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  1. M

    Solved! A cool eGPU school project, need opinions fast

    Hey guys, I built an eGPU school project with a twist: it can clip on to a laptop Need opinions fast: Rate 1-10 if you were given this to do video editing,3D modeling,maybe gaming My goal was that you can carry it around easily in a backpack, it can attach to the laptop (not just connected by...
  2. J

    Solved! Home cinema blu ray sound set up help.

    I have a Panasonic blu ray player (only has hdmi connection) connected to my projector the projector is then sent to my Sony amp through red and white phonos but I get no sound just image. I'm lost at what to do next. I have checked all audio and display functions in all menus. Panasonic...
  3. benjiboy180

    Google Drive Shareable Folders Structure

    I am working on a collaborative project with a large number of people (30+) mostly dealing with text documents, but I am trying to figure out a way to share links to folders and have them be accessible by different tiers of people involved, we'll call them admins and members. I know I can set...
  4. Q

    When I record voice or when I playback voice from another source, all I get is a faint sound of the recording, very low volume

    I'm trying to add narrative to a project made using Windows Movie Maker. There have been no problems with sound in the project until I try to add my voice recording to any particular frame. When I manage to have the right file type, the only sound I got is very faint, as though the voice is...
  5. A

    Problem with creating a c++ project in visual studio 2017

    I have visual studio 2017 installed on my laptop and have a problem with creating a project. So i want to create a win32 console application in c++ and when i click on that the window on the picture appears as normal. Then i name the file and select a place. Then when i click on ok, the white...
  6. E

    Solved! Countries where Twitter is banned

    Can anyone confirm me in how many countries twitter is banned? Need an updated information for my project please.
  7. M

    Machine Learning Laptop

    I am a computer science student preparing for my graduation project, which involves machine learning. I need to make a choice and a compromise between certain specs, but as I am new to this field, I don't know what is and isn't enough, and if the difference is worth the price jump. As I live...
  8. C

    Help with RCA rpj129 projector

    I have a RCA projector. Rpj129. I am trying to find out how to update the software/firmware . RCA website doesn't include the serial # on there website. Still haven't heard back from them neither.
  9. M

    Solved! My Acer Aspire One D270 is not opening and charging. I only used it yesterday and now I can't charge it

    My Acer Aspire One D270 is not opening and charging. I only used it yesterday and now I can't charge it. The laptop was only used once yesterday for printing my project and I plan to use it today for another project but I can't open it.
  10. O

    sony vegas 16 [Urgent for Project] Sony Vegas 16 Crashing Problems:

    Hi there, Recently got a new CPU, MOBO, and RAM. Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In the past few days since the new pieces, my Vegas 16 has been fine - no problems. While editing a larger project today, towards the end it just started crashing. Crashes with very basic things...
  11. K

    Using a laptop to projector but need it to go to second TV too

    I have a projector and use a laptop to project using a scream beem mini 2. Need that same picture to go to another TV. They are not next to one another and may not be cabled
  12. 2

    Strange Visual Studio error

    This error is occurring and preventing a project from being built I cannot figure out what to do here and it is very frustrating. Here is the pastebin: Edit:fixed link
  13. D

    Is amp necessary if home system puts out 1000 watts at 3 ohms?

    My home system is 3 ohms at 1000watts, do I need to get a amplifier to hook up my subs, I am going to wire them down to 4 ohms. thank you for your time and help with my project.
  14. Z

    Premiere Pro - Help!

    I spent a massive amount of time working on this project, and I add another clip that is 720p. Almost all other clips are 1080p. After editing the clip, I notice that ALL other videos are now zoomed in, and "scale to frame size" or "set to frame size" does not work at all.
  15. R

    Car radio project

    I know this is kind of a weird thing to put here but I have this cool idea to mount a car radio in the wall of a new building on my property. It’s a pioneer sph-da210 app radio 2 and when I hook it to a power supply all I get is a white screen with a line down the middle. I can find it in my...
  16. A

    Help with school project (netbeans)

    So i'm being forced to take a class of programming in school idk why but I am. Thing is that even if I don't like it I still know how to do everything we've seen and have been getting good grades until now that we got a project coming up and I've tried with what we've seen in classes but I don't...
  17. A

    How to use a Java library?

    So I got into Java and I know all the stuff about classes, interfaces, methods, abstract methods, modifiers, control statements, variables, etc. I got IntelliJ and started a new project to test out and explore LWJGL and how to use it. I downloaded the library, and copied and pasted the sample...
  18. C

    help choosing a projector

    hi i want a projector for movies and my switch i going to project from a 5 to 7 feets away from screen over a table i just check some short throw optoma for my budget but the resolution is less than 1080p is worth to get that or i have to save more money and get that
  19. C

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Anyone proficient with Premiere Pro Accidentally replaced the original footage with a broken render and I don't know how to recover the footage to finish the render, since the Adobe project is still there but the footage is an error since I accidentally replaced the original footage. Anyone...
  20. L

    Solved! smart plug control

    Hi Everybody I am an MBA student looking to accomplish a project My project is to find a smart plug with remote control what I want to be able to do is control my lamp at home from my work office for instance turn it on and off with my smartphone and data connection Also I would like a plug...
  21. A

    Raspberry Pi GPIO expander

    I am making a project that requires more GPIO pins than the Raspberry Pi has. are there any expanders I can use? Also, is GPIO just on Raspberry Pi or is it a generic term that is on multiple platforms? I am making an LED cube, (10x10x10) and I need to have 30 pins (10 for each axles). Are there...
  22. M

    What can I do if sony vegas won‘t start up?

