How do I keep my same full cable package without the box...I am tired of renting boxes for every room....


Jan 10, 2015
I don't mind paying the subscription....I am sick of paying for 6 boxes at 15 bucks a box....I have all smart TV's....there has to be a company or a way to pay for cable without having to rent boxes.

Pretty high upfront cost (HTPC, tuner card, extenders, and networking), but the only solution I know of right now would be a cablecard TV Tuner solution. For replacing six boxes, I'd probably be looking at the Ceton InfiniTV6 PCI-E.

-Wolf sends


Jun 16, 2008
I am making the assumption that the extra boxes are DVR's based on price... If you want to have a DVR in every room, you can buy an off the shelf DVR and just use the standard small cable box that is $2-3 a month instead. Why do you have such an expensive box in each room?

At least from comcast, its $3 for what I would call an HD repeater. You get basic functionality from it but you get all the channels you get on your main cable box. On the other hand comcast also offers a DVR for $15 a month. Why would you ever opt in to do that for each room?