straight out of the box as a WiFi only device without ever inserting a SIM? And would I be able to skip the activation, and not require internet to use it out of the...
  32. My Life Is Tech

    Can You Use a Brand-New Smartphone Out of the Box Without a Sim?

    So here's my question; if I were to buy a brand-new and unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 from Ebay, would I be able to use it right out of the box, and skip the phone activation and use it on WiFi without inserting a Sim? That way it could be used like an iPod Touch? Please reply soon, thanks.
  33. T

    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 came with left speaker's tweater damaged. Out of warranty, can I repair?

    As the title says, the left speaker was damaged when it came in the box, I'm assuming during manufacture. It's been too long to return it I think but I've been noticing more recently that the left speaker is producing really tinny sounds that seem to cause ear pain during certain songs, even at...
  34. G

    headphones razer kraken 7.1

    I bought Razer kraken 7.1 and i threw in the trash the box, so now i need to know the register number- Can somebory help me?
  35. A

    Please let me know free soft ware available for Converting Speech to text for Skype

    When using Skype, I would like to be able to speak into my mic and have my words be typed in the box on Skype. Is there such a free software out there?
  36. L

    Can i deactivate my galaxy s2 with my imei number

    my samsung galaxy s2 was stolen and reset, can i deactivate it using imei number? or any other way? keeping in mind i only have the box and receipt.,
  37. J

    Manufacturer's logo on start up lost?

    Hello everyone, I'm just curious about something on my laptop. Before(when im on windows 7, out of the box) everytime i start my laptop there's always a Toshiba logo flashed before everything else, but now on windows 8.1 the logo isn't showing itself. So i just want to ask if this is normal or not.
  38. G

    good base laptop for gaming? Looking at this pc as a base buy to start building off of for a gaming pc... my question is...
  39. D

    Is this possible?

    I want to completely restart my laptop as if out of the box. I don't have anything that came with the box, like a recovery disk. I recently built a gaming pc and I have the windows 7 installation disk from that. Could I re-install windows 7, use the product key the laptop is already using? would...
  40. T

    CADD saving issue

    I am working in AutoCAD Architecture 2014 and every time I try to save a certain .dwg drawing, I get an AutoCAD Message box telling me that I am "Unable to save to drawing.dwg. On the next line it says Drawings saved tosavEEBOtmp. The other issue have is the drawing keeps getting deleted from...
  41. J

    how can I fix my laptop, I lost the disk that was in the box. it crashed btw.

    I have an Hp 2000 notebook pc. Any suggestion?
  42. K

    how to open .dml files

    can someone please help me to open these files. I have no idea what they are, but I do know that I had loaded heaps of pix and files when I first got this drive. People have said it was a synchronizer but I have the box to say that it was also a HD. But that aside, is there anyway of opening...
  43. R

    Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus takes up 29 GB right out of the box!!

    How do I find out which fat programs are taking up all that storage space? I already deleted all the bloatware apps I could find that I didn't need, and all the programs in my remove/uninstall window are essentials needed to run the hardware. What else am I missing?? I'm running Windows 8.1, btw.
  44. S

    find serial number on box of sony vaio laptop

    i had my soy viao laptop stolen i have the box and the police has asked for the serial number but im not sure which number that is please help
  45. S

    find serial number on box of sony vaio laptop

    i had my soy viao laptop stolen i have the box and the police has asked for the serial number but im not sure which number that is please help
  46. C

    My tv won't connect to my box

    Ok, so I just switched to bell Alliant. And I have a tv, but no remote for the tv. I hooked up my new box and it's connected to the tv, but I can't get any of my channels. All I get are fuzzy screens. Please help, bell says it's the tv and not the box.
  47. J

    Online iPad Mini

    Hey guys, I just picked myself up a brand new iPad Mini today but I just opened the box and realized that is doesn't come with a manual or instruction booklet. Now, I am desperately looking for some online tutorials for the iPad Mini to show me what to do. Someone on Youtube suggested I join...
  48. K

    Lenovo y510p problems

    Hello, I just purchased a Lenovo y510p for Christmas and right out of the box we've had problems. I bought it so my son could play his video games smoothly, but we keep getting one problem that keeps occuring. The main game he loves to play is sims3 but after a while of playing a particular...
  49. R

    Youtube allways selects 144p. Need help!! (didn't know which category to choose)

    So when i play a video on youtube on my pc, it automaticly chooses 144p and it's really anoying. In settings -> videoplayback (or whatever it is called in English) i have checked the Box that says: always choose the best possible quality for my internett conection and the size of my display i'm...
  50. L

    Full factory restore toshiba L305

    I I am trying to restore my toshiba L305 laptop to out of the box new. I tried all the tips, ( hold down 0, f8, etc) and it just keeps saying safe mode or start windows normally. What do I do? I also do not have the disks nor the toshiba recovery wizard option.
  51. S

    i just got the new cable box with all cables to connect to my tv . My TV has no place to hook the coax cable from the box from

    Just got the new cable box from comcast for my TV's . Everything hooks up up but the Coax cable . there is no place on y TV for a Coax cable . is there an adapter to make this work ? any help out there ?
  52. A

    Tracking a Laptop via serial #?

    I order a new laptop and Fedex left the box outside of my apartment unit yesterday and it was taken! I guess this was not a signature required delivery. The only 'good news' is my next door neighbor said she saw one of our upstairs neighbors walking down our floor with a box approximately the...
  53. T

    i have a toshiba satellite a505 and as soon as i turn it on a blue boxs appears asking for a password. this happened after i t

    My laptop is a Toshiba satellite a505 I took it in to get cleaned up and now when I turn it on it immediately goes black with a blue box asking for a password that I never had to begin with. My question is what can I do? Is the password on the box somewhere? I still have all the paperwork for it...
  54. thirtyseven10

    Toshiba X875 Battery Upgrade

    Is there a larger battery on the market for this system? It comes with an 8-cell / 47wh battery out of the box and I cannot find anything online, so I was hoping someone had seen something?
  55. B

    Wondering if these Beats are fake

    I found some Tour Beats on craiglist for $50, wondering if they're fake. It seems to be too good to be true, but don't know if this applies here. I did lookup some differences on how to spot fake ones by the box and these seem quite real, to me.