Powering a Pico-ITX Motherboard with a Lithium battery.


Oct 24, 2014
My latest project is to build a Windows Tablet with a Pico-ITX Motherboard. I need a high-end motherboard because this tablet project is meant for gaming, but I already have that covered. I'm using this Pico-ITX board: http://www.axiomtek.com/products/ViewProduct.asp?view=1105

My problem is that I'm trying to power this 12v board with a 5v battery, and the battery that I have now is 20,000 mAh.
So my question is, can I power this motherboard with this battery and if so, will the battery life be really short?

You simply cannot power a 12v device with a 5v battery, regardless of the battery's mAh rating. The motherboard can't operate on only 5v

I just can't understand why you think 5 volts is enough for a 12 volts motherboard ????????????