Question Is it possible to replace Vaio laptop PSB with a simple push button switch as power button?

Aug 16, 2021
This is for saving 10year old laptop as part of DIY project.

I was converting an old Vaio laptop (SVF15219SNW / Vaio Fit 15E) to a desktop kind model.
I would like to replace power button PSB board with a simple push button switch. (PSB board has Vaio assist switch & power button).
Is it possible?
PSB model number: DA0Hk9PI4D0

2. Can I draw 12V/5V from any connector in MB? Just like drawing power from Desktop SMPS? ( I want to connect extra Cabin Fan and some LED ligts)

I am not that technical into Laptop/MB repair. But I can try to understand and do soldering etc.
I don't think you will find an easy answer. Obtaining schematics (electrical diagrams) for laptops is difficult. You would need either a schematic or reverse engineer the circuit board to find out what it does plus the engineering skills to figure it all out. Why do you want to replace the board? Is it not working? If that is the case and you know that the power switch is bad, try to replace just the power switch.
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