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  1. V

    Solved! Lenovo Explorer Motion Controller Problem

    Hello, I have a really big problem with my lenovo explorer. I just bought it a couple of days ago and its already giving me big problems. The controllers are terrible. Every time i punch in gorn vr my controller might dissapear and disconnect. I see people online with the same headset playing...
  2. B

    dell 17R disappearing DVD in win 10?

    the dell had win7 and everything was fine. went to win10 and the DVD disappears. in win 10, i start with a fresh boot, then, the DVD drives shows up in explorer. eject the dvd, it disappears in explorer. put in another DVD, it doesn't re-appear. i've gone through device manager and uninstalled...
  3. H

    pls help, my vaio laptop e series windows 7 can't open googlr chrome, enternet explorer and mozilla

    i dont have any idea on how to fix these, it is connected to wifi but chrome, firefox and explorer wont open
  4. Y

    sony vaio locks up after opening file explorer in windows 10

    After I loaded windows 10 (well before the deadline) my sony vaio became unstable i.e. locking with no disk activity or blue-screen crashing 4-5 times daily. I tried updating every driver and also switching the graphics driver to AMD but still I have the problem; and I have recently found that...
  5. A

    how do i find ES File Explorer on my Samsung tablet

    How do I transfer photos from an SD card onto my tablet. I cant find the ES file explorer.
  6. G

    Find Language settings

    I need to find out how to change my es file explorer back to English . I changed it to a foreign language and now I can't understand how to change it back!!!! Pease help!!!
  7. toshibitsu

    Solved! Lenovo Explorer - Controller pairing issue

    I am trying to use Lenovo Explorer headset with my laptop. It's an MSI GT83VR Titan SLI-055. specs: Windows 10 Home (latest build) 18.4" 1080p screen i7-6820HK Processor 16GB DDR4 memory nVidia GTX 1070 x's 2 (SLi) Mixed Reality Portal is installed and Steam VR is installed w/ the Mixed...
  8. P

    camera not visible in file explorer

    DV camera connected via USB. USB composite device Drivers (3) are installed. In device manager I see one "Unknown Device" when I connect my camera. Used driver-easy PRO to update all drivers.I don't see a drive letter in the file explorer (whereas view-settings are set to see them). How can I...
  9. O

    MAC VLC Problem

    I can only get VLC to work on a PC using Explorer. I want to use it on my MAC but no matter what I do I can never get it to work even though I download the for MAC version. What am I doing wrong?
  10. O

    Controller not Paring

    I have a Levono Explorer. I tried pairing up with the bluetooth adapter since my MB doesn't have one. I tried to connect it so many times. From checking device manager to see if it's there so I can uninstall and try again and the windows bluetooth devicies. For sure it isn't in there cause I...
  11. L

    Windows 10 File Explorer not closing

    While I was using file explorer I was editing photos on it. After I was done editing I wanted to close the tab but it wasn't working. i tried right clicking the app on the taskbar and clicked close window but nothing worked. In fact I couldn't do any action at all. So now the tab is stuck on my...
  12. M

    Is my hardrive failing? Is it fixable?

    Cant access files directly(Explorer.exe doesn't work),windows defender service wont start, troubleshooter doesn't work. But files do open with safe mode, unsure what to do have tried quite a bit with no luck. I don't have a restore point either.
  13. P

    Is the camera listed more than once in Explorer (are the other drive letters you see that you don't when the camera is not att

    Is the camera listed more than once in Explorer (are the other drive letters you see that you don't when the camera is not attached)? What OS are you using (Windows XP, 7, 8, Apple OSX, or something else)? Do you have a memory stick or memory card installed on the camera? If yes, have you looked...
  14. J

    Icon of the exe files changed!

