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  1. W

    Projector with curved screen

    Do most projectors have the ability to project the image on a curved screen?
  2. Rainfire

    How do I make a yes or no question with different outcomes depending on input?

    I have Programming in Basic in High School and was tasked with a project in which I was to make a program that says hello to the teacher as well as give a paragraph describing why programming is valuable in today's time. My initial idea was to make a program that greets and asks the teacher a...
  3. F

    Home Audio Project

    So i have two 12 inch Rockford Fosgates max watt peak 1200/600rms with 2 Klipsch r14 speakers in my room. All that is ran off a 1000w Sony receiver and im looking for to getting a Seismic Audio - LE-3000 - Power Amplifier - 3000 Watts to run my subs but the only problem is i only want my subs...
  4. V

    Need help with homemade speaker project

    Hello everyone, my mom asked me to make her a speaker, a small one but with good sound and after searching on ebay I found some parts that may be good for what I want. The parts are: Amplifier: I think 20W (with both drivers) is a good setup for a good and...
  5. K

    Lights won't come on

    My laptop was working before I left it came back to finish project lightso won't come on charger is connected
  6. P

    Vinyl Audio to Digital Project

    Inherited a sizeable jazz album collection and seek guidance on how best to get the content to digital form. Also, please advise if there is a general calculation on estimating audio content to digital footprint. Much thanks in advance for an informed reply
  7. A

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Rendering Freeze and Stopped

    i have a sony vegas pro 13 installed on my computer it was doing fine until two days a go i got problem with it. i was trying to save as my project in a new folder and copy media with project. but process bar stopped at 97% and vegas didn't respond any more. i tried that for couple of times...
  8. I

    Vegas Pro 13 Ridiculously Long Render Time

    I'm currently rendering a native 1440p video recorded by Dxtory. The project settings are in 1440p at 60fps just like what was recorded by Dxtory. I'm trying to render a 1 minute clip and it's expected to render in a total of over 2 hours. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Pic of Vegas...
  9. H

    want help in my c++ project , dead time is tomorrow

    vector <struct> inside vector<vector> which i cant access because vector <struct> take the value by reference i want someone to access the course id in student and revision a value of them dead time is next day
  10. O

    Microsoft Access Dutch speaking expert

    Hi, I´m looking for a microsoft access dutch speaking expert to help me with some problems i´m having developing a databse as a project for my study. Any help would be welcome!
  11. F

    Notebook GPU crashes - Hdd partial data loss

    Hello there, I wish to find an help out there for the issue I'm facing since my laptop Asus F3s series broke due to the graphic card Gpu burned due to factory evil production. To summarize the issue, I was working on an Ableton Live project (already saved on the internal hdd - either - audio...
  12. A

    Project tablets screen to

    Hello.. So i have low end tablet with Far cry 2 and 3 and couple more games but i want to play them on normal screen(tablet is 7 inch) . So maybe i can try to project tablets screen to desktops. Is it possible? Please answer. Tablet is windows 8.1 32 bit and desktop is windows XP 32 bit...
  13. E

    Help matching Speakers to Amp and sub

    Hello, I am working on my first audio project and want to make all my actual calculations from the speakers, amp, etc. is correct. The project is going to be a type of portable speakers system that I could take to college or a beach house and fill the room with a decent level of volume. Below...
  14. K

    Which "version" Galaxy S2 for Project Fi?

    I want to get a 9.7" S2 for use on my FI account. All LTE versions seem to be tied to a carrier. Can I get one of these sold as "unactivated" and simply stick in the FI sim card? (see...
  15. V

    Oculus + second monitor for mirroring (without warp and stereoscopic view)

    Hi, we have the following process/toolchain and would like to have one question answered: start Open Broadcaster Software (mirrors one screen to second screen, in our case Oculus VR DK2 image to normal monitor) -> start vorpX in the mirrored broadcast -> start the game (rFactor 2) in the...
  16. F

    How to run this source code?

