i just got the new cable box with all cables to connect to my tv . My TV has no place to hook the coax cable from the box from


Oct 5, 2013
Just got the new cable box from comcast for my TV's . Everything hooks up up but the Coax cable . there is no place on y TV for a Coax cable . is there an adapter to make this work ?
any help out there ?
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When you say you have everything hooked up but the coax cable, what do you mean? What other connections do you have other than the coax cable?

-Wolf sends
If you have connected the coax cable to the cable box and your TV is a monitor (no tuner built in therefore no coax input) then connect the cable box to the TV with an HDMI cable if you have this connection. Otherwise use the composite video/ left right audio RCA connections from the box to the TV.
If you have done this already you don't need a coax connection to the TV. It would duplicate the other connection at lower quality. Select the input of the TV that the cable box is connected to.