Jul 31, 2014
So I can't really remember how or when this all happened but my laptop speakers can't seem to project any sound at all! Not even on start-up or with an earpiece plugged in. I tried googling and researching, trying to find any similar problems... But all I got were just advice on disabling the audio itself. Tried that & it failed miserably- leading to my computer crashing and wiping out all the data I had on my iTunes & so forth. The only thing I know is that thru HDMI however, the sound is heard. & restarting doesn't even do the job, I mean it just frustrates me so much because my audio shows the volume rising and falling as i play a video, but the volume isn't heard! I'll really appreciate ANY help I can get.... :'( But if this problem still persists, I'll probably just go to a repair store and get it checked out. Thanks for any help btw! :)

Oh! And my laptop is a 64-bit Sony Vaio, VPCCW25FG with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.