    So i have downloaded this project named IMPRO (INDUSTRIAL MANPOWER RESOURCE ORGANISER) With its report , synopsis and source code . I want to run the source code and test the software but i m a total dork I m also new here so i dont know if i m barking up the right tree or not . Any help is...
  17. T

    MS Access Project need help

    I am trying to create a format for the main form and sub form but Access wont let me. I keep getting columnar,Tabular,Datasheet and Justified. I need to chose a format. Any ideal?
  18. Rikokoro

    Custom Audio Project In The Works

    Okay, so as my friends computer tech repairman I have been trusted with their laptops, devices, and gadgets multiple times. Usually when there is a hardware issue with some of the tech or the price to repair it is too high they will just go buy something else and leave me with their discarded...
  19. J

    HTPC Build Help

    I am looking to build an HTPC and I need some help on what to put in it. I have a build picked out but not sure if this completly wrong, just right, or overkill on what I want to do with it. What I want to do with this HTPC is stream like netflix/hulu/amazon/twitch/youtube things like that on...
  20. A

    Hi,I am a newbie with macros, and would like some expert advice. I have a project every 6 months. We have a master spread

    Here is the macro that I am using. Here is the macro I am using. When it comes to the Outlook message, not all of it appears in the email. Sub Send_Email_Current_Workbook() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") OutApp.Session.Logon Set...
  21. gareththegiant

    RDP Monitor Projection

    Hi All, I have a tricky issue here. I have a laptop that I want to project to multiple monitors which I can do fine. However I often work in a RDP environment and inside the RDP for some reason it wont let me project to multiple monitors and I get the message, "your pc can't project to...
  22. N

    Model inside of Sketchup 8 project gone

    Hello. I have built a model house in Sketchup 8 and suddenly the model disappeared. The transparent guidelines have also disappeared and no matter how much times i zoom out or zoom in, i can't find the guidelines or any sign of a model. I tried measuring the distance across my screen with the...
  23. joshyboy82

    Project fi: reaps carrier benefits?

    I got the ball rolling(I ordered a nexus, waiting for it to arrive) on joining Project Fi, but since it uses the two services, do I inherent the benefits of service announcements? Example: T-Mobile doesn't data charge for 480p video streams. I know i can't pick which service I'm on at any given...
  24. R

    HTML code Help

    I use Visual studio 2013 community edition because I have a project to do ,so I created a website but in my menu I want to have buttons which on clicking will open a new page but I want it to open the new page not in a new tab but in the same tab ,if anyone can please write me the code or direct...
  25. K

    Laptop won't project to second scree

    My laptop internal screen doesn't work anymore so I use a monitor. But for some reason after a few weeks the laptop doesn't project to the second screen anymore. I tried fn+4 and Windows key+p, but it did nothing. I can't go trough pic settings because I can't see anything. Can someone please...
  26. E

    Blender 2.76 Indented letters?

    I'm working on a project in Blender v2.76, and I need to cut into an object in the shape of letters, like the way that letter stamps do in leather working. I watched a video that showed how to do it, but found out that the "boolean" modifier no longer exists. How can I achieve this? Example...
  27. T

    need help hooking up my tv

    every time i try to connect my laptop to my tv i get this message: YOUR PC CANT PROJECT TO ANOTHER SCREEN.TRY REINSTALLING THE DRIVER OR USING A DIFFERENT VIDEO CARD...i really need some was working till i got windows 8.1 now the upgrade to windows still doesnt work im using a...
  28. A

    Sony Handycam wont project via HDMI cable

    I have a Sony Handycam HDR-PJ380 with a projector. I wanted to connect my Iphone to the handycam and project through it to watch a movie while camping. I bought the hdmi/lightning adaptor for the iphone and when I connect everything as instructed, the handycam doesn't recognize anything. I...
  29. B

    Need some help on a project i'm thinking of trying.

    Honestly could not think of a suitable title for this, but i thought maybe i could ask here and get a bit more detailed ideas than i was getting just from Google searching. So to start off i have a very powerful PC and almost all my work/entertainment is done on the internet, So i got the idea...
  30. A

    How does a digital camera screen display images?