    I got a zip file from the internet and when i extracted it, i dont know what happened but an explorer.exe started running in the background(i saw in task manager) and its icon is of vlc media player and there is another process without any name. I cant force stop them. Now, the main problem is...
  15. F

    HDMI splitter unsupported signal

    I connected a 1 to 4 HDMI splitter to my explorer get all the other tv's to work except the Sony bravia that says unserported signal check your device output. If I remove the HDMI splitter and plug the tv directly to the explorer it works what must I do to rectify this problem
  16. N

    Phone screwed up by ES File Explorer

    Hi, I have a Moto E phone. Just bought it new, it's more expensive than the cheaper phones and it doesn't have those issues with the sdcard like the cheaper phones do, or so I'm told, I never got an sdcard with this one yet. My issue is, as soon as I downloaded es file explorer it screwed up the...
  17. O

    How can i find an old password used on Explorer

    Hello, please how can i find a gmail password used on my computer months ago? i used the save my password option and it would log me in automatically before but now after i did a routine restart, explorer cant log me in anymore. it keeps asking me for the password. i checked the password...
  18. everway9

    McAfee repeatedly detects VDS.EXE in temp folder.

    Hi everyone. :) I've come here to post this before posting on the McAfee forum because, well.... it's just a better forum, period! A day ago McAfee live safe started detecting and quarantining VDS.EXE in the local\temp folder. It detects it repeatedly all day in about 1 hour intervals. I...
  19. oliwierek10

    Can I use Google Glass with my left eye?

    Hello I am planing on buyint the google glass explorer edition but I can see barely anything through my right eye everything is blurry. Do you think I could still buy it and see things? Or is there a way of putting the prism onto the other eye? Thanks, Oliwier
  20. S

    USB freezes explorer and unformatable

    Igot a Traveler 2.0 8GB USB that where ever I put it in any kind of pc or mac it freezes expolrer so I tried Hirens boot to use linux / unbutu to format it but no luck didn't format so I tried parted magic to format it and nothing didn't work , I tried it on 15 pc and 3 macs and nothing so...
  21. Fadilizer

    File Explorer Problem (Freezes)

    Whenever I open file explorer and try to do anything, such as right click or dragging, it freezes, forever, I have to open task manager to get it closed. Any Solutions?
  22. A

    Explorer.exe crashing along with sound

    So basically i will be watching a video usually with flashplayer and all of the sudden it will stop and by stop i mean the video will stop playing completely it doesnt crash or anything just stops i can still pause it and stuff and it still has a picture it just kind of freezes. At the same...
  23. F

    Black screen file Explorer not working cerber ransomware

    Cerber ransomware - file Explorer not working after reboot (black screen) I just came back to my PC after reading a book to find that my desktop has been replaced with a 'cerber ransomware' message which says that all my files have been encrypted and gives me some URLs to undo this by paying...
  24. J

    File Explorer taking all my RAM

    Everytime i run File Explorer on my PC, my Laptop starts to run very very slow! At the same time i opened task manager then checked the "Processes" menu. There i found out File Explorer was taking about 1.6k of my memory. How do i fix this?
  25. boi

    Should I be worried about all these processes with no description?

    Here's a screenshot of process explorer: https://gyazo.com/75fa9278da76bf505caf944af8e6ff44
  26. T

    Explorer not working

    "Win 7 explorer stopped working" error . Have gone thru normal registry combs .. antivirus chks malware etc. Actually only need to take a coupla files off this pc and xfer to new machine. After above work i can move files around on c drive, copy paste etc but no move to thumb drive. Any...
  27. J

    New drive appeared?

    Hello everyone, Never seen this happen before so not sure what to do. Opened file explorer and discovered a new drive named ESP(F: ) with 464 mb free out of 496 mb. What's weird is I have no other drives on my laptop I know about and when I click on this, It says I don't have access but I can...
  28. K

    I need too make a command on my computer. I enter into the desk top but every command from there on cease's? (note) AVG windo

    I cannot access any programmes; browser's, Firefox, explorer, chrome... And Photoshop & so on...
  29. T

    My computer is infected with virus. Help!

