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  1. L

    cant get back off android

    How to remove back from Android to retrieve chip for another phone?
  2. cyberfreak122

    Iphone 7 plus audio chip problem.

    Long story short, I got an iPhone 7 plus which lost its sound, gets stuck on logo while booting for a long time. Important note, that the speakers do not work only when calling. Contacted Apple, basically they said that they are aware of this problem, but do not fix it (my insurance ran out...
  3. S

    Same problem i have found my dz350, dvd lens and tray motor not working, i think its chip set problem

    Eny function not working in dz350 only show in "hello"
  4. M

    Solved! Z370 Integrated sound chip noise

    I recently installed an Aorus Z370 Gaming WIFI Rev 1 motherboard with a 9600K. It has a sound blaster chip installed in the motherboard used for onboard audio. The motherboard has multiple outputs for a 5 channel configuration. I have my headphones plugged into the headphones channel and there...
  5. F

    Solved! Can I upgrade my laptop BGA soldered GPU chip? It's a GTX 765M

    Hello, looked at the internets, but haven`t found decisive information. Anyone? I have a rebranded (as Avell) Clevo W350ST, Intel HM87, i5-4200M, 8GB DDR3 and a GTX 765M. I bought it used and committed the mistake of using it for some time without replacing the dried out thermal paste (too hot...
  6. K

    Solved! Need to identify chip to replace plzz

    Hp probook 8770w
  7. T

    Solved! i lost my receiver for my speedlinkcontroller what cn i do?

    i lost my bluetooth reciever from my speedlink torid but can i use a normal bluetooth chip instead?
  8. R

    How to Know That Your MacBook is Protected by the T2 Chip Offered by Apple

    Apple likes to stay ahead of the technological curve, and in today’s times one of the bases of that is to upgrade security. This is precisely what they have done with the new T2 chip which can be found on MacBook Pro, Mini, and Air models released in 2018. This chip takes into consideration...
  9. D

    Laptop BIOS Chip help!

    I corrupted my Dell Inspiron 15 3543 BIOS, so now im trying to erase and write the uncorrupted BIOS, but need some help doing this. Im using a CH314A USB Programmer and want to know which chip configuration I should use. Is the laptop BIOS chip a EEPROM or SPI Flash? And what is the difference...
  10. G

    Solved! Dell laptop freezes and makes buzzing noise

    I've read forums saying it's a defective graphics chip to CPU problem and I've done steps that fix it temporarily such as chkdsk /f /r or SFC /SCANNOW in command prompt they seem to work but when my laptop goes to sleep and I wake it back up it happens again. My laptop is a Dell Inspirion...
  11. O

    What intel chip should I get

    I'm looking at Dell XPS 13's and I'm unsure of what chip to get. What effect does CPU power have on my choice. I'm going be using this laptop for some 3D rendering. What chip should I get? Which suffix is right for me (U, H etc.. (Intel))? Cost does matter. Thank you!
  12. S

    Possible options to upgrade my Sony Vaio SVF14N6SAS Laptop

    Hi I have a Sony Vaio SVF14N16SAS Laptops ( The specs are Core i5 1.60 GHz 8 GB RAM (swapped in the old 4 GB one for a 8GB chip) 1 TB HDD I am running windows 10 on it atm. My questions are (since...
  13. T

    What is Intel HM77 express chip?

    What the title says. My laptop has the CPU chip and another chip which is an express chip. What is this chip used for?
  14. P

    ASUS X200M Chip level issue

    My Asus X200m notebook recently stopped working while caliberating old battery . Now when I put charger on or put batttery and power on the laptop , nothing happens but the processor chip starts heating up ........ Please help me as I'm too fond to this system. I also replaced the thermals and fan .
  15. D

    replacement CDMA SIM?

    My nephew damaged the SIM on my CDMA phone (trying to insert memory chip). My provider says I cannot get a new SIM for a CDMA but instead I must buy a new phone. Is this true or am I being jerked?
  16. E

    EliteBook and Power Banks

    I boght a power bank from RavPower (Extreme) and got a "Smart AC Adapter is not functioning properly" type of message. I thought, initially, that it might have been a connector issue. But, later I found out that newer HP notebooks come with a computer chip that keeps you from using an unknown...
  17. G

    Where is bios chip located on motherboard for lenovo z400

    i want to flash my lenovo z400 BIOS chip usin a programer device but i cant find the bios chip on the laptop board is there any body know where is the that?
  18. A

    the new XPS 13 9730 (2018) The Witcher 3 gameplay

    Guys I have bought the new XPS 13 9730 with 8 gen i7 chip (quad core), 16 gb of ram and Intel UHD 620 graphics. Will I be able to run the game? I know that tripple A titles require a lot of improved video cards like nvidia, but is there any way to play it on this ultrabook, what do you think?
  19. G

    Trump Blocks Biggest Tech Deal in History: Here's Why

    President Donald Trump won't allow Broadcom's bid for Qualcomm. And there are major reasons why. Trump Blocks Biggest Tech Deal in History: Here's Why : Read more
  20. F

    Samsung NP-RF711 burnt chip on the motherboard

    Hey guys, i've an oldish Samsung NP - RF711 S02IT that doesn't boot. I've already showed it to an IT friend and he said, after a quick check, that in his opinion the motherboard, or bios died. Anyways i've looked into the motherboard more precisely to track down the burnt chip, because when it...
  21. G

    How can I get canceled charges off my bank account

    Can I get some help with removing canceled charges from my bank statement. My chip had been stolen and the service didn't work. I canceled that day and need help with this. I purchased a 50 dollar card before that and lost 50 dollars. Please help me with this. My home phone number is [don't...
  22. T

    How do you get marshmallow?