    I'm doing a project on digital cameras, and I would like to find out how a digital camera actually display the images digitally.
  31. G

    URGENT playback assistance required

    I have an acer 112 pico projector i make theatre and need to project a short animation onto some mannequins - urgent deadline. The animation was made using movie maker on a windows 7 pc. saving the project from movie maker i have a high res and a low res version low res is fine for the pico...
  32. K

    Amplifier for a 2.1 sound system, but with crossover controls.

    Hi, I recently started a project retrofitting a record player cabinet with two midrange speakers and a subwoofer, and I'm looking for a way to amplify the system. I need at least 35 watts per channel for the midrange and preferably more for the woofer, and crossover and volume control with the...
  33. W

    need help replacing laptop screen. acer s3-391

    Ive always fancied a project and seeing as my old, and very cheap, laptop is on its way out i decided to pick up a cheap spares and repairs laptop from eBay and try and fix it. I picked up a acer s3-391 pretty cheap with a damaged screen. I can find guides to replace the lcd screen no problem...
  34. L

    Sony Vegas Unable to see Project Preview because its all black

    Im also only able to render as a .wav file, my audio is not muted my opacity has been at 0 and 100. I came upon this issue when i had just finidhed adding my last clip and now i cant see anything ive uploaded to youtube and its still all black.
  35. Manuel12

    External Video Card in my Alienware Laptop

    Hi; I have a project in mind with my Alienware M18x R2 (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, Ram: 12GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M 2GB), i wanna install an external Video Card (GTX 980), the problem is that i dont have all the knowledge to know if it gonna works or no, however i saw some...
  36. N

    IT student .

    So, my story is the next. I graduated last year, finished my study and returned home to Belarus. Now day after day,one project after one project, write automated tests for my PHP codes which the best practice I think. But I feel a bit confused about my career,i want to reach another level of...
  37. M

    My computer (HP) goes completely black after log in... How do I fix this?

    Please help me! I have a project due at midnight!
  38. A

    Alt Keyboard for access to foreign letters

    Hi, I am in the middle of a project but can't access the alt keyboard, please help. I need the letter o with a slash in it. I don't have a number lock key? HELP
  39. G

    Java Inheritance Classes & Super Print Help, Please!

    Hi, all! I am stumped on this project, hoping someone can help me! Here are the terms of the project: You will create 4 Java classes for this project. The first is a Product class. This will be a generic class for Products that a company may sell. It will have variables for the following...
  40. M

    All Wireless Technology

    hi guys I was working with my buddy on a project called Wireless Technology. What kind of Wireless Technologies r there (without Mobil-WirelessTechnology).
  41. anxiousinfusion

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6 help

    I have an old project I started almost a decade ago that I just now decided to finish up. It is *.MSWMM so I'm forced to use Windows Movie Maker 2.6 or use XP's 2.1 in a virtual environment. All of the project's video files are *.WMV. My questions are: 1. How can I render this project as...
  42. J

    compute plugged into tv but no projection

    i wanted to project something from my computer to my tv. the cables are connected. and only thing that shows up on the tv is the start screen and nothing else. it only shows a power point that i clicked on as a slide show... help!
  43. F

    How to make a controller-navigable website?

    For my school project I decided to make a website. How can I make it navigable with my xbox one controller? I'm not trying to cheat by asking, I'm just wondering because I can't find anything about a controller-navigable website anywhere.
  44. J

    Need free firewall program that can run in "super nag" mode

    Hello, everyone! I am currently working on a project in one of my classes in college, and for this project I am looking for a free firewall program that can run in "super nag" mode, by which I mean that it must be able to be configured (as in, it can't just do this by default) such that it will...
  45. M

    Powering a Pico-ITX Motherboard with a Lithium battery.