    These virus (I think) have been existed on my computers for few years now, and I had gone through different versions of Windows, (XP,7,8.1,10) and it's still be able to run. It's disguised as explorer.exe , spoolsv.exe and icsys.icn.exe, and live in C:\Windows\Resources . It's tend to use a lot...
  30. S

    Windows 10 Explorer Restarting Constantly, Solution please!!!

    my taskbar keeps restarting constantly after every certain time. how to solve this problem?? thanks in advance.
  31. J

    Micro SD wont read on PC

    My micro SD card can't be read on my pc, when you plug it in it doesn't pop up on the file explorer. it has nothing to do with the adapter or PC. also other SD cards still works on my PC, so its not the card reader
  32. V

    looking for a sollution

    Ii ended the windows file explorer task now my homescreen is empty how to restore the original settings???
  33. U

    file explorer is not opening

    when i click on file explorer on teask bar it is going to start menu givink a blink and not responding plss gve me a solution
  34. T

    how to use super pi to observe single threading, multithreading and multiprocessing?

    I wants to implement SuperPi 1.5 by using the Process Explorer Utility and determine that it uses single threading, multithreading or multiprocessing?
  35. V

    im using windows 8.1 file explorer is coming on task bar but its not opening on screen plz help me anyone plz

    plz help me answer me or text me this is my no removed by Moderator for your own security. im also inn whatsapp
  36. T

    File Explorer crashing windows explorer

    So, one I was on my laptop and then when I opened my control panel, the desktop and the hotbar (Windows Explorer) went black, reopened, and didn't open control panel, now it is doing the same with file explorer, and as a gamer, this is madness.
  37. S

    Alternatives to Bing or Google ?

    I used Google for a long time, and now Bing the last few yrs . Both of them give me less and less results for what i'm looking for , and more and more results trying to sell me something related to my search. Can anyone recommend alternatives to google and bing that will give me more results...
  38. LukeyG500

    Flickering in and out of not responding

    Recently when going onto some programs such as word or even file explorer, the program seems to... flicker in and out of responding repetitively and i have no idea what is causing it or how i can fix thanks in advance to anyone that helps
  39. M

    Laptop wiped no explorer

    Hi I have just bought a second hand laptop from school and it was wiped. It appears to have windows 10 on it but no explorer. If I left click on the window in the bottom left hand corner nothing happens but if I right click I get a menu. I have it connected to the wifi - how do I get onto the...
  40. D

    Having trouble running NeXuS Dock

    When I run it I get this message: "NeXuS appears to be running with elevated privileges (UAC Prompt). You won't be able to drag & drop shortcuts from non-elevated applications like Explorer into it, therefore it's recommended that you exit Nexus now and run it again non-elevated. Would you...
  41. S

    Help With Htc Explorer Android!!

    i have a htc explorer and i flashed cm 9 mod to upgrade it but then i wished to go back to stock rom. after that i am stuck in a bootloop .i tried everything wipe data and factory reset.everything.can anyone help me?
  42. F

    Tabs opening on their own

    So It seems that i have virus on pc that opens new advertising tabs randomly in explorer i have checked chrome maps and app data maps for virus but none i deleted all cookies again none i have adblocker if someone is going to write that i reinstalled chrome Is there any other solution then...
  43. H

    When ever i load my laptop the screen is black, and when i fix it it keeps on happening when ever i load up my laptop

    When i load my laptop the screen is black, so i go to the task manager and run "explorer.exe" and it works, but every time i load my laptop, i have to keep doing it. is there a way to set it to happen everytime?
  44. N

    Phone is not able to move to SD card

    I have used ES explorer too my friend but it is also showing me the same thing like it shows the moving table but it shows me computing .......and so on pls help me
  45. A

