Question Lenovo laptop turns on, but screen is black

Aug 21, 2022
I have a lenovo yoga 11e laptop. It has worked for quite a while, until it just didnt turn on. I have tried many solutions on the internet. Some things I tried are : Reseating ram, wireless internet, battery, and cmos. Im pretty sure its not power related. I have tried different chargers and everything lights up when I run it. I have run it without the battery too. The issue is, everything light up, but nothing happens. The fan starts running too. The wireless wifi light does not turn on though. Neither does the screen. I have tried plugging it in to another monitor, still no results. USB devices done light up either. Running it without the ram also gives the BIOS beep code. I dont want to pay for a professional to fix it. I could buy a used laptop for cheaper than that. If it comes to spending a lot of money, I cant do that. I would rather try to find a way to recover any data on it.


Sounds like a motherboard issue if you don't have a display with an external screen either. To get the data from it, remove the drive and connect it to another system with a USB adapter. Or buy the exact same model that is working and move your drive into it.