    My latest project is to build a Windows Tablet with a Pico-ITX Motherboard. I need a high-end motherboard because this tablet project is meant for gaming, but I already have that covered. I'm using this Pico-ITX board: My problem is...
  46. G

    How To Project Windows Phone Screens Wirelessly to TV, Monitor, or Projector

    If you have a phone running on Windows 8.1, you my want to take advantage of a feature that allows you to project your phone screen to your computer or television. With these features, you'll be able to see files, media, and other stuff from your phone on a bigger screen. You can project your...
  47. G

    How To Set up Shared Folders in Dropbox

    Dropbox is a great tool where you can save and share your files and projects with other people. It makes collaboration and access easier for you and for other people involved in the project you are doing because the shared folder will also appear in their Dropbox. Even sharing pictures, music...
  48. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 (Build 290) Crashes whenever I view the project media via the timeline

    So I use Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 to render and edit my videos. Lately I've been noticing a rather annoying problem with the program on my computer. Once I play the videos on the timeline, when I try to view them via the project media preview the audio plays but the video doesn't (then vegas crashes)...
  49. L

    I Lost My Phone At School, I Need Help Right Now! :(

    I lost my phone at school. I turned my back to work on a group project, when it was time to leave, it was gone. I keep it in a wallet (no money in it) so I can have it in class because my dad sometimes wants to get a hold of me, and, something bad might happen in my family, who knows.. Anyway...
  50. Remer

    3Ds Max Loading & Saving Taking Forerver

    Alright, so I've been working on this project with my high-spec deskop the past couple weeks. File size is 6.02 MB. I come home one day and plug in my flash drive to work on the project. Start up Max 2014. Suddenly the file is taking forever to load on startup. Probably 5 minutes. When I save...
  51. D

    Colaborating on Udk?

    Hello me and a couple of friends are going to make a "game" for a school project and have decided to use UDK but the problem i am trying to solve is how do we set it up so we can share the files among each other, right now i am trying out Bittorent Sync to share the files but how do we actually...
  52. P

    Importing not transferring data to open project Pinnacle Studio HD Version 15

    Having problems I've never had before with my Pinnacle Studio HD Version 15. Only parts of videos shot on mini dvds import and I keep getting an error popup. Video imported from tape doesn't transfer to my open project anymore and I cannot figure out why since I've done it so many times before...
  53. M

    Any Photo Editors that can help me?

    Im working on a project that involves molding and cutting acrylic, I'm using a Logo that can be found here, I need to scale it for the inner radius of the Circle is 3 inches exactly when printed, Any idea how i could do this? Thanks in Advance!
  54. K

    Bad rendering from sony vegas 13 compared to powerdirector 11 - pictures

    Sony vegas produce crap compared to powerdirector no mather what. Vegas has so much ghosts/interlace compared to powerdirector, any idea where am I doing it wrong at sony? Should be vice versa I gues? sony vegas-none deinterlace method: sony vegas...
  55. taimoorali007

    Good Notebook under $1500

    Hey guyz! I need Notebook for both moderate gaming and project works for uni. Suggest me any best which can spend atleast 3 yrs
  56. U

    Why can't I use my CUDA in the "renderer" menu in while creating a project in Adobe premiere pro cs6?

    i have a GTX 770 4GB graphics card, it's a new card so nothing should be wrong with it, and i have the latest driver downloaded through nVidia experience, so i must be able to choose the " Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" option, but the menu is greyed out, i can't even click it...
  57. E

    DIY ambilight using 60 LEDs per meter?

    Hey, I am hoping to start an ambilight project for my 50" TV. I am curious, however, if anyone here have experience using RGB strips which have 60 LEDs per meter - did you experience any problems using this setup? Thanks :D
  58. delellod123

    Please help me identify this font (font outlined in illustrator) WHO CAN SOLVE THIS ENIGMA

    I am working on a project and need this font identified. The font is outlined so I am unable to look it up. Is anyone able to solve this enigma?
  59. L

    I could not find the Picture Project icon to disconnect the camera so I used the File-Exit mode. Now the camera won't work and

    Problem with D40 camera and Picture Project. The icon that enables safe disconnection of the camera no longer appears and using File-Exit has caused the camera to stop working and Picture Project to stop recognizing the camera.
  60. freeracercolin

    How much does it cost to make a cell phone speaker?

    I am working on a project that involves cell phone speakers. I need to know how much does it cost to have one manufactured, as I can't by myself (Or at least I don't think I can, could I?). Please don't ask what the project is. Thanks in advance, Colin