    Well we‘re doing a video project and we‘ve been doing it with sony vegas pro. Since it is quite an expensive programm i don‘t know why it should have bugs or something like that. Still we‘re at the final steps and have the deadline this evening but can‘t run the program anymore Thanks for your help
  23. henrique.haag

    How to print pictures taken by a Webcam instantly?

    Hey, I'm building a photo booth for a school project. I'm using an old webcam, and old computer and an instant printer. Now, here's the problem: How do I get the computer to print the photo taken by the webcam instantly? Does anyone know a software, that I can use? Thanks in advance. Henry
  24. G

    Microsoft Project Alternative for Mac - Need Recommendations

    Good evening, I'm working with a user that has a Mac and apparently Microsoft does not make Project for OS X. Does anyone know of a free alternative software that can view .MPP or any other project files? Thanks, David
  25. D

    Solved! Digital Cameras Comparison Matrix

    sorry, project is not ready yet
  26. U

    Difference between speaker wire and normal wires?

    Is there a special type of wire that you HAVE to use when wiring speakers. I am working on an extremely small project and need to connect two speakers to the amp. Can I use scavenged wires from USB cables, and does gage of my wires for my 8ohms speakers really matter.
  27. M

    Python Error Messages

    Hi, i am writing this code in python for a project and i am getting this errors. Code: def early(): print("How was Bernie Taupin Influenced?") answer = input(">") if answer == "Mother": print("Bernie Taupin was born May 22, 1950 as a English lyricist, poet, and singer...
  28. B

    My monitor is stuck in project only in 2nd monitor

    If I have to don’t have two monitors and only had one and clicked on project 2nd monitor only how do I revert it back
  29. D

    Help with 1080p rendering (pixelation)

    EDIT: at render as and then customize template at project tab i used best and it doenst look pixelated before i render it recorded it Hello, i have quitesome pixelation in my sony vegas when its done rendering you especcialy see it when when i move arround with the camera here is a example...
  30. C

    Hi i have a projetor es520 optomo is it possivble to conect my v6 virgin box to project as there is only s video or vga or the

    Help setinv my v6box to an optomo es520 projector as i cant get no picture thrughout the projector
  31. A

    Solved! looking for a robot like mindstorms

    hello im looking for a robot like mindstorms see i wanted to get mindstorms but they discontinued a part i needed for a project i am wanting to do so i am looking for an alternative to mindstorms and the project this might seem odd but i want the robot to thump walls when it hears loud noises
  32. K

    Single Projector 3D

    How can i project polarized 3D from a single DLP projector.I'll use SBS 3D video.please guide me.i dont want active shutter glass i want to use passive 3D glass. Thanks in advance.
  33. G

    Creating a drone from base down... Need help!

    Hi, for a school science fair kind of project I need to complete to graduate and get a diploma. We (me and a friend) chose to make a drone. Do I make it a quad copter? Since it's more motors, it must be more expensive, were using a 3Dprinter and designing the thing ourselves, do you have an idea...
  34. LWFG001

    Powered Speaker Actual Watts Used Question

    I'm hooking up a couple of project studio 8 monitors which have the following features: 1. LF driver: Magnetically shielded, 8" mineral-filled polypropylene cone with neodymium magnet, 1-1/2" diameter high-temperature voice coil, and damped rubber surround 2. HF driver: Magnetically...
  35. moulderhere

    Can you get MS Project and MS Visio within Office 365?

    I have a project for a couple months needing those software. I'm NOT wanting to buy the software out right, I'd rather rent use. Anybody know if you can get these licenses through office 365?? Thx
  36. J

    Can my pc run Black Ops 3?

    I have a Hp Pavillion and here are the specs on it. I was wondering if I could run it somewhat smooth and also on doing a spit screen. Is there a way I could project one half of the screen to a computer monitor and the other half to my pc's...
  37. Z

    Exporting Multiple Tracks to a Single WAV, Increases Volume/dB

    Hello folks. This issue is really grinding my gears, I'd be enthused if one of you lads could help me with this. So I have a FL Studio project with multiple tracks (which specific DAW I'm using doesn't seem to matter however). When I export the project as a single WAV, the resulting WAV is much...
  38. X

    why is the polymer project running on my laptop?

