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    Question Sony Viao SVF15A1M2E - upgrade parts or replace entirely?

    I’ve a Sony laptop SVF15A1M2 laptop that’s almost ten years old. It’s lasted me well for what I need of it (web, email, Word) and I can continue to use it in this way, but it is showing its age - booting up can take a long time, as well as windows updates. I’m now wondering whether upgrading...
  2. E

    Question Recovery Image/Data for Sony Vaio Tap 11 (SVT1121A4E)

    Hello, I recently bought used laptop Sony Vaio Tap 11 [Exact model: SVT1121A4E] from second hand and it's still pretty good machine. The Windows 10 is surprisingly pretty smooth. But unfortunately the user before me probably formated all partitions, including the recovery partition... I...
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    Solved! Sony VAIO Laptop SVF15218SNW boots for few seconds, but then immediately switches off

    I have Sony VAIO Laptop Model SVF15218SNW. The problem is that sometimes the laptop boots and functions normally and sometimes it doesn't boot at all. From the last few days, the laptop when powered up boots for 2-3 seconds and then instantly switches off with a clicking sound probably coming...
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    Solved! Sony Vaio Laptop shuts down when unplugged.

    I own a Sony Vaio SVF14AC1QL, after about a year of me having it the laptop would turn off immediately when unplugged. The battery said something along the lines of "0%, not charging." I ordered a new battery and changed it out, and now the battery says "70%" but won't go any higher. The bigger...
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    Hi my @ not working on Sony vaio

    My @ key not working on my Sony vaio laptop
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    How to bypass BIOS Password on Sony VAio VPCM111AX Laptop

    [bought a Sony Vaio From used Computer Store and I'm trying to get to the BIOS but need a password to get to the Bios to change Boot order F12 does not work Installed new hard drive and installing operating system
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    Solved! Laptop Needs Something

    My old Sony Vaio Vista laptop model VGN-CR590 is in dire need of getting by until I get a job only for light use. Is there a device or add on for storage, memory, driver, speed or anything I need for cheap to help me get by? I know nothing except it is not compatible with new commonly used...
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    Solved! Sony VAIO shuts down without warning

    My Sony VAIO laptop starts up, takes me to my password screen, but makes this odd buzzing noise. After I sign in, it takes me to my desktop screen but then shuts down without any warning. Its a Sony VAIO t-series ultrabook with an i5 processor. I have had this laptop for about 5 years now.
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    Solved! Sony VAIO SVS13 screen goes white by move the screen

    I got a "sony vaio svs13a12" device. it started to have a problem recently, when i move the screen to change the screen angle, the screen suddenly going white. until i hold the power button (to force shutdown) and turn on again. then it fixes. i opened the device now to change the battery...
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    Sony Vaio not powering up

    Hi I have a Sony VAIO laptop. I kept the laptop for sleep mode before i went for lunch. Now when I try to turn it on it doesn't wake up. I kept long pressing the power button. But no use. It is not powering up It was using Windows 10 Please help me in resolving this
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    Solved! Operating system not found

    Operating system not found Sony Vaio A troubleshooting dilouge box Appear what to do..?
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    Solved! Which internal hard disk is best for sony Vaio laptop Model No:SVF14212SNW IN5,54576340 and han code:84713010

    Suggest me best Internal hard disk for sony Vaio laptop.Model no:SVF14212SNW IN5,54576340 and HSN code: 84713010
  13. G

    Laptop keys are not working properly

    Hi, i have an old sony vaio (vgn fe48 gh) laptop that used to run perfectly (great fps with LoL, photoshop, 3ds max 2012, fl studio 12 they all ran with no problems), but when i got busy with studies i didnt use it for a while, few days ago i opened it to get a few files back from it then i came...
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    Solved! Sony Vaio new hard drive install, Windows 7 USB won't boot.

    I've got a Sony Vaio F series laptop 64 (about 10 years old) that the hard drive died in, i got a new one, went to Rufus (lots of people on reddit said to use it) and got a copy of Window 7 (i've tried three different ones) I tried using my product key but windows says in was installed at sony...
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    Solved! Laptop doesn't start after keyboard replacement.

