Samsung Galaxy A 34 - Unlocked Questions


Oct 22, 2013
Hello, I need some help trying to figure something out. I have a friend coming to South Florida in a few weeks.

They live in the Bahamas. Present phone is giving problems so I looked up a newer phone and I think the Galaxy A34 is right for their needs even though a year old. I studied the specs and showed them. They do not do a whole lot with the phone and agreed its fine, that’s the phone they want.

I found on Amazon an unlocked version which shows works worldwide and, in the US, only works with Metro, T-mobile etc -

I can just go to T-Mobile and get a prepaid SIM I believe and they will have service for the week they are here.

In the Bahamas their provider is called ALIV. They don’t offer 5G just 3G and 4G LTE. On their website it states the following: ALIV has an LTE network that supports Band 13 and Band 4 technology. If you have device that supports this technology, and it is unlocked, you can use your current device. To check compatibility, please search on line at for your device’s compatibility with Band 13.

When I got to GSM Arena to look up the phone: I do see that the phone supports Band 4. That leads me to the following Questions.

Since the phone is only supporting one of the Bands and not both, will they be able to use it once they are back in Bahamas?

Next question is if prepaid Sim works here, then once back they can swap the Sim for the existing one in old phone and should just work?

With the Prepaid Sim, I understand that will give them a new, temp number. What about WhatsApp? They use that mostly for calls and Video Chats. Will it work or do I need to do something particular to have the existing WhatsApp work in the new one as well?

This is new for me so I thank any answers that can be provided.