Possible options to upgrade my Sony Vaio SVF14N6SAS Laptop

Sep 15, 2018

I have a Sony Vaio SVF14N16SAS Laptops (https://www.sony-asia.com/electronics/support/laptop-pc-svf-series/svf14n16sas/specifications). The specs are

Core i5 1.60 GHz
8 GB RAM (swapped in the old 4 GB one for a 8GB chip)

I am running windows 10 on it atm. My questions are (since I am a noob at this):

1. Apparently, there are two RAM 'slots' in my laptop. One of them is emebdded on the motherboard and the other is kind of the ones you plug RAM in to. Since (for some reason) I didn't have a RAM chip installed in the embedded one and I won't risk some rookie technician to mess with my mother board, I was thinking of swapping in my 8 GB chip with a 16 GB chip. Would that work with laptop or will it give heating issues? If not, can somebody point to specific chips as I don't know much about bus speeds an all. I know that the type of RAM it supports is the DDR3L and have found hits on different shops. I am not sure that it will work though.

2. Second, I wanted to know if I could get an SSD fixed within the laptop alongside the HDD so I can speed it up a bit. Or is there a workaround to this if its not that straight forward.




Unless you know why you need 16 GB of RAM, it would be a waste to upgrade to that from 8.

The SSD, don't think that has two normal drive slots but it may have a free mSATA slot that you can plug in an mSATA SSD into. Or just replace the drive in it with an SSD. As long as the SSD you get has more capacity than the space you used, you can clone the existing drive to the SSD and then swap the SSD in.


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