Question Black screen on death on samsung please help

Jun 4, 2023
I dropped my samsung a22 5g phone recently and it wouldnt turn on. thinking it was the screen i repaired it (ive repaired many before) however still no display. After spending all day researching it still nothing. i have tried putting it in bootload mode but nothing comes up,tried plugging it in,different chargers,unplugged the battery for a min and plugged it back in and even gently tapping in case something was out of place. i cant afford to get it fixed so please help!


Jan 4, 2019
I'm sorry to hear about your Samsung A22 5G phone issue. Based on your troubleshooting attempts, it seems like the problem might be beyond a simple DIY fix. It's possible that the drop caused internal hardware damage that requires professional attention. Consider reaching out to a reputable mobile repair service or contacting Samsung support for further assistance. They can provide a more accurate diagnosis and potential solutions for your specific situation.