    Hello guys, I replaced keyboard on my Sony Vaio fit 15 (svf15), assembled it and now it doesn't start at all. When I press power button it doesn't give any response, no sound, no light nothing. When I plug my ac adapter it doesn't show charging. I wanted ask what could be the possible problems...
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    Solved! Sony Vaio not showing display and has a flashing hardrive light

    I have a Sony vaio laptop with a hardrive problem (I think). When I turn on the computer it will often not show a display and there will be a ticking inside the laptop which corresponds with the flashing of the hardrive light. Any solutions to the problem would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Sony Vaio [SVE14A35CXH] Shuts Down After 1 - 3 Mins (Solved)

    Hi all. New username. I've been reading this forum for years. You're all awesome and very insightful! So, three days ago, my older Sony Vaio randomly started shutting down after windows 10 would boot up fine. After opening something like speccy (normal Temps btw) it'd shut down immediately with...
  18. nuttynut

    Severed Power Cord

    I am working on a Sony Vaio PCG-61611L. The HDD and drive cover are missing, but the real problem is the power cord. It appears to have had the plug cut off, then spliced into the power delivery wires with duct tape, and later the other end was cut, leaving only a few inches sticking out. If I'm...
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    Solved! Sony Vaio PCG-61511M Black Screen

    I recently picked up a Sony Vaio laptop from a carboot sale for £20 which I thought was a good deal. On closer inspection I noticed that there wasn't any RAM or HDD, but luckily I had 2X2GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM and a 160GB HDD laying around. I installed the RAM and HDD into the laptop and turned it...
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    Solved! myspace bar q key is not working in sony vaio vpceh25 en

    after windows 10 installation
  21. B

    lost device sony vaio laptop

    lost device sony vaio laptop vpcs13dgx have serial number
  22. S

    Solved! Sony vaio vpcel15en screen flickering problem

    After the laptop is turned on the monitor is not clear there is flickering. Model is Sony vaio vpcel15en
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    Sony vaio problem

    Hello I have a Sony vaio flip 13.3" I was browsing the Internet and suddenly the screen started flickering, multicolor, with a buzzy noise. Then shut off Now It won't usually start at all, even it does, about one in ten tries, it won't boot. The fan starts working, and the caps lock key lights...
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    Sony Vaio VPCEH25EN model and serial number shows as 'Reserved"

    Hello please help ! i have recently replaced My laptop's motherboard which is Sony MBX 247 motherboard on my sony vaio VPCEH25EN because the previous one was destroyed now i have note something that in this motherboard the model number as well as serial number shows as "Reserved" so because of...
  25. L

    Need Special Windows?

    I have a Sony VAIO E Series. the hard drive had an irrecoverable crash. I can pickup a new hard drive, but do I need a special Windows 8 made for a laptop?
  26. S

    Upgrading my laptop's CPU from 15 2nd gen to i7 3th gen

    Hi , i have a sony vaio laptop Model sve141d11u with i5 2450m processor, i want to upgrade to a i7-2720QM , both are board compatible but the i7 has 45 tdp and mine has 35 tdp, is there any problem with that, or i can upgrade?. thanks
  27. K

    how can i find out what kind of processor will work in my sony vaio pcg-5l2l

    Please someone tell what I need to know before I upgrade my sony vaio pcg-5l2l processor? Please tell me everything I need to know
  28. S

    Solved! Is my processor still good/ laptop upgrade

    Hello, I have a Sony Vaio SVT15114CXS laptop about 5 years old. It has been slowing down. I have done a clean install of windows 10, system still pretty sluggish. I suspect it’s due to not enough ram as it often tops out (and HDD also). As I don’t have funds to buy a whole new laptop, I’m...
  29. J

    Sony vaio E series Not Work Dvd writer & Not show Device manager & Show device manager Unknown driver issue

    My Sony vaio E Series SVE 15115ENB model not Show Dvd writer in this p.c. & Device manager i m trying Registry Troubleshooting & Other Trick but its not work I m find its model Bios update file & tool but not find in this time please help me
  30. C

    sony vaio VPCEH1AFX cpu upgrade

    trying to upgrade a sony vaio from a pentium b940 to something that isnt a potato. ive tried an i7 3630qm, didnt post. i think itd have to be a 2nd gen like the pentium but i dont want to invest money into a cpu thats not compatible.
  31. S

