Sony Vaio [SVE14A35CXH] Shuts Down After 1 - 3 Mins (Solved)

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Nov 14, 2018
Hi all. New username. I've been reading this forum for years. You're all awesome and very insightful!

So, three days ago, my older Sony Vaio randomly started shutting down after windows 10 would boot up fine. After opening something like speccy (normal Temps btw) it'd shut down immediately with a "click" like if you shut down hitting the power button.

After three days of troubleshooting (thanks in most part by all of you) I've found the problem and just hope this can help all the poor souls comlaining about the same older and some newer model Sony Vaio's

- - -

Trying to be short and simple. It was a fan problem. The fan whirred, could feel a little air coming out during startup, and had power obviously. blasted it with air - no dust, put new thermal paste, cleaned old paste spotlessly.

So, I decided to take the bish apart one last time. got the back off, decided to turn it on with back cover off and watch the fan while all monitoring software was telling me it was working fine.

Anyway, I gave it one tiny flick with my finger (was actually spinning, too) and haven't had a shutdown now for over 24 hrs and I put about 6 hrs into STO last night. Cpu never went above 59c.

So, to all having random shut down issues / problems with Sony Vaio laptops sporadically, open that back up and just flicka da fan.

I literaly troubleshooted every single step on Tom's sticky before trying this. Brought to geek squad to test the battery (which had an "x" on it while In) they used a meter on the charger. All good. Was at a loss then got lucky with this one trick. Why didn't I try one of the first posts I read hear? I think i read someone saying to try that. 72+ hrs down the drain.

Will update if fan eventually dies or something, if anyones interested. Just lmk.

Parial Disclaimer: I did change the paste 24hrs before it started working again, but it's the non curing kind and very decent stuff. So, it could be! But I doubt that was it. I've pasted plenty cpus and think I did a good job on it and nothing after the repaste. So, before someone suggests, "what's if it was just the new paste?" idk I honestly think the fan may have been slightly stuck. Idk..

Anwyay. My laptops back!!
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