    I need to be able to use the sub chip for storage.
  23. tsundereAkitaki

    Solved! Laptops too weak for 1080p

    Hi, Possible long post. tl,dr below :) So, It seems every laptop under 1000 is too weak to handle 1080p gaming. I'm the owner of a 960M laptop and the chip can barely hold its own when running recent games at medium low settings: R6 Siege, Black desert Dark Souls 3 and so on... To retain 60...
  24. A

    about graphics chip set

    is amd radeon 520s and amd radeon r5 m330 are same?
  25. J

    caption off what does it mean

    my picture i fussy only PICTURE (in pink) Channel Set (eng)/ESP/FRA v-chip set up CAPTION (OFF) WILL APPEAR WHAT CAN I DO TO GET NORMAL PICTTURE
  26. U

    Can my HP pavillion g6 2003sm i3-2350m chip be upgraded to an i7?

    I want to buy i7 3612qm, and I dont know can I replace my i32350m with i7 processor.
  27. K

    Hp 15” i3 processor can I upgrade to i5 or i7 just by resoldering in upgrade, hp ay039wm unit I am upgrading to 16 mb max chip

    Just upgraded computer sys, can solder in new cpu myself just need to know what type or extra changes
  28. T

    How do you find a Alienware m15x i3 chip socket mother board from what can see you can't

    Need a replacement Alienware mother board and now you have to match boanrd numbers there is more then just a few, who at dell though of this stupid system
  29. L

    Sim card puk

    Need a sim chip unlock puk code for my sim locked up forgot pin help please phone is zteblitz max metropcs
  30. G

    How to fix the mother chip in the tablet the screen comes on at the rca with two dogs on the front and then shouts off

    The screen cuts off and on like at the starting screen when it comes on the screen will stay on for a sec but then go off on the same screen
  31. M

    dell inspiron 15 3567 a chip got busted "help"

    my dell inspiron 15 3567 one of the chip "U3503" from motherbord got busted. I found a similar good chip. can anyone tell me what chip is this and how much will it cost to fix and how can I prevent It from busting's a photo"...
  32. B

    Cryptography chip support

    How will HP provide support for the protection, generation and secure storage of cryptographic keys with the emergence of crypto currencies in their personal products?
  33. J

    jailbreak samsung galaxy j7

    how to jail break without a chip
  34. K

    what is the proper way to remove this heatsink?

    Can someone tell me how to remove this heatsink so i can access the chip below it.
  35. D

    Hp pavilion 15 motherboard repair / ID part

    Hey People of the awesome knowledge base. I have a laptop motherboard from a hp pavilion 15-ab series, missing a chip need help to figure out what the chip is
  36. S

    How to repair a Sony led 3D screen with a chip in the screen

    I've chipped my to screen so now there's a small white light coming out when the picture is on. Is there an easy fix?
  37. C

    do memory chip get your contacts if you just put them in

    does memory chips atomactly get your contacts im trying to get my contactsoff my broken android phone
  38. F

    Recommended mono amp for 15W /8o trumpet speaker?

    Situation: I'm trying to purchase a mini amplifier (has to be small to fit) to increase the volume sent to a PYLE PSP8 trumpet speaker mounted in the hood of my car. It is rated at 15w normal, 25 watts max. Link to trumpet speaker...
  39. H

    ASUS Notebook K53U Motherboard

    I ordered a replacement motherboard, the one i had didn't have a video card on the board, other than that the board is the same. My question is does the video chip needs an heat sink? The heat sink that came with my motherboard copper rod sit on top of video chip. Is that enough or do i need...
  40. M

    LG TV HDMI chip failed; Can I use a converter?

    Last week, the HDMI inputs on my LG TV stopped receiving a signal all-at-once. After reviewing some forums on the subject matter, I am fairly confident the chip on the motherboard failed. I called some local repair shops who suggest that the repair would be ~$200. Are there any other options...
  41. Z

    Where is the BIOS Chip/Jumper located on the main Board of Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A

    My Toshiba laptop is BIOS locked and I forgot The Password. now, I'm trying to reset my BIOS password but I don't know the exact location of the BIOS Chip/Jumper on the Main Board. Please assist me with with a clear image or circuit diagram of where about on the main board is The BIOS...
  42. A

    can a LYF mobile support 64GB memory chip?