    Possible options to upgrade my Sony Vaio SVF14N6SAS Laptop

    Hi I have a Sony Vaio SVF14N16SAS Laptops ( The specs are Core i5 1.60 GHz 8 GB RAM (swapped in the old 4 GB one for a 8GB chip) 1 TB HDD I am running windows 10 on it atm. My questions are (since...
  32. T

    size of caddy for my laptops

    hello i have 2 laptops i want to add caddy for them but i don't know what size is fit for them any help? 1-Samsung 300E4A 2 Sony vaio VPCCA will any of these fit them...
  33. B

    my webcam is not detectable and it's not listed under the device manager's dropdown list my laptop model number SVF14213SAB

    how to install the webcam in sony vaio SVF14213SAB?
  34. Y

    i just put my new 8gb ram and my laptop keep restarting

    i just got my new ram today and put it on my laptop but after that my laptop keep on restarting with "your pc ran into problem" my laptop is sony vaio VPCEB37FG and my new ram "8gb 2RX8 PC3L-12800S-11-11-FP
  35. S

    BIOS is not fully compliant error on Sony Vaio Oldest version of Pc

    It worked, but it stopped again because "the BIOS installed in this system is not fully compliant... And the computer doesn't start again. I'm trying to install WinXp Pack 3, but here is the message it shows "Stop: C0000221 unknown hard Error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll
  36. S

    Can't find CD/DVD option in sony vaio pcg 5b1m BIOS

    Hello! I'm using a old version of Sony: vaio pcg 5b1m. The preinstalled OS was WinXP. As I didn't like it much, I changed it to WIN7. I worked OK until the day before yesterday when it won't start. It stops right after the booting animation (Sony...Network boot (F12)). I need help ASAP.
  37. T

    Can't boot my Sony Vaio with usb

    Hello! I have a Sony Vaio VPCEL2S1E and i want to format it but i can't boot it with usb..i have a bootable usb with windows 7,i ve made the changes in the bios for booting with usb but it doesn't do anything,like not recognizing it..i ve tried everything but I can't find a solution! Is there...
  38. J

    Blank screen no fan working

    Sony vaio blank screen and no fan working.
  39. B

    Sony VAIO Laptop Boots to the Windows 10 symbol but then Beeps continuously

    Product name: vpceh2n1e I've had the laptop for 6 years and only recently have had an issue trying to fully boot into windows 10. Sometimes when i turn it on it will beep for about 2 minutes before loading very slowly to the windows 10 login screen I've tried these thing and still no luck...
  40. P

    Sony VAIO laptop power button doesn't work

    Hello! I have an issue with my Sony VAIO laptop. I have googled alot about it but I found nothing. This is happening about 1-2 weeks now. So when I press my power/startup button, The button lights up but the computer doesn't start booting. But it starts booting normally after pressing it a...
  41. J

    Docking station for Sony Vaio SVS131C1DL

    It is near impossible to find information on this, so i'm hoping you guys can help. This laptop and all the docking stations are discontinued so finding one that works is proving to be a huge PITA. Can anyone link me a docking station that fits this model laptop? The laptop Since searching...
  42. K

    I would like to upgrade my CPU Sony Vaio VPCSB1S1E

    Hello I would like to upgrade my laptop's CPU to a 4-core. Which cpu's are compatible with my device? Is it even possible to do it? Laptop model: Sony Vaio VPCSB1S1E Cpu: i5 2410m
  43. M

    Display problem sony vaio

    I'm using vpcw12s1e sony vaio. it's screen is broken now. i attached an external monitor. but it only works when i reach login screen. i want to access the bios. but broken screen can't make me see anything until i reach login screen. please help in details. Thanks
  44. T

    Hi All, I have a Sony Vaio VPCEH laptop, power issues

    Hi All, I have a Sony Vaio VPCEH laptop, now i first got the laptop, i powered it on and it turned off almost immediatly, i have removed the battery and it stayed on, so i upgraded the hdd to an ssd, and installed windows all great, updated windows, and 3rd party software, come to it next day...
  45. D

