sony vaio locks up after opening file explorer in windows 10

May 28, 2018
After I loaded windows 10 (well before the deadline) my sony vaio became unstable i.e. locking with no disk activity or blue-screen crashing 4-5 times daily. I tried updating every driver and also switching the graphics driver to AMD but still I have the problem; and I have recently found that it appears more tightly related to whether I open up file explorer or not. i.e it will stay up & running for days if I work mainly with chrome and ms office apps, but if I open a file explorer app, it goes down within the hour.
File Explorer in Windows 10 also has problems responding to a right click and always takes a couple of minutes to display pull-down menus - so there is definitely some issue with it after the Windows 10 upgrade.
May 28, 2018
I don't actually have the problem described in the "file-explorer-crashes" solution - i.e. my file explorer itself does not crash, but whenever it is actively running it appears to affect whether the computer itself crashes. I will try a few of the solutions to clear out its' history etc and see if that makes a difference, but it will take me a few days because it will crash my OS while it is up and so it will be slow going.
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