    Open my file explorer brower so I can search for information

    Open my file explorer browser
  46. turbopiki

    Norton is blocking Google chrome,Mozzila Firefox... Only Explorer works

    So Norton is blocking Google chrome and Mozzila Firefox didnt try any other. only Explorer Works. I need to turn off Norton for Chrome and Firefox to work. So how can i completly delete Norton from my system ? And what is the best anti-virus programe ? (I already have Malwarebytes)
  47. R

    my htc explorer phone with imei no.was stolen at 5..30 pm in chennai while travelling in train from beach to t

    my htc explorer phone with imei no.was stolen at 5..30 pm in chennai while travelling in train from beach to t RAMANUJAM N
  48. C

    Internet options don't open from the control panlel

    Any time i try and click on internet options through the control panel nothing happens i went through internet explorer and again nothing happens please help! and thank you to anyone who answers
  49. B

    explorer.exe using over 5GB of memory and showing as virus.

    I have attempted everything I can to fix this issue with no success so I really hope someone in the community could shed some light on the situation. When my computer boots I have 1 explorer.exe running that would seem quite normal using a few megabytes of RAM but after a few minutes a second...
  50. M

    how to mirror nvidia tegra shield tablet to Sony bravia w70b?

    How to do screen Mirroring in Nvidia shield tablet over wifi. Tablet has android 5.0 In ES file explorer it has settings for chrome cast with ES Explorer plugin but I want to do complete screen mirroring. Cast screen in top drop down menu says no devices available. Is it really possible to do so?
  51. J

    Help, explorer.exe virus?

    Ok so on Thursday I turned on my computer and it brought me to a blank desktop backround. I thought explorer.exe isn't on so I tried to Ctrl-Alt-Del but instead that lead me to a black screen that I couldn't do anything on. So I tried Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open task manager directly, but instead I...
  52. 1

    Explorer not working after update

    Last weekend I ran routine updates on my laptop (runs on windows 8), now internet explorer isn't working. Laptop doesn't have chrome, and obviously cant get online to download. Mail coming through Outlook as normal so it's not the wifi. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  53. R

    How to Challenge Friends in Despicable Me: Minion Rush

    Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a an endless running game. Your objective of course is to run as far and as long as you can, increasing your highest score while completing missions in each stage. Another difference in this particular running game is that you can challenge your friends in a...
  54. E

    BEX Errors and inability to download files

    Hi, this problem started happening just today, but it's really annoying. Certain programs when I try to open them immediately crash. It first happened with Clover, so I uninstalled it and now I'm able to browse files with normal Explorer, but when I open some programs like Malwarebytes I get...
  55. C

    Can't open file explorer, windows 8.1

    If I click on file explorer, my computer will pause for a second, then just goes back to the home screen. Nothing happens. Also, if I click on the recycle bin and then go to documents and try to right click on a file to delete it, it does the same thing. Yes, my updates are automatically...
  56. O

    Win 8.1 File Explorer

    Although I have set the File Explorer to open with the C:\ expanded, above the C: I have all these other folders like This PC, Admin, Desktop, Docs, etc. These folders take a lot of space and I wonder is there a way to hide them so I only see the C:\ expanded?
  57. Benmccardle

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 "Not Responding"

    Hi, My Sony Vegas Pro 13 is not working. I can open the program and I can look at its blank interface... that's it. When I try to insert any type of media, it stops responding and freezes up (It actually worked once, but I didn't have a Quick time plug-in). I have not even used the program at...
  58. Darkassault2011

    explorer.exe crashes when trying to view the Properties of "Computer" (Windows 7)

    As the title says, explorer.exe crashes where it really shouldn't. When it crashes, it starts back up but removes 3 of the main system tray icons (Battery, Wifi, Sound). I have run numerous MBAM scans, and nothing comes up that is out of the ordinary. What I do need help with, is reading my...
  59. digidoc664

    SDHC Card not listed in MS Explorer Library

    SDHC device listed in Devices & Printers and is working corrected, has an assigned drive letter, no problem in Device manager but will not display in the Library of MS Explorer for access to its files on a HP Pavilion g7 Win7 64 OS.