Help matching Speakers to Amp and sub


May 3, 2016
I am working on my first audio project and want to make all my actual calculations from the speakers, amp, etc. is correct. The project is going to be a type of portable speakers system that I could take to college or a beach house and fill the room with a decent level of volume. Below is the list of all the parts I want to use. I know that the project will not be the best quality audio I can get, but this is more of a way for me to tinker around. My parts are as follows: (links included for each piece)

Amp: 2x40w Max L&R Channels, 1x68w Max dedicated sub channel. 2-8 ohms. 20-20,000 hz responce -- Lepai LP-168HA

Fullrange: 8 ohm, 30w RMS, 50w max 100-20KHz

Sub: 8 ohm 50w RMS, could not find peak (I'm guessing around 70-80w), 60 - 8khz

The rough pricing is around $60-$70 and I would be willing to bump it up to $80 at max. I plan to simple just wire up the terminals and trying them out once I order them as I do not have any audio or electrical experience

The main questions I have are:
1) Do all the parts, as they are laid out here, work, or should I try find something else for a certain part? (The amp is the only thing I do not want to change.)

2) If there is parts I should replace (excluding the amp), what parts would you recommend that fits the build?

I want to thank you in advance if you choose to help me figure this out!


Apr 17, 2016
Looking at the parts list it will most certainly work. Obviously it's missing speaker enclosures, which i assume you are going to be making. Obviously the amp will be acting as the crossover with your passive setup. The only downside I can see is the woofer isn't really going down that low, only 60hz and is really designed to be included in a 2 or 3 way speaker design.
You need to look at something like theis which will be going down to 35hz.

Honestly, I'd be shooting my questions to the people at parts express, because when you start building your own speakers, there's a whole new world your looking at.

Good luck.
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