    I purchased an LYF (model not known) mobile(4G allowed). How much memory chip I can useMax)? Suggest some brand.
  43. T

    i have a hp pavilion DV61354US 15.6 Inch 1135tx Laptop and want to upgrade my cpu

    my chip-set is 4 the computer is from 09 so i don't know if i'm able to upgrade my CPU i have a chip-set 4 Intel core 2 duo t6600
  44. D

    half of my pics wont d/l to computer wwhy?

    Hi Im having trouble d/l pics from my comp chip from camera to the computer. Can any one help.I tried using a blank card nothiing..
  45. P

    Compatible DLP chip question?

    I just found a 65 inch DLP Tv on craigslist for 50 bucks but it has the white dot of death problem. Fortunately I've dealt with this before and know how to fix it. I was looking up the chip I need for the model and I think its compatible with another Mitsubishi 75 inch I have just sitting...
  46. L

    Z40 C Series TPM Chip

    Hi Does anyone know how to enable the TPM in the bios on the C series Z40 please. I have the latest bios release from Toshiba however there is no settings in the bios under security. Thanks
  47. G

    Best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9)

    What's the best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9) Am looking for real input..
  48. D

    FIX for Samsung LN46A530 PIF (and others) 46 inch TV Squeals and Video Bad...50 Cent FIX!

    With my 46 inch Samsung, I found that the "boost regulator" on the main control board had a bad chip capacitor. I changed it using a small 10 uf 50 V tantalum capacitor (watch the polarity)...and all is fine. The boost regulator is a MP2363DN and the large chip cap is immediately beside it. The...
  49. J

    MSI B150 Mortar onboard sound vs Asus Xonar DSX soundcard

    Recently, I won an ASTRO A40 xbox one version. I already bought an extension cord and a splitter for audio and the mic. All of it works fine, but my problem is I can't hear any sound quality improvement compered to my Logitech H390, wich is odd, compered to their prices. The Asus Xonar DSX...
  50. L

    Solved! how to extract chip

    graphics chip on inspiron 1525. An intel GMA7xx I think. Won't move with mild pull/rocking. Is there a lock?
  51. S

    How can I recover a few pix taken on internal memory, when there was not a chip in camera?

    How to recover shots gone into internal memory, without chip in camera?
  52. N

    Toshiba L775 S7307 BIOS Chip / Jumper

    The BIOS chip is a SOIC marked 25L3206E. It has 8 pins and is not accessed thru the RAM panel but under the key board just left of mouse pad. You can't miss it its the only 8 pin there. It took a week to find it. I want the next person to find it in 1 hour. A person from Europe showed me and...
  53. C

    C850D wrong bios ( insyde bios, probably from Toshiba C875D? )

    Hi all, Toshiba C850D-11C (PSCC2E-00h00nn5) freeze after POST, after 0 key (hd recovery), without any info on CSM(just toshiba logo and frozen post, numlock frozen, i can enter bios if i fastpress f2 first 1-2 sec after turning on pc ) and with "no booting device"(picture 1) on UEFI settings in...
  54. J

    Update Bios (from K55VM to K55VJ)

    Hello everyone! My laptop is an Asus K55VJ. I once bricked the BIOS. I had it repaired (bios chip reprogrammed) and everything seems to be working well. However, I just noticed that my dedicated videocard (GTX 635M) is not being used/recognized by the system. I have read from multiple forums...
  55. BarnacleBalls

    Botched Motherboard Surgery? Running Another Board's BIOS on Asus N550JV

    Bricked an Asus N550JV with a BIOS update. Running 8.1 64-bit. Power to the board but no POST. After building an EEPROM reader/writer from an Arduino using Lubuntu and flashrom, I couldn't detect the chip (which I suspect was my wiring.) Found a business that advertised motherboard repair. Was...
  56. C

    Where to find gtx570m CHIP

    hello , I apologize for my bad english :D I have an burned chip on my gtx570m. on it is writed MPS and numbers :) So I am searching for that chip to resolder it :) , is VRM Phase chip? I couldn´t find any info on web about M graphics, they are so damn rare.... :(
  57. C

    Flashing BASIC to a Chip?

    Hello! I have recently gained interest in old computers and the Arduino. Sure enough, I got an idea. How would I go about flashing a BASIC to a ROM chip, like a C64/Apple II would have done? I would like to know how I would go about flashing a ROM image, and how I would get a BASIC onto one...
  58. D

    location of nec/tokin chip on sattalite a205-s7458

    Can someone please tell me how to locate the nec/tokin caps on my toshiba sattalite a205-s7458 motherboard? I have searched everywhere to no avail. I am going crazy, Ive read every post on google search thats listed and I still cant find it.... I am about to loose my freakin mind ! If someone...
  59. X

    Toshiba Satellite A505-69803 bios question

    How can I tell if the bios I have is supported by a new chip I bought? Which bios if any does support it in my case? Chipset - Intel GM45/GM47 Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20ghz (old) Socket P (478) QX9300 SLB5J 2.53GHz 12MB 1066MHz 45w Quad (new) Update: Complete black screen when...
  60. N

    upgarding the chrome book

    Hey guys if anyone could point me to the right thread, but I am wondering if this latop can be upgraded with new ram and this chip...