    I want to know why the polymer project is redirecting my url`s
  39. B

    where do I find the original Magic lLantern download please? I can only find the nightly downloads

    I am doing a short project for a friend and understand I can make a short video on my canon 6D utilising the software called Magic Lantern. I have searched for this and can only find a link to 'nightly downloads" but nothing for the original software.....I am a technophobe, so would appreciate a...
  40. 1

    Split Audio Source When Plugged

    This is for a special project. I have a long audio cable coming from a PC. I want to split into two 3.5mm connectors (one for headphones and one for speakers). What do I need for when I plug in the headphone, the sound from the speaker stops?
  41. S

    Javascript Functions & Array Help

    I have to write this program for a school project and I've been stumped quite well. The assignment is: I have limited knowledge of Javascript and I cant really go further with things such as loops. My code so far: Anybody have an idea on how to do...
  42. T

    Project Tv screen to another screen.

    Hi, I have a Sony KLV-32W512D tv, i want to duplicate it's screen to another monitor. ie. want to see the same thing on two different screens. Is that possible? if so, then how? UPDATE: I have a input cable showing me video from cctv cameras on the sony TV. I want the same cctv feed on another...
  43. C

    Great wired noise cancelling headphones for VR experience under £100?

    I have an end of year Unviersity show and our class each have their own stand. My project is a relaxing VR environment. As there will (hopefully) be lots of people there, many walking up and down to check out the work, it will be quite noise so my current headphones wont do. I would like a...
  44. J

    Projecting from pc to tv with miracast, what to do.

    So i would like to project movies etc wirelessly from my Pc to my LG 55UH650V TV, but my motherboard asus maximus viii hero doesn't support miracast it seems, and i was thinking about ordering this "dongle"...
  45. S

    chromecast to a laptopr

    Is it possible to use Google Chromecast to cast from my mobile/tablet to my laptop and then project the casted image through a VGA projector.
  46. D

    Custom audio mixer/selector wiring help

    Hello Community! I have started a project and am at a stage that I would like my plans verified before I invest in the parts needed to complete the project. Here are the notes... I am looking to build an audio selector which allows me to independently control (through analog dials) my audio...
  47. M

    project my screen stuck on second screen

    my hp windows 10 labtop project feature is stuck on second screen only when i connect it to my tv. I did duplicate screen earlier . and then tried the second screen only . now i can,t change it .
  48. D

    Project cars on pc with volant de course xbox 360

    i found a steering wheel (volant de course xbox 360) on good price,im intrested in buying this but im not sure it will work on my pc with project cars ,does anybody knows?
  49. J

    I think i need to create a menu and a while loop must be included.

    I need help with this question, i've been at it for hours now. The goal of this project is to create a class that will calculate the student grade for CSC 171. The users of the application will provide the program with their current points received and current total points possible for each of...
  50. P

    Whilst working with an image how can I increase the work space of photoshop

    I have been working on a Photoshop project for a while but the image takes up the entire work space so is there a way to increase that size without affecting my project image/s please?
  51. T

    Solved! Laptop Projection Capbility

    When will you provide the ability to project the screen, with an internal LED projection module, to a larger screen for a large audience?
  52. S

    How to turn off the weird "auto-placement" in premiere pro cc

    Every time I add a new title in premiere pro cc it auto-places the text somewhere on the screen instead of where I intend to place it. Pls help ASAP. (Its for a school project that due tomorrow)
  53. ragnarok94

    Cheaper alternatives to Mtn. Mod's Motherboard tray

    Im about to start working on a sleeper project, converting an old Gateway Performance E4200. The back is proprietary, so Id like to install a modular atx/matx motherboard tray and backplate. moutain mods is ridiculously expensive, but I haven't found a lot of other metal options, nor do I have...
  54. P

    Batch File to Project Screen After Program Closes?

    Hello, I am running a program, and I am trying to get the screen to extend to my second display after said program closes. I have been successful in getting the opposite to happen, take the screen from the second monitor to only my primary when the program starts, but I want to reverse it when...
  55. M

    i need some help finding a new screen for my laptop

    i bought a broken laptop off of ebay to be my little project i mean fixing it slowly to fill my free time it's a HP Pavilion DV6 6135DX it has a broken screen and needs a new battery and charger other than that it works i already ordered the battery and the new charger but i didn't order a...
  56. W

    Is the there a way to project kodi on an iMac to tv via a blue ray player?

    Watch kodi on tv from imac
  57. J

    I need help

    So like i was procrastinating doing a project trying to play some league but i was having troublw so i hit up support and they told me to uninstall and then reinstall my drivers so i did that, my computer then shut off and wont boot. Ive tried a ton of methods and dell support wont hekp since my...
  58. M

    Workspace in Premiere Pro isn't saving its changes Properly

    hi guys I am just a hobbyist video editor and I really like using Premiere Pro which had worked fine until today Everything was good except that for some reason the window of the timeline is no longer in its place where I positioned it in my Workspace so now everytime I open premiere Pro i have...
  59. P

    VB multiple forms

    Hi, I have created a VB rpoject with 3 forms. 1 needs to be invisible and the other 2 need to be visible. When I run the project, none are visible, even if I put me.visible = True on the two visible forms. Can somebody help me? Thanks
  60. F

    Having input trouble with a personal Java project

    I'm currently in AP Computer Science at my high school and find it very interesting. I'm trying to write a program as a personal project, (not for a grade), that converts letters to a 5-bit Binary value using "l" and "o". How can I achieve functionality? I'm attempting to be able to type in the...