I need help fixing screen gap please.


Oct 14, 2008
I bought a Vizio 50" (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16889262309) I opened the box and set it up and found there's a gap at the top of the screen where light escapes and I can see back into the panel. It's like the screen is detached from the bezel or back side and pushed outward.

Was this something to be expected with a refurbished TV? How can I efficiently fix it? When I push on the section it will go all the back back across the led panel but pops out again. It doesn't snap or anything.

I thought about returning it back to Newegg but I'm in the boonies and it takes forever to ship and receive anything so I'm hoping maybe it's an easy fix. Also what happens if my next "refubished" replacement has something more wrong with it then this one?

You either have to return it or accept it as opening it to fix it would void any warranty you have (assuming it is just a matter of snapping something or screwing something properly back into place, and not that something is broken).


Oct 14, 2008
I could RMA it back to Newegg for a replacement but I'm not sure if this would count as a minor defect like I'm told all refurbished items can tend to have?
If you don't want to or can't return it for an exchange, I'd just cover the gap with some black electrical tape. Black gaffer's tape would be better (the sticky material in electrical tape gets gummy when heated), but that stuff is a lot harder to find.

A permanent fix would be a few dabs of epoxy, then clamp the two pieces together overnight. But given the location, I wouldn't want to risk the epoxy dripping into the back. I'd just live with the electrical tape.
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