    Want turn on

    My sony vaio laptop orange battery keep flashing want charge and want turn on even plug in I took out battery hold down power 30 sec while the battery out and plug in so I unplug put put batter back in and the same thing want turn on
  46. T

    Sony Vaio laptop is not turning on without AC Adapter

    Laptop Model - E Series, VPCEH18FG Laptop is not getting powered on without connecting to AC adapter, battery percentage showing 0% available (plugged in, charging) while charging Please help to sort this issue
  47. M

    I have Sony Vaio SVE151J11W when I starts it says your pc ran into a problem and it restarts again and again

    (: your pc ran into a problem we will restarts it This said by my pc with a blue background
  48. Y

    sony vaio locks up after opening file explorer in windows 10

    After I loaded windows 10 (well before the deadline) my sony vaio became unstable i.e. locking with no disk activity or blue-screen crashing 4-5 times daily. I tried updating every driver and also switching the graphics driver to AMD but still I have the problem; and I have recently found that...
  49. P

    ConvertX2DVD and other video converting software.

    I have recently got a new (as in new to me) system which is abut 5 - 7 years newer that my older machine. My 'New' Machine is an ASUS ET2012AUTB - E1800, running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, 6gb Ram, Processor AMD E2-1800 APU with RADEON HD Graphics (2 CPU's), - 1.7GHz. My Older machine was a...
  50. R

    Sony vaio VPCW115XA

    Hey? Please I was asking how I can upgrade my Sony vaio VPCW115XA and make it more first? I wanted to know if I can install windows 8.1 64 bit and if I can put a 4GB ram ,1TB HDD and a good graphic card? Is it possible?
  51. L

    Need help with black laptop screen

    Sony vaio laptop screen is not working
  52. T

    Sony Vaio turns on and says operating system not found

    In the Bios the hard drive says none! is there a way to recover documents and pics from this hardrive?
  53. M

    VAIO Error Loop

    So my Sony Vaio Touchscreen computer (I believe it was Windows 8) has given me trouble recently. Whenever I attempt to turn it on I get the Vaio™ logo as normal, but then it goes to a black screen for several moments. Eventually it will flash a blue error code screen with a sideways frowny face...
  54. M

    sony vaio e series suddenly shutdown

    I heard a crack sound in the fan and my laptop shut down, when i powered it on it took a minute then it shut down, i can't hear the fan and bearly felt heat.
  55. I

    Webcam driver for PCG-7R1M

    I need camera webcam driver for my sony vaio Model PCG-7R1M I'm unable to open camera on my laptop.
  56. Lutfij

    How To Do An SSD Upgrade On Sony Vaio Laptops

    The best thing you can ever have on a laptop, apart from it sporting a high end CPU and GPU with ram to the brim, is having an SSD instead of an HDD. An SSD can bring back life to an aging laptop since it speeds up boot times and also reduces the time an app takes to open up after that double...
  57. Lutfij

    How To Fix Wireless Issues On Sony Vaio Laptops

    One of the biggest issues plaguing Sony Vaio laptop users is the fact that they have trouble with their wireless connectivity. A lot have stated that they don’t have proper signal strength, signal drops intermittently, the speeds are appalling in spite of sitting feet’s away from their hotspot...
  58. Lutfij

    How To Replace The Motherboard On Sony Vaio Pro Laptops

    Sony’s most notable lineup of laptops come in the form of the Vaio. They have had their fair share of good and bad reviews from the community. If you find yourself needing a guide to disassemble the laptop and replace the motherboard, you’ve come to the right place. 1. You will need to close...
  59. K

    How do you stop letters going all over the Place on a Sony Vaio Laptop

    When I type on this Vaio Laptop, all of a sudden, the letters jump to another, typed LINE or they even jump into some other items already typed. Never had this Problem before
  60. C

    Laptop power-up conundrum

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J laptop with a weird problem. One day it will be operating flawlessly and the next day it won't turn on. This is definitely not a powerjack or AC adapter issue - the motherboard always has the 19 VDC input as verified by DVM. Here is the weird part... when the...