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  1. Wienerman101

    Solved! Can you send audio over a telepohone line?

    I have recently gotten rid of my home phone service and now have empty lines going throughout my house. Now in my master bedroom, I have a Tv which has lackluster speakers on it. However, I have in-ceiling speakers which I've hooked up to a Sonos system. This system can automatically switch...
  2. P

    Wires for soundbar

    I've lost my wires to hookup my sound bar to my tv now I got xfinity cable what wires will I need to hook it up to my tv to get better sound?
  3. TheMazi

    Solved! Please help me fix my Siberia v2

    My Siberia v2 broke like 6 months ago but today I decided I want to repair them. I've read some threads and most of them pointed to the little volume box where probably some wire was failing. I've opened it but can't see any problem at all [worth to note that I've 0,01% idea about cables so...
  4. B

    Superlux 668b HD wiring issue (no sound in one side)

    Hey, just earlier today my headphones randomly decided to stop working on one side. The other side works perfectly fine. I pried open the case and looked at the wiring, I believe I found something that might be wrong, but even if what I assume is correct, I still